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Releasing into Heaven, Pisces Crone Moon

It’s been a while since I have made the choice (just crossed out the words ‘had a chance’, I’ve been in an *initiatory program led by Bliss Prema and one of the focuses that has been coming up for me is taking accountability for all of the circumstances of my life), to sit down and write a blog post about the Crone Moon. I’ve been upgrading older Priestess Page posts on the Mother and Crone Moons, and I’ve been busy holding online workshops, community workshops, leading Goddess Gatherings and now doing a weekly live show on my Priestess page, add onto that mothering my two best gals and wifing my Beloved who has landed his dream job and life is just one big Heavenly gift right now!

I began this blog right around the time that I had moved back to my small hometown, we came here with no jobs lined up, moved in with my parents and I intended to find a community, even if it was just one or two other women. This city is in the bible belt and I did not have very high memories of the people that inhabited it, of course, we attract where we are at and when I moved back here I was light years from the wounded, easily victimized Maiden that I had once been.

Over the past few years the Goddess Gatherings have gone from slowly budding to blossoming into a thriving group of women that continues to expand, the homeschooling community that was inactive when we moved back has (as grace would have it) suddenly revived itself just in time for my eldest to begin her homeschooling journey in September. My husband worked long and gruelling hours being paid a tight wage in the hot and humid southern summers and was laid off in our frigid winters, times have been lean and I have spent the past almost three years aiming to get away from spilling my Earthly fears onto him and back into trusting that grace will provide. After the birth of our second born, a trying pregnancy and traumatic birth, this Pisces soul that came through me began to open me up and guide me back into surrender. The past year has been transformative.

And here we are, my husband in his new job, my Priestess practice thriving, my children and I gleefully skipping through our days (for the most part) my soul deepening it’s learning opportunities and voila the final moon of the lunar year is nigh. This Pisces moon is about releasing into the Heavenly realms, about giving up all attachments to anything but Source and falling into the bliss that is the higher frequency realms, being in such a joyful state as of late this seems like an easy proposition. However, Pisces teaches us all that feelings aren’t facts, and while I’m feeling good, enlightenment is far from emanating from me as of yet.

With joy radiating throughout my being in this moment of time I take stock of the area’s in my life where attachment, addiction and unconscious habits/patterns exist and I ask myself, am I ready to give this up?

In conversation with my good friend Bliss I am reminded of the fact that I very much do still have an attachment to my children, it is the greatest one that I have, and while that may seem normal and right, from the highest perspective we are called to hold no person or thing above our relationship with the All. My aim is to release as much attachment to them as I can on this Crone Moon eve, this does NOT mean releasing love, or time, or parental responsibility, or hopes or dreams or joys with them, it means sifting through all of the love, joy and maternal bonding and finding the sticky areas that are holding them in bondage to me, to my will, to my need and to my fear of loss. It is giving them back to the Almighty and remembering that I am a trusted servant, standing in for the Mother of All for my two girls. I recalled the story of Abraham to Bliss over the phone the other day in a conversation, how God called Abraham to sacrifice his son to him on the mountain top, the beloved son Abraham had waited years for. Of course when Abraham woefully but willingly brought his son up to the mountain he was not required to do any such thing, the story is a metaphor for our willingness to release our most prized attachments on Earth into the care of the Mother and recognize ourselves as conduit’s of Her presence, as Kahil Gibran writes “ They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.” I haven’t wanted to really touch that truth, and yet, here it is in my awareness and so I will begin my deep dive into the attachment that I have to my girls.

Addiction is a close acquaintance of mine, I don’t drink, use drugs or smoke. The ‘big’ ones make it easy for me to deny my addictions, in the face of some postpartum flub that wasn’t moving I was drawn to Intermittent Fasting and it became apparent to me quite quickly that this was going to be much more than a weight loss tool, it was an awakener. As I began to journey into a fasting lifestyle I came face to face with the ways that I turn to food or avoid it in an attempt to manage overwhelm, even more so than food has been my relationship to drinks. Creamy cocoa and fizzy soda stream being the main ones and because these beverages are sugar free or sweetened with honey and seeming like a healthy alternative, I was missing the addictive manner in which I drank them. The creamy sweet honey cocoa gave me an energy boost and comforted me during the slump of my day, the sweet fizzy soda stream added to a sense of surface enjoyment as I lose myself in the realm of Netflix. I am coming face to face with an awareness of addictive tendencies and beginning to discern moderation and how to first go within to my inner Source for comfort and enjoyment.

Finally comes my habits and patterns that have been unconscious until of late. The big one that is coming to the surface for review and transmutation is a barrier that I put up between myself and others. On my live feed last week I pulled the connection card from the 13 Moon Oracle deck, I channeled a message about all roads leading back to the one Source and how we are all interconnected, yet as my week has progressed I am aware of the ways that I close myself off rather than opening into connection with others. I have been stepping into vulnerable honesty and connecting at a more intimate level with others as an experiment. I won’t lie, it feels awful! So much so that I was going to stop, however, the other night when I sat down in my nightly mediation, an opening occurred that was so much more vast and loving than I have experienced in years, the love that I was able to tap into from the Divine was a blessing and I knew to my bones that that opening was only made available because of the opening that I have been creating with the people in my life, those that I am in close relationship with and those that I meet briefly. My pattern of closing down is one that I am releasing to this wise Pisces Crone Moon, the moon that brings us back Home, to the gates of paradise.

There it is folks, that is my journey for the end of this lunar cycle, I would love to hear about what it is that you will be releasing, your attachments, addictions and habits/patterns, how are you releasing your hold on this realm so as to merge fully into the Heavenly realms? And what do you envision for the upcoming new lunar year on the horizon? I envision a year of joy, lightness and sweetness, I envision life getting brighter and more fluid and conscious than ever before.

Grace Be With You,

Priestess of Grace,

Candise Soaring Butterfly

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Pisces Crone Supermoon, Feeding the Earth from on High

A Crone Moon, a Supermoon and a Solar Eclipse tonight, woah, big energies coming through.

I’ll start off by saying I am feeling much more like I do during Mother Moon’s, I feel loony, full, electric, wiry and my fuse is shorter than I would expect for a dreamy Pisces Crone Moon.

I’m attributing this energy to the eclipse and the Super aspect of the moon. We also have an enormous amount of planets in Pisces right now as well which amplifies our sensitivity and emotional energy.

When the Sun is eclipsed, the ego is shadowed and this gives a moment of pause to look behind the curtain of the stories that we have been running, the patterns and the ego structures that we have been unconsciously programmed to live out.

For me it is a loop of first chakra anxiety, a hugely manic amount of grinding energy that is fixated on maintaining financial security and stability. At the seat of my soul is the freedom to release, to flow, to surrender and to trust and yet I cover over this soul freedom by repeating old patterns that I know don’t serve me.

Grace has always kept me in good standing, we are happy, healthy and prosperous as a family, and yet my underactive root chakra is constantly seeking more security and assurance. This is the pattern that came up for me to work towards regaining harmony and balance with. In the past when I have worked with this issue I worked with the effects, tonight, the cause became apparent, and the cause is so much simpler than the many effects. A weak root chakra is the cause.

Pisces is the final sign in the zodiac, the mystic, the sign about to ascend into the mystical realms, this revelation that came to me about my root chakra was directly linked to my spiritual growth. Too much focus on the material realm cuts me off from the spiritual truths and energy that abound around me.

Crone moons are about releasing and being filled with wisdom, what I was needing to release was wound up fears and anxieties.

As I was posting an invitation to this month’s Goddess Gathering I was longing for someone else to guide, I desperately longed to be able to receive. Shortly after that desire was born I began to write about my hopes of finding more community in this small town that we now live in. Within the month I have found two new women and one of those women was holding a crystal bowl meditation for the chakra’s, I jumped on board immediately. My desire for community and to be guided was answered and I couldn’t be happier.

Tonight, my husband and I attended the meditation together, a real treat as we haven’t had a lot of date nights in the past 2.5 years. We lied down side by side and held hands throughout the crystal bowl meditation. My body and energy system responds to sound very quickly. By the time the third bowl was being rung I was journeying though the ethers, surrounded by a white mist and enveloped with angelic energy. It was exactly what the both of us needed.

As we lie side by side, hand in hand, I envisioned the Goddess and God energy of this realm coming together and creating the One Creator, I remembered that he and I are together first and foremost to honour the Goddess and God in one another. I held my moonstone in the other hand, this month’s crystal focus and felt her getting charged with me. At the end of the night I purchased moonstone infused bath salts and walked out into the open air, rejuvenated and much lighter than when I had walked in.

During the meditation my focused intention was on my root chakra. As the root chakra bowl was being rung I received guidance to plant the energy that was being conjured within me into our land, into the earth of this town that we are living in. There is potential here, potential for higher vibrations, for new understanding and for healing with this earth to occur.

That is my focus for this upcoming month. To strengthen my root chakra and to nourish the earth with the spiritual energy that I conjure up. How beautifully paradoxic that when the moon and the sun are in the most spiritual of signs it is my connection to my body and my earth walk that are calling for the most attention. That is the true path of the Priestess, to honour her spirit and her body in equal measure.

As the influx of Pisces dreamy energy and the high vibration of the crystal bowls bathed me I felt my root chakra and the roots of the earth soak up the energy. Tonight I will continue to let go of my attachments and to open up to a new way, a higher way of being in my body and on this earth. As I fill with light and new energy I will pour into the earth all that I am blessed to receive from on high, energy pouring like watery Pisces wisdom from the Heavens above into the Mother below.

How will you allow this Pisces Crone Moon to move you?

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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Capricorn Crone Moon, Wisdom to Know the Difference

I was off by one day with this Crone Moon that is in Capricorn.

I have very little to say on the matter, this is the first Crone Moon (new moon) of 2016 and we are just getting fired into a Mercury retrograde. I feel icky, unsettled and off balanced. Life is going way too fast for me and I am seeking a balance between my will and the will of the Divine.

I am contemplating following my bliss and surrendering to a Divine Will that may seem contrary to what I want but ultimately be guiding me towards my highest good. I am trying to reconcile staying out of my will with making my own decisions.

The Crone Moon empties us as the wisdom of the ancestors fill us up, the Capricorn Goddess is the Crone, she is matriarch and she works hard to accomplish her goals.

Tonight I let go of my will, let go of what I think I want and open myself up to receiving some divine guidance.

I hope this moon is feeling gentler to you than it is to me.

Grace Be With You
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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Sagittarius Crone Moon, Illuminating, Inspiring, Courageous.

What a moon tonight’s moon is. I adore Astrologer Coach Sonja Francis, her moon video’s speak to me at such a deep level, tonight’s post was particularly illuminating for me, you can find it here :

The Crone Moon is the destroyer, this is the time that women used to all bleed together in red tents, the Crone Moon comes in and destroys all potential for life that has not been fertilized, we are emptied and left barren, wide open for new seeds to be planted. The planting time comes during the Maiden moon however, and tonight is a night to be destroyed and shattered.

Sagittarius is notorious for her lack of filter, what she thinks or feels she says and her blunt opinion lands where it lands on the sensitive and the resilient alike.

The Sagittarius Crone moon makes no distinction as to what she destroys, if it isn’t grounded down and holding on with deep roots it will be washed clean from us. Sagittarius is adventurous and daring, there is nowhere that this Crone moon will not explore within us.

Sagittarius is also bright and optimistic and that means that while this Crone Moon is digging deep, it is uprooting to make room for a brighter future and a more authentic road to actualizing ourselves.

How this is showing up in the microcosm of my life sounds quite ordinary and a bit melodramatic when I sit down to write it, bear with me and I’ll highlight the parallels that I’m finding to these philosophical truths that the philosopher Sag moon is brining in.

The winter plan that my husband and I have had for a while was that when he got laid off I would get a waitressing job for the winter, he would be at home and upholding our daily rhythm during my shifts and come the spring when he was back to work I would quit. That was the original plan, since then I have contemplated perhaps staying during the spring and summer as we are hoping to expand our family and some extra cash until I birth again would be nice. We have seen that our daughter has a blast with her grandparents while we are both at play rehearsal and with the play being completed by the spring my two or three shifts would be a fun time for her to spend with her grandparents.

My husband is officially laid off and today was the day to put out resume’s, I said a prayer and went into meditation, if it was in alignment with the Divine Mother’s will please let it be so and if not please don’t let it flow.

I was hired, at the first place I applied, on the spot. <<<< Now, I went in with a reference from a friend of the manager and I am living in a small town now and connections mean a lot, but still for this time of year to get hired on the spot is quite remarkable, I took this as my answer from the Goddess and left feeling uplifted and excited.

However, within a few minutes my stomach was in knots and I was imagining all of the freedom that I have with my daughter that I wouldn’t have anymore, imagining a Christmas season that I’m not a part of, imagining my husband being called back to work early, imagining play rehearsals and waitressing away from her, and most of all, at the back of my mind a voice kept repeating “you’re not a stay at home Mom anymore.” Woah, that felt heavy.

I sat down and contemplated the moon, the philosophical elements that any Sagittarius placement carries with it and I began to question my decision. Perhaps I was going against my philosophy, we do have enough to get by, was I acting on fear of lack of money rather than staying committed to my path of staying at home that brings me so much joy and fulfillment?

I had a talk with my Mom and my husband and began to feel a bit less panicked, then I listen to Sonja’s recording and I began to feel inspired. She reminded me that this energy of the moon’s placement in Sagittarius is about expanding, about exploring new horizons, paving a way for the future, trying new experiences.

I am such a fixed person, I really like finding my niche and just settling in and getting snuggy. Sagittarius has always been a challenging energy for me, it hurts my feelings and pushes me to go waaaayyy beyond my comfort zone, but tonight, I felt the wisdom of the Crone coming through the Sagittarius moon.

This will be a new adventure for me, and it really isn’t about whether I decide to waitress or stay at home, it’s about how I interpret new opportunities. I had just as much a choice to be excited and think that this would be fantastic, even if I discovered it wasn’t and changed my mind, but I had chosen to jump to dread and worry and fear. Change doesn’t excite me, it scares me.

But, it could excite me.

I have the ability to change, I have the ability to evolve and to transform. I can choose to let go of my fear of change, I can choose to get excited about new experiences, I can choose to be grateful for the opportunity to taste new adventures.

Perhaps if I choose to embrace change and to be excited by it I’ll get even more exciting opportunities, opportunities that expand beyond waitressing two shifts a week in a small town &#X1f609 perhaps I’ll get opportunities that I couldn’t even envision at this point in my life if my resistance to change is lifted.

That is my intention tonight, to let go, to flow not only in the watery and emotive way that I am used to, but to flow in the fiery molten lava rivers of passion and courage that Sagittarius offers us during this time of year. I intend to let go and to blaze forward like an unstoppable inferno of heat and passion, I intend to live this portion of my life to it’s fullest. I am learning from Sagittarius as the Crone that I will not allow age or responsibilities to dull the zest of my youth, this zest will be with me for the entirety of my life and I welcome it with open arms tonight.

I am created anew everyday and everyday I have a choice to resort to who I was yesterday, that is easy and familiar, or I can choose to be new, to know nothing and to start all over. Perhaps I will find that my philosophies about life are not fixed, perhaps they are just beginning to be formed, perhaps this is just the beginning of a new chapter of excitement and discovery.

How are you experiencing tonight’s moon? What are you releasing?

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly
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