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Sagittarius Mother Moon, setting my target on blessed change.

Tonight marks this years Sagittarius Full Moon, or it is called in feminine mysticism, a Sagittarius Mother Moon.

During my Priestess training I was taught that each of the four major phases of the moon corresponded with the four major archetypes that we experience as women, Maiden, Mother, Enchantress, Crone. Mother Moon’s are the full, loony, needing balance, abounding with emotional energy Moon’s. Each month the Mother Moon is influenced by a different astrological sign, though once a year we find a sign that gets to rule the Moon for two consecutive full moons, last year we had two Sagittarius Mother Moons.

I have found some interesting personal patterns of mine that rise up to the surface during the Sagittarius Mother Moon.

1) I get reflective, before writing this I decided to revisit last years’ Mother Moon post written at this time of year. I wanted to see where I was at last year at this time and what I had been experiencing. While reading last year’s post I discovered that I had done the exact same thing last year, read the previous years Sagittarius Mother Moon post, the only times that I have done this have been during Sagittarius Mother Moon’s.

2) I have a tendency to be dissatisfied or discontented during this particular Moon.

3) I find a ray of hope in looking back that I take with me into the future.

Two years ago the great upset was a total lack of knowing where my family and I would end up living and what job my husband would get, we had just moved cross country with a 20 month old and were living with my parents. Last year I looked back upon that time fondly and was settled into a new home with a steady rhythm, however, I had just miscarried a Sagittarius-to-be baby and was grieving that loss and not knowing what the future would hold for me with the potential of another baby. This year I am listening to my baby girl babble away as she practices preparing to roll!

There’s a few things this Moon is teaching me. The first is that it is but a pattern of mine to not be at my most joyful around this time of the year, the next is that the optimism that the Sagittarius Mother brings with her at this time offers her lunar hope to us all as she beams down from above. One of the ways that she does this for me is through highlighting how far my woes from a year ago have come. From being without a home base to having a steady lovely home, from grieving a miscarriage to listening to the cutest baby girl coo and explore in my home. I can look back upon what was concerning me and see how immensely life has shifted in the external realm.

Of course, I know that if life shifted externally, then something shifted internally first. This Priestess path that allows me to ebb and flow with the Wheel of the Year, the phases of the Moon and the Goddess Archetypes within me offer me ceaseless opportunities to expand and elevate my consciousness which then births new realities outside of myself.

I know that there are a lot of people that will suggest not focusing on what it is that we don’t want or that which we don’t like about our current situation, and I agree that focusing on the outsides won’t get us far. However, with mindful intent I see that I can recognize the parts of my life that aren’t in alignment with my highest joy and offer them up to Spirit, to allow Her grace to come in and create whatever change needs to occur, whether that be simply a change in perception or a shift in consciousness which effects a shift in my outer reality.

So, for tonight, I am focusing on the target of what it is in my life that I would like changed, I am asking the Sagittarius Mother Moon Archetype to shoot her bow and arrow right into the centre of my target so that the bright, optimistic, lunar energy that is at her fullest right now can create new life out of an old and out dated story in my life.

How will each one of you call upon our adventurous, optimistic, amazonian Sagittarius Moon tonight? Will you call upon illumination? Growth? Hope? Or will you simply call upon her bright unwavering grace to be with you? All Archetypes are after all but one more face of the One true Source expressing Itself in this realm to us in Her myriad forms and faces and how She is showing forth tonight is as a beacon of hope and as blessed change.

May tonight’s Moon bless and inspire you.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly


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Sagittarius Crone Moon, becoming a student of self again.

Another Crone Moon is looming, darkly hidden in our skies tonight. The Crone Moon, for anyone that may not remember or may be new to this blog, is what we in Feminine Mysticism call the New Moon.

Crone Moon’s are Moon’s for releasing and letting go, they represent the cycle of the month when women traditionally bled together, when we utilized red tents and weren’t influenced by artificial light and chemicals in the same way that we are today. While the fertile women bled, the Crone’s who no longer bled sat in the red tents and shared their wisdom, prophecy and ways of old with the bleeding women, filling them with the sustenance of deep feminine wisdom.

Our womb spaces are intrinsically linked to the Moon, they are ruled by the water element and are the sacred cauldron’s of women, they are what make us women the Grand Receivers. Thus, when the Moon is dark she pulls at the waters in our womb and whether we are still bleeding with the cycle of this Moon, we are energetically at our lowest and the more tapped in we are the easier it is to consciously release.

Over the years I have witnessed which Moons and seasons feel the most comfortable to me, predictably I have preferred the watery Moon’s and the watery times of year, the Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces seasons and Moons, followed closely by the earthy times of year and Moons. I have shared quite often about how uncomfortable the fiery times are for me, air I seem to navigate okay, but the fire element and I, we have been working to find a harmonious relationship for years.

I was pleasantly surprised to find myself at ease with today’s energy, and inspired by the Sagittarius Moon and Sun that is infusing us with her energetic imprints right now. I was due to have a Sagittarius baby and spent a month trying to find a ‘click’ with this sign, a sign that has been up there with one of my least favourite signs out there. I loved that baby and knew that ushering in a Sagittarius life would hold great lessons and blessings for me and my family, alas, that baby was not meant to be earth~bound and we said goodbye to that baby over Mother’s Day when I miscarried.

I have been thinking about that baby a lot lately as my due date for her/him comes closer and closer, a lot has changed in the past months since that loss, I have a new pregnancy blooming within my womb, and I have a fondness for the first time ever with Sagittarius that has dawned within me. I give some of that credit to the baby and imagine that some of that baby’s consciousness lingers to teach me.

The big turn around for me has been an ability to tap into the hope, optimism and zeal that Sagittarius possesses by nature. Three aspects that used to feel foreign to me now feel inspiring and I understand why Sagittarius is such a refreshing time, she comes during our darkest days and lights us up, it’s as if she isn’t even aware of the heavy, sleepy energy that has been pulling us deeper and deeper, she certainly has no fear.

My birthday was a few weeks ago, during that oh~so~comfy Scorpio time of year when I was born, normally I don’t want for much on my birthday. I know that my parents are likely to give me a generous amount of money as a gift and my husband will get me whatever I have been fancying that year, last year it was two butterfly pillows, the year before a particular crystal. Our lives flow financially, yet we are by no means even close to being considered well off by society’s standards, so, when an oracle set that I had been enchanted with years ago during my Priestess training came back into my awareness I begged my husband to find a way to get it for me for my birthday (it is quite pricey). Between the two of us I am the much more stingy one, and while I could have bought it for myself, I really wanted my husband to do that magic that only he can do where he shows up with the thing I’ve been aching for that financially didn’t seem possible (he did that when he proposed to me with my dream ring that I had used as a template for the style I liked, never imagining that he would be able to find a way to purchase it for me.)

This oracle had been a huge part of my Priestess training, though it wasn’t a part of the curriculum I was trained under, it was quietly and unobtrusively sitting in a corner at the temple where I did my training. My first weekend away at the temple, introvert that I am, I slinked away from my sisters and sat down in the corner where this oracle also sat, I pulled a card and opened the book, expecting a digestible explanation for the card that I had pulled and instead felt myself being sucked deep within the depths of my very being. Each word was a feast to my soul, the visceral experience that I had using this oracle was like nothing I had experienced before from using a divination tool. There was much more to the oracle than I ever got to learn, there were runes and cd’s and an entire book that took one through it’s own Priestess Process, I only dabbled with this powerful tool. For a while after my ordination I would see this oracle in a local bookstore, it always seemed out of reach financially for me, but I knew that the day would come where I would splurge, that’s what I thought, until the day came that the store no longer carried the oracle, and despite the ardor I felt towards the set I eventually forgot what it was called.

7 years later and my best friend began to email me about some online Goddess work that had been inspiring her of late, as I followed some of the links to the forums that she had been participating in I realized that the Priestess of this forum was trained under the lineage of the oracle that I had lost years ago. I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that my husband did his magic and for the past three weeks now I am one deeply revered owner of said oracle (find link to this oracle at the bottom of this post).

I have begun to study it from the beginning and was waiting patiently to get to the section that discussed the cards, that was the plan, until the cards began to call to me. They are deeper than cards, they are depth incarnate and they shift my consciousness simply by my pulling and studying bits and pieces of their meaning. I have felt fundamental portions of who I have identified myself with shifting as I have gotten deeper and deeper into this work, and this is what I am contemplating as I excitedly invite tonight’s Crone Moon energy into my life experience.

I like hope. I like optimism. I like zeal. Me! I am the last person in the world that I would have ever suspected would experience a positive connection to these qualities. I am observing as all new windows of opportunity open for me to experience aspects of self that I have never known before, I am able to envision a future that is a mystery and an adventure awaiting me. The older I got, the more predictable I was believing life to be, despite my desire for magic and awakening to continue to grow, something was calcifying within me as I aged and I began to roll my eyes a lot more at concepts that had once lit the younger version of me up.

With the influx of hopeful, truth seeking, believing energy of the Sagittarius Crone with me tonight, I give thanks for a deepening of my experience of life. On this eve there is a depth that is as deep as the darkest depths that I have enjoyed trudging through for years and yet warmer, lighter and happier than that which I have yet known. There is a freedom to realizing that I am still a student of myself, Sagittarius is the philosopher, the great seeker of truth, and I feel this energy infusing my desire to open and to expand my consciousness to greater widths than ever before, and I believe that is still possible.

I have been telling my husband this week, “I want this to be a fresh cycle,” the upcoming Winter season, “even if it looks similar to last Winter, I don’t want to assume it will be, I want this cycle to be fresh.” That is what I am intending for all of my life right now. The Sagittarius Crone is encouraging me to release rigid old beliefs, to soften the calcification of pragmatism that was solidifying my view of myself and what it was I thought that I was capable of and to let go of my identification with everything. As I let go of all that I identify myself with, I become the student again, out on a quest to find my truest nature, the eternal Sagittarian quest for the highest truth and the highest state of consciousness, that is what I am intending tonight.

Generally an extroverted sign, this sign being under the introverted, lunar energy of the Moon is turning it’s expanded vision from the outer realm back into the inner ones for all of us tonight. As we open up to the zeal, optimism and expansion of Sagittarius as the Crone Moon, what can we collectively release so that we may become as students ready and willing to open wider and to rise higher? What would it be like, if all of us as a community were able to release our identification with all concepts and ways of being that we had previously believed to be representations of us, and what would our wold look like if each one of us took that expanded vision of the Sagittarian Adventurer and turned it inward, focusing on an inner journey before focusing on the outer world and it’s illusory stories in front of us? What kind of a world can we envision tonight as we align with the powerful Sagittarius Crone Moon?

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

artist: Autumn Skye

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Sagittarius Crone Moon, Illuminating, Inspiring, Courageous.

What a moon tonight’s moon is. I adore Astrologer Coach Sonja Francis, her moon video’s speak to me at such a deep level, tonight’s post was particularly illuminating for me, you can find it here :

The Crone Moon is the destroyer, this is the time that women used to all bleed together in red tents, the Crone Moon comes in and destroys all potential for life that has not been fertilized, we are emptied and left barren, wide open for new seeds to be planted. The planting time comes during the Maiden moon however, and tonight is a night to be destroyed and shattered.

Sagittarius is notorious for her lack of filter, what she thinks or feels she says and her blunt opinion lands where it lands on the sensitive and the resilient alike.

The Sagittarius Crone moon makes no distinction as to what she destroys, if it isn’t grounded down and holding on with deep roots it will be washed clean from us. Sagittarius is adventurous and daring, there is nowhere that this Crone moon will not explore within us.

Sagittarius is also bright and optimistic and that means that while this Crone Moon is digging deep, it is uprooting to make room for a brighter future and a more authentic road to actualizing ourselves.

How this is showing up in the microcosm of my life sounds quite ordinary and a bit melodramatic when I sit down to write it, bear with me and I’ll highlight the parallels that I’m finding to these philosophical truths that the philosopher Sag moon is brining in.

The winter plan that my husband and I have had for a while was that when he got laid off I would get a waitressing job for the winter, he would be at home and upholding our daily rhythm during my shifts and come the spring when he was back to work I would quit. That was the original plan, since then I have contemplated perhaps staying during the spring and summer as we are hoping to expand our family and some extra cash until I birth again would be nice. We have seen that our daughter has a blast with her grandparents while we are both at play rehearsal and with the play being completed by the spring my two or three shifts would be a fun time for her to spend with her grandparents.

My husband is officially laid off and today was the day to put out resume’s, I said a prayer and went into meditation, if it was in alignment with the Divine Mother’s will please let it be so and if not please don’t let it flow.

I was hired, at the first place I applied, on the spot. <<<< Now, I went in with a reference from a friend of the manager and I am living in a small town now and connections mean a lot, but still for this time of year to get hired on the spot is quite remarkable, I took this as my answer from the Goddess and left feeling uplifted and excited.

However, within a few minutes my stomach was in knots and I was imagining all of the freedom that I have with my daughter that I wouldn’t have anymore, imagining a Christmas season that I’m not a part of, imagining my husband being called back to work early, imagining play rehearsals and waitressing away from her, and most of all, at the back of my mind a voice kept repeating “you’re not a stay at home Mom anymore.” Woah, that felt heavy.

I sat down and contemplated the moon, the philosophical elements that any Sagittarius placement carries with it and I began to question my decision. Perhaps I was going against my philosophy, we do have enough to get by, was I acting on fear of lack of money rather than staying committed to my path of staying at home that brings me so much joy and fulfillment?

I had a talk with my Mom and my husband and began to feel a bit less panicked, then I listen to Sonja’s recording and I began to feel inspired. She reminded me that this energy of the moon’s placement in Sagittarius is about expanding, about exploring new horizons, paving a way for the future, trying new experiences.

I am such a fixed person, I really like finding my niche and just settling in and getting snuggy. Sagittarius has always been a challenging energy for me, it hurts my feelings and pushes me to go waaaayyy beyond my comfort zone, but tonight, I felt the wisdom of the Crone coming through the Sagittarius moon.

This will be a new adventure for me, and it really isn’t about whether I decide to waitress or stay at home, it’s about how I interpret new opportunities. I had just as much a choice to be excited and think that this would be fantastic, even if I discovered it wasn’t and changed my mind, but I had chosen to jump to dread and worry and fear. Change doesn’t excite me, it scares me.

But, it could excite me.

I have the ability to change, I have the ability to evolve and to transform. I can choose to let go of my fear of change, I can choose to get excited about new experiences, I can choose to be grateful for the opportunity to taste new adventures.

Perhaps if I choose to embrace change and to be excited by it I’ll get even more exciting opportunities, opportunities that expand beyond waitressing two shifts a week in a small town &#X1f609 perhaps I’ll get opportunities that I couldn’t even envision at this point in my life if my resistance to change is lifted.

That is my intention tonight, to let go, to flow not only in the watery and emotive way that I am used to, but to flow in the fiery molten lava rivers of passion and courage that Sagittarius offers us during this time of year. I intend to let go and to blaze forward like an unstoppable inferno of heat and passion, I intend to live this portion of my life to it’s fullest. I am learning from Sagittarius as the Crone that I will not allow age or responsibilities to dull the zest of my youth, this zest will be with me for the entirety of my life and I welcome it with open arms tonight.

I am created anew everyday and everyday I have a choice to resort to who I was yesterday, that is easy and familiar, or I can choose to be new, to know nothing and to start all over. Perhaps I will find that my philosophies about life are not fixed, perhaps they are just beginning to be formed, perhaps this is just the beginning of a new chapter of excitement and discovery.

How are you experiencing tonight’s moon? What are you releasing?

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly
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Sagittarius Mother Moon, Living Life as an Adventure

This Sagittarius Full Moon marks one full month since my family and I moved across country.

I am a full moon baby, I was born on the full moon, or as I call her the Mother Moon as was my daughter. Mother Moons are a comfortable energy for me, they are full, loony, bright, emotional, emotive, watery, these intense beams of lunar luminescence suit me well. However, this month my beloved Mother Moon is ruled by the Sagittarius Goddess Archetype and Sag and I don’t get along nearly as well as the magical moon and I do.

Sagittarius is fiery bright rather than icy lunar bright, she is unfiltered and hot headed rather than calculated and cool, Sag is optimistic to the point of laughing at the very real fears and concerns of the more serious and introspective souls like myself

I have been living this past month with my Sagittarius father we have an intensely challenging past that has since been cleared away as much as it can over the ten years that I have lived afar. Us sharing a living space with my daughter as my husband and mother are out to work has been enlightening.

Tonight’s moon is highlighting all that I am facing right now, all that is coming up to be transcended. This does not feel like a healing time, I have had many moons of those, rather do I feel the archer daring me to overcome and to transform the root of patterns that were created due to conditioning from the one person I am now spending most of my time with.

This is not comfortable.

What this Sagittarius Mother Moon is illuminating in me is the need to resonate to my own frequency. Mother Moons are balancers, they are full and beaming and opposing the full and hot sun. The Gemini Sun, is inspiring me to be curious about my life, to seek out a new home, new job opportunities for my husband, new rhythms for my daughter and I and new ways to show up in my family of origin. Gemini is ruled by Mercury which is currently retrograde and kicking my butt a bit, so a lot of this curiosity and dreaming of new beginnings, something that isn’t very comfortable to my Scorpio Sun (death and endings)/Taurus Moon (rooted and stationary) self as it is, feels halted. Balancing this sun’s energy is the Sagittarius Mother Moon that is calling for me to be adventurous in my heart, in matters that, well matter to me. Sagittarius is calling for me to toughen up a bit emotionally, to get excited and to venture out into the unknown. Sigh. These past moon’s I have written on have been so comfortable and easy for me, this energy is not my native energy, this energy is the grain of sand that will turn into a pearl.

My morning began with a firm resolution to be the Mother of my family and to co-exist with my alpha father without bending to his will. I am firm in my resolution to do this without fighting or being harsh, I am committed to being non-resistant and solid. While him and my daughter were out on their morning walk I began the day with a half-moon yoga practice. When my little Maiden returned she wanted to read cards and so we intended to pull for this full moon, I pulled Ostara: New Beginnings, Vesta: Home and the fairy card Dreams Coming True. Such hopeful cards!

I am believing in the blessings that this co-house of grandparents, parents and toddlers is creating. I am believing in the blessings that my daughter is receiving during this time and the relief that we are receiving as we build our nest egg a little more and wait to be led to our perfect home.

I am also hopping onto this Mother Moons lunar beams and riding the waves of optimism, I am choosing to be inspired by what can be and to treat this time as an adventure. When I had first moved out west my employers wife would tell me, “Candise, life is an adventure to be lived, not a problem to be solved.” So this quiet, abundance of time with my daughter, father and I will be the adventure that I live daily. I will learn to be in tune with the Great Mother Tao and to observe with love the patterns and conditioning that he is in without taking them on. And I will revel in the adventure of being pilgrims, setting down new roots in new land and creating a new life for our nuclear family.

I invite you to allow the Sagittarius Mother Moon to take your hand tonight, to light up your heart and to give you the daring boldness to jump into the actualization of your hearts truest desires, letting go of the lower vibrations that would hold you back, allow the archer to shoot you forward into the life of your dreams and live this life as an adventure.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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