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February : Morganite

Justin Moikeha Asar writes/channels, “Be patient child, listen with love, take time to let the sounds that flow from you be filtered through the heart.” This is the opening line in his writing about Morganite and it spoke to me right away.

For years I have heard people in the healing and spiritual community discussing shielding themselves from negative energy, coming from a mystical background that does not believe that anything separate from Divinity, aka negativity, is real or has any substantial power except that which we give it, this never resonated with me. However, I did recognize that I was more susceptible to lower vibrational energies at different moments of the day or week. I didn’t want to begin shielding myself, but I did want to find a way to remain aligned and not influenced by other people’s fields, so I created what I called a Love Filter. I would envision my auric field surrounding me every morning before I went out into the world and I would feel into what colour I imagined it was, then I would intend that my auric field be a filter of love, only love could leave my energy filed and go out into the world and only love could enter. If my actions or thoughts were out of alignment they would be filtered by the love and if other people’s energy was off it would get filtered by the love and land on me as pure energy.

The piece of Morganite that I am working with this month is a big round piece on a chain that lies right over my heart chakra, it is infusing me with it’s cool, impersonal, unconditional love and helping to remind me of my love filter.

I took note of the fact that the author is reminding us to listen with love, rather than act or talk with love, that has been occurring for me much more in the past 10 days than it usually does. My husband is processing a major, life threatening affliction that his father was just diagnosed with three weeks prior, he is reacting in ways that are unpredictable from day to day. These reactions can trigger me from past relationships with men who weren’t safe and loving, however, I’ve been receiving a pause, a moment before reacting or internalizing something that has nothing to do with me and a voice inside of me is reminding me to listen to him as if it were me and then I know that what he is asking for is some love. Listening with love is listening with spirit ears, that will be my focus as I work with Morganite this month, to listen with my spirit ears to hear the message behind the words.

Grace Be With You
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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Winter Solstice Illumination

By now if you’ve been reading any parts of my blog you will not be surprised to hear that the Winter Solstice is a very, very comfortable energy to me.

All things dark, wet, cozy, mysterious, magical and otherworldly call to me, a 24 hours that is cloaked with more darkness than any other day of the year serves me just fine.

The timing of this year’s solstice is throwing me off though, where I am it becomes the Winter Solstice at 11:59pm, one minute before the 22, for all intents and purposes we will be having our ceremony tomorrow. Yet this sense of the solstice being split into two days makes my Virgo Mars wonder, when is the best time for our ceremony and celebration.

Today is my wedding anniversary, we had our ceremony in Mexico on Dec 21, 2012, the Winter Solstice, and the day that the world was supposed to end. We believed that the end of the world was a symbolic energetic shift from the ways of the old into the ways of the new, higher consciousness rising up, and soaked up the energetic matrix that we were blessed to be incarnated into through committing to an eternity together.

Celebrating tomorrow means that today can be all about our love.

I have a lot of plans that I am inspired about for tomorrow. In the evening our second ever Goddess Gathering in the small town that we are now living in will be held in the temple in our new home. Last month’s gathering was moving beyond words and really gave me hope that the work that I offer might have a place to land here, sitting in circle with women shapes my soul.

Tonight’s ceremony will focus on our womb space, the space within us that makes us the Grand Receiver as women. Our great void, as the darkest night of the year envelops us we will travel into the dark mystery of our womb cauldrons, creating mandala’s and burning away what we want to release with the burning of our Yule log.

The dark of this year calls to my own mystery, it reminds me of my soul, the part of me that is ages old and has walked this earth for eons. I am my own ancestor when I dive deeply within my consciousness. In this lifetime I also have access to my ancestral lineage, and that is also what we will connect to tonight, the message that lies within our wombs, our ancestors wisdom and lessons to pass on down.

What I feel calling to me is the subject of epigenetic’s, the ability to raise my own dna up and to be free of ancestral conditioning within my blood, I am drawn to deep soul surrender to the Goddess and to a commitment to love unconditionally <<<< (I hate typing that, it sounds so cliched and so overdone to me when I read it.)

A great spiritual teacher once wrote that all truth is intellectual and fairly ineffectual beyond it’s ability to inspire us to go within until it is revealed from within. This past year has been revealing to me all of my unloving responses to life, suddenly responding with unconditional love doesn’t sound trite and cliched, it feels profound and magical beyond measure.

Epigenetic’s, unconditioning, my magic womb cauldron, unconditional love and deep surrender are the essences that I am bringing with me into ceremony tonight, they are my intentions and the blanket that I wish to wrap myself in as I sink into the dark cave of hibernation for this upcoming winter season.

Hibernation is a time for us to be renewed, for seeds to germinate deep within the pit of our wombs and our consciousness, it is the earthen womb of the Mother Goddess that welcomes us back into Her perfect presence to be reborn in the spring.

What will you bring with you into hibernation this winter? How will you welcome back the light and the heat of the sun? The light that returns gives us an illuminated view of the year that has passed. I began last year with a strong focus on trust, it is what I meditated on and prayed on, I wanted a revelation and a settled sense of trust within. I wanted to trust the Goddess and to trust the laws of grace. As I focused on trust the fruits that were revealed are the seeds that I am setting as my intention tonight, epigenetic’s, unconditioning, the magic and power of my womb, unconditional love and surrender are the keys to my sense of trust, they are what taps me into alignment with Source and reveals the truth of grace to me.

What is the sun revealing to you?

I welcome comments on my blog, please share your personal Winter Solstice revelations to me or any inspirational experiences that you have.

I wish you a magical and grounded Winter Solstice and a season of warmth, love and comfort.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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