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Taurus Mother Moon, opening my heart to blossom.

Super moon night, our Mother Moon appears larger and is closer to us than she has been in 69 years! This magnificent and exquisite creature is falling under the astrological sign of Taurus during the Scorpio season. Magic, magic, magic is afoot.

On a personal note, tonight is my lunar birthday, I was born under a big, beautiful Taurus Mother Moon, this moon position has interested me ever since my love for astrology began to bloom at the tender age of 17.

The Taurus Moon opposes my Scorpio Sun, the energies in the air tonight parallel the energetic make-up that I arrived here with.

Scorpio is known to be a mysterious sign, yet for me, it has always been Taurus that is the mystery. She is this great balance of luxury, comfort, sensuality, practicality, hard work and pragmatism. She blends such scrumptious qualities with such responsible ones, I just can’t quite wrap my head around her.

In Shamanic Astrology, the moon represents the tribe that we have spent lifetimes serving in, the place that we have perfected, it is comfortable and easy to fall back into our moon sign, however, we are meant to be walking towards our rising sign. The number one area that Taurus sways me is in her desire, need and for me sometimes manically so, for security.

The Taurus Goddess is represented by the great Mother Cow totem, she digs her feet in, gets comfortable and settles into her home base. She thrives on a stable, predictable, unchanging foundation from which she can live and grow. This desire for security, when planted in the emotional realm, which is the realm that the moon rules, can create a clinging, desperate desire to feel secure in order to feel safe and okay emotionally.

That is my number one challenge in this lifetime. I have larger than life dreams, deep and daunting area’s I am called to investigate, a romance that calls for me to break through the borders of certainty and live in the realm of the unknown, a vision for my family that requires a daily reliance on Grace, every aspect of my soul and my spirit calls for me to be unfettered, fearless and free, and yet, that Taurus moon of mine seeps into my experience so often and I become distracted by an emotional desire for perfect safety and security, something that only exists in Grace, but that my human wants to experience in concrete, undeniable, earthly proof.

When the moon is as large and as bright as it is today, it is calling for all of us to receive emotional downloads that are in greater proportion than that which has been downloaded before. Tonight’s download is calling for all of us to step out of our comfort zones, to stop giving our energy to earthly security and safety, to turn our focus away from fear and anything that threatens to disrupt our peace, especially threats that seem to exists in the world of form.

The true essence of the Taurus Goddess Archetype is the Goddess of birth, generation, life and blossoming, when you and I can live in the truth of life and extension, there is nothing in the realm of form that can threaten it, because life is supported by the Creator, it is sustained by the Creator and continues to exist from this realm into the next within the arms of the Creator.

In North America there has been a great upset over the state of the nation in the past week, there has been a lot of fear and a lot of influence given to a handful of people, and from a practical point of view this makes sense. Practically things seem tenuous, but when Taurus is balanced by her opposing sign of Scorpio, she is reminded that there is always a deeper meaning, always a deeper truth and always a call for transformation and transmutation.

Scorpio sun is with us right now to transform and transmute, and the Taurus Mother Super Moon is shining her lunar beams of illumination down upon us right now to reveal to us all that is growing in light and truth, all of our emotional seeds that are growing and blossoming, as well as any blockages to our life force, our life path and our highest calling.

The Mother Moon is a balancing Moon, tonight I am balancing my need for security in this realm with a need to be securely rooted in the Mother. I am balancing my human impulse to birth and create with the part of me that holds on and is afraid to step out into the unknown.

The Taurus Mother is asking for all of us to let go of our need for security and comfort and to step into knowing, to be in our primal and instinctual selves that just know, we just know how to create life, we just know how to blossom, we just know how to thrive and there is nothing and no-one that can impede that unless we make an agreement, consciously or unconsciously to allow them to.

So it is, that tonight, I call upon the blessing of the fresh and romantic Taurus Goddess Archetype and ask that her lunar beams sow the seeds of her blessings deep within my heart, that I may be moved to blossom and to enjoy the fruits of life deep within my heart. I am asking for the Scorpio Goddess Archetype which is ruling the sun at this time to destroy the shadow aspects of Taurus that are coming to light for me tonight, the desperate want for security and safety from the world of form, the temptation to stay in my comfort zone, the excuses to sink into laziness rather than into the spark of creation that is ever lit within me.

My prayer for our world is that this moon will illuminate all of our hearts, that we will all be called to step out of the comfort zones that keep us blocking the full forces of our heart’s offering to the world and that we will continue to birth the new world that has been arising and coming to light.

Blessed bright lunar dreams to all of you sisters and brothers.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly };{

Today on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: Moon Mysteries, Taurus Crone Moon