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This Week on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: Astrological Goddesses, Virgo Goddess Archetype

Virgo Crone Moon, Calm, Organized Peace and Sacred Space

The moon is in her Crone phase tonight, she is new and dark and mysterious and is ancient and wise as the Crone. This Crone moon is under the astrological sign of Virgo, giving us a Virgo Crone Moon tonight, we have also just experienced a solar eclipse today, amplifying and enlightening some of the messages that the energy of the day is offering.

Virgo is all about service, tasks, organization and is the Priestess archetype, when the Virgo energy is in her highest expression her service is to the Goddess, her tasks are tasks that serve humanity and her organization is utilized to maximize the potential of a room, Virgo creates sacred space.

The Crone aspect of tonight’s moon is the energy that pulls on us, that impels us to release, to let go of all that we thought that we knew, of old wounds and patterns and to create space to receive the wisdom of the elders, the lessons that the Crone has learnt throughout her walk upon the Earth. The time of the Virgo Crone creates sacred space within you, the Virgo Goddess energy cleans you out, organizes what will stay and what will leave and bows down in humble reverence to the Great Crone Goddess, in awe of her wisdom.

When a solar eclipse occurs, the active, dynamic energy of the sun is darkened, it disappears for a moment, likewise we are called to pause, to take a break from the actions that we are engaged in and to go deeper within, towards the dark, the mystery within ourselves, and to be.

Virgo ushers in the harvest season, we are nearing the equinox when we will be at peak balance and have an opportunity to evaluate what we will leave behind as we prepare to hibernate and what we will bring with us.This energy and these lessons are potent and obvious to me. Today, I spent six hours unpacking boxes, I began my day sitting in the wild with my Beloved and my Maiden, staring over at the endless Great Lake that sprawled before me, listening to the waves, feeling the wind against my cheek and sitting in absolute awe at the grace that has unfolded seemingly overnight.

Within a week a place came to my husband and I, it has everything on our wish list, it is in the country, on the water, and with a great expanse of land. We decided to take it last weekend and this weekend we moved in. Life has just moved so fast ever since the Virgo season has begun. Virgo is a love of mine. It has been my favourite sign for years. I used to say that I wanted to marry a Virgo carpenter, and guess what, I’m married to a Virgo carpenter with a Virgo daughter, life is so sweet sometimes I think I’m dreaming. This year Virgo energy came shining in and life became all about efficiency.

This weekend of moving held a little extra grace for me, as this is yet another big move that I was called away from, the past few moves I have had engagements that I couldn’t excuse myself from that has meant that I get to skip the big moving from one space to the other. Yesterday’s engagement was a blessingway that I was facilitating. It was my first real Priestess work since moving to this small rural city. A soul sister of mine has moved back as well and requested a blessingway, her mother was concerned that her very catholic grandmothers would be upset about the blessingway. My lovely soul sister couldn’t have cared less, she wanted the full ceremony, calling in the directions, Goddess candles and all. At the end of the ceremony, wouldn’t you know that it was both of her grandmothers that first approached me, blown away at what had just occurred, so grateful and so interested in how I learnt to do what I did. I finally felt my soul sigh a sigh of relief, perhaps I will be able to offer my calling here on this land. Since moving here I have held two Goddess Gatherings that only my Mom showed up for, I have offered an Autumn Equinox ceremony with no bites yet and done a few long distance psychic readings, all of these activities fed my Priestess self, yet none of them had fully encompassed a community gathering together here, where I grew up, in the bible belt. Yesterday I was a Priestess amongst the people of this land and I loved it.

Today the Virgo Goddess fuelled me as I just went through one box at a time, I was cranky to begin, snipping at my husband, shooing my daughter and just feeling complete overwhelm at the multitude of boxes that were sprawled out. What I haven’t mentioned is that we are back at my parents tonight until Tuesday, back to our new home Tuesday night and then have family arriving at our new place on Thursday and my daughters birthday party on Saturday, today was my only day to unpack with my husband not working. As I huffed up the stairs, grumbling about how much had to be done, I had that moment of pause that the solar eclipse is offering us, it just came to me and the words “enjoy the process, enjoy creating your home” came into my mind and something shifted. I began to get into a zen zone, I approached the unpacking as an unfolding, the kitchen box that I intended to open was really a box of our sacred collections. I spent an hour choosing where the crystals, the blue glass jar, the candles, the incense, the sage, the moon chimes and our Goddess pictures would go. I put on Mazzy Star, the album I had told my husband that I would listen to first when we got our country home, the three of us danced in the kitchen, the late summer sun shining in and the sapphire blue of the Great Lake shimmering in the distance while the boxes lay half opened as we took a five minute love break. In six hours our house was transformed, almost everything is unpacked and our home looks like a cozy nook of Goddess reverence and love. The ‘doing’ of unpacking was deepened, the creation process of making a home was revealed as the gift that it was and the day took on new meaning.The timing of our move has corresponded with the harvest season that we are in, as I carefully chose what would stay in our new home and what was ready to be released I was tuned into the late summer task of harvesting. I also finally created the wardrobe capsule that I have been dying to create, this clothes hoarder has a wardrobe of about 45 pieces for the autumn season (a bit more than the suggested 37 pieces) and I have simplified and cleansed with the help of the great Virgo Goddess energy that abounds right now.

As the night comes to an end and I look over the weekend, a wardrobe capsule created (you should have seen the piles of clothes I went through) a move, a blessingway, an unpacked house and tonight ended with a feast as my husband and I took my parents out for a thank you dinner, I am overwhelmed by the grace that has blessed me. Life is getting serious and meaningful during this season and it is creating purpose and fulfillment and a quiet and calm, the air is chilling, the dark is coming and I am ready to put the anxious, frantic energy of a summer spent trying to find our roots after uprooting our life to move across the country to rest, and to prepare our nest for the winter’s hibernation that will be here before we know it.

Tonight I am going deeper within to remember that all action taken that is backed by a dedication and surrender to the Goddess becomes action that is of service to the whole. I invite all of you to pause and to contemplate the why of your actions and to dedicate your works, the larger works and the smaller, to the Goddess and to watch how your actions create a ripple in the world and in your life and most importantly to watch for grace and to see how it unfolds your reality for you, one beautiful miracle at a time. Remember the lesson of the solar eclipse, take pause and remember to be grateful for all of the purposes to get into action that you are blessed with and be in bliss.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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