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Libra Mother Moon

Another Mother Moon cycle is upon me. It feels as if last month’s Mother Moon was a year ago. I’ve had a refreshing and inspiring month.

During this month it became apparent to me that it was time for me to full intentional zap my marriage with as much love and connection as I could. I have been just falling in love over and over again with my maiden for the past 18 months and it was time for me to infuse my marriage with the attention and passion that only I as a wife can give. This commitment to my husband and reconnecting on a romantic and intimate level has softened my month, it has opened me and given me a space to let go, to release and to fall into love.

How fitting for this Libra Mother Moon. This full moon is all about our relationships to others, romance and creating harmony and balance in our life. When the Mother Moon is out and shining full it is a time for full emotions, full radiance and full expression of hearts.

The eclipse gave me a moment to dig deep into the roots of how I relate to others. I visited a local spiritual bookstore and read an amazingly lovely book called Akashic Alphabet, the website for this magical book is : I was transported to the realm that has always felt the most real to me, the most like Home, I was in bliss as I flipped through the pages. This book reminded me about my true self, my Highest essence and who I want to be as I relate to the world. My best friend Melanie was with me and was reading through an astrology book. When I finished absorbing the Akashic Alphabet we began to discuss our Venus signs and what they meant to us. (It wasn’t until later tonight that I remembered that the Mother Moon which is in Libra is under a sign ruled by Venus.) After Mel and I had discussed our Venus signs I took some time for myself and grabbed a book from the shelf and was guided to the Venus section. I read about a shadow side to my Venus (which is in Capricorn) which talked about the possibility to create relationships based upon the amount of success or social benefits the person can offer me . It was a pretty ugly shadow to read about, but the shadow within ourselves always feels ugly, that’s why it is hidden away. I pondered this shadow and remembered times when I had lit up a little extra around the ‘right connection’ a person who had attained a level of success or a position of respect within my community, I thought about how different I can be on the days that I am not in alignment in how I treat the people in my life. How easy it is to disregard those that love me and are with me daily while I put on a bright smile for those that impress my ego. I didn’t know it at the time but the Mother Moon eclipse aspect was calling to me today in the book store, it was only in reflection (a gift of the moon) that I saw the influence this Mother Moon is having on me. I admitted to myself that there are some ugly aspects that exist between how I treat people in positions that I admire and honour.

For tonight as I take some time to honour this moon I release false pretences and favouring of one human expression over the other. I receive the light of fair and equal relationships with all of the Goddesses creations.

Before leaving the store I searched out a crystal, I’ve been feeling a new one calling to me for a while but haven’t been able to find her yet. I found her this afternoon. She is a beautiful selenite egg with tiny white veins running through her partially opaque form. Selenite has never spoken to me before today. Selenite connects you to the moon, angelic messengers and water, the egg is a symbol of fertility and perfect for this season.

My personal ceremony for tonight began with a light yoga class dedicated to the full moon, you can find it here : I kept my crystal on the mat with me, beginning to attune her and I together. Tonight as the sky darkens I will bless a bowl of water and place my selenite egg into the water, setting her out under the light of the full moon to be charged throughout the night as I sleep. This is a blood moon and in honour of the blood, of the frequency of red and passion and shakti energy I will return the last of last month’s moon blood to the Earth.

Tomorrow when I awaken I will hide eggs from Ostara’s hare for my daughter and as she seeks out the hare’s eggs I will hold tight to my moon charged selenite egg.

My intention for this next moon cycle is to extend love, harmony and grace to all beings regardless of their life story, I pray that Venus inspires each one of us to love a little more harmoniously and little more holistically as this powerful Mother Moon shines down upon us all.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly
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