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March : Moonstone

March Moonstone, it has a nice ring to it, it almost sounds like I should be saying “March Moonstone Madness!”

The moon, which this stone is intimately linked to, is known to be a bit looney and I feel as though this ultra feminine, emotional, Goddess stone is revealing some of her loonier side to me as well.

The first thing that I realized after the moonstone card was drawn and I began shopping for a moonstone was that I already owned one, I had forgotten because my moonstone is a black moonstone. I considered buying the traditional white moonstone, as that was the colour I was feeling drawn to during the car ride under the full moon back in New Jersey when I had first hoped that moonstone would be our March focus, however after some research and meditating I decided that I would work with my black moonstone.

In researching black moonstone it became apparent that the womb work that moonstone aids women with, is amplified when she is black, and when I sat with her, the silver lines that reflected as I turned her over felt like I had a slice of the moon in the palm of my hand.

What I love about this particular piece is that I picked her three years ago, I was drawn to her iridescent silver lines. I didn’t do any research on her, I knew that she was a moonstone and she felt infinitely more powerful than other moonstone pieces I had come across in the past. At this time in my life I had just begun working for an online psychic company and was beginning a blog radio show where I would offer psychic readings online, this stone in conjunction with my labradorite egg were the two stones that I would hold and meditate with before my show and before my readings. The moonstone I would hold over my third eye and she would sit in my left hand and the labradorite in my right.

Fast forward three years later and as I read about moonstone in the Liquid Crystal Oracle, she is closely linked to labradorite, seems I have a thing for iridescent stones.

I love when research confirms what my intuition has led me to, moonstone and labradorite working hand in hand is an energetic powerhouse that I had been guided to utilize. I remember when I began my Priestess training, I wanted to research everything, the Priestess teaching me would encourage me to research to a point and then to let go and fall into the mystery.

Moonstone is all mystery. She is the dark, the feminine, the Goddess, the moon.

I have been soothed and connected while holding her in the palm of my hand the past two days, last night I placed her over my womb to meditate, I was overcome by the intensity of the visceral reaction my womb and this stone had together. I felt deep vibrations penetrating and was grateful for a Divine Creator that guides my path.

I tried to get pregnant last month. I assumed it would be a cinch, I got pregnant on my first try with my daughter. I practically found my ovulation window, as well as my lunar fertile window and informed my husband of every night he was to impregnate me. Afterwards with legs in the air we would put our show on and watch Netflix while I waited for a sperm to find my egg. The rest of the month I was just waiting for the confirmation that pregnancy had happened. It kinda felt like taking a pill and waiting for the effects to kick in, except it never did.

It began to dawn on me that I was putting a lot less into my intention for this new life to-be than I had with my daughter. We had done a month long womb journey meditation prior to conceiving, both my husband and I waking up early and staying up late to do the guided sound meditations and journal work. I had begun taking vitamins three months prior to conceiving and had been reading up on soul’s and their connection to their parents prior to incarnation. This time around our conception attempting was sloppy work.

My intention for this next month became to bring intention and Divinity into the process, to allow the mystery to be. Moonstone came to me and the first thing I read about her was that she was a womb stone. She is the beginning of my path towards conscious conception, I know at a deeper level that I avoided this work because the mystery of conception scares me. I wanted it to be a straight forward no-nonsene experience, because not having control is scary.

Moonstone is the Mother Goddess stone, she is full mystery and total flow. I am sinking into her and opening up to the mystery of her essence.

We have flowed from humility to equal love and now the great Mother Goddess, the Moon Woman is calling us to sink down into her watery depths, to find our intuition, our emotional fields and to trust our wise and surrendered Goddess essence to guide us for this next month.

I look forward to being nurtured and inspired by moonstone and to watching the mystery unfold my path.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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