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Aquarius Mother Moon, preparing to step into the Lion’s Gate Portal

I’m happy to read that in years past at the Aquarian Mother Moon I was as tired as I have been of late. This year I know a big contributor to my tiredness is processing “die off” as my gut heals, I’ve been on a big gut healing kick these past few months, and besides the die off phases (I’ve just added a prebiotic drink to my regimen,) I have been feeling fantastic. Upon reflection I would describe my current state for the most part these past few months as feeling soft, at ease and chill, such a difference from the keyed up state I have been wound up in for far too long.

Another aspect to this sleepiness I know, is the great energy portals opening up right now. During the month of July I became aware of how potent the energy in the air was feeling, lower vibrations were shifting easier than ever and remaining in a state of bliss was becoming a real possibility, how much of this corresponded to my gut healing (seriously I’m amazed, for someone that puts so little focus on the body as a vehicle to joy I’m wondering if my Highest Self doesn’t live in my gut!) and how much had to do with planets aligning and mass evolution occurring. I purposefully didn’t research what was happening on a planetary level as I didn’t want to get into my head, I just wanted to be in it.

However, what’s occurring tonight and over the next few weeks, that information found me and I trust it was all in Divine timing. So, while I’m sleepy as my gut is charging up to a whole new level of health, my spirit is also charging up to a whole new level of awakening as I enter these energetic uploads. Here’s what we have on the agenda:

🌕 Tonight: Aquarian Mother Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse
💥 Tomorrow: Lion’s Gate Portal
🌑 Aug 21: A Leo Crone Moon/Solar Eclpise

👆Now, there’s a lot more intricacies to what’s happening astrologically (ahem, 5 planets going retrograde!) at this time as well, to best understand the energies swirling around us I highly suggest starting with this video from Astrologer Coach Sonja Francis and then following her other writings as she is much more versed in the ins and outs of that astrological map on a microcosmic scope than I am:

Powerful Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, August 2017
Join Sonja as she shares about several upcoming astrological events: * Powerful Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in 15 degrees of Aquarius (on Aug. 7th, 2017 at 2:11p…


In the meantime, that trinity of energy potency above is the big whammy of what’s going on, and for some of us, myself included, the physical vessel gets a bit sleepy as our consciousness expands to receive these energy downloads.

Tonight we have the Aquarian Mother Moon, as I’ve mentioned in many previous Mother Moon posts, the Mother Moon, aka the Full Moon, is a time when we are emotionally full and our Lunar energy is at it’s peak. The Mother Moon parallels the Mother phase of our lives, the time of life when we are called to tend to our children, our actual babies and our physical, artistic, animal and career children, it is the phase of life when we are called to be nurturers and we must strike a balance between filling ourselves up so that we can give more of ourselves. Every month there are different aspects of self that the Moon reflects down upon us to balance. This month we are balancing the Aquarian/Leo polarities, the aspect of serving humanity and serving our human.

One of the great ways that this energy is presenting itself to me right now is in looking at my parenting on a very personal scale. When I birthed my first daughter I was instantly rocketed into a new dimension of love, one I had never known existed. From a very primal place I began to give of my all to her, as she grew and our family expanded to welcome in another little Maiden I had a hard time adjusting to sharing that devotion with two children. For the first few weeks, I did what I did with my eldest, Gracious, and breastfed constantly and kept baby Estrella skin to skin, but my magic love bubble wasn’t there, I was in knots. I longed to be giving my all to Gracious and then when Daddy took Estrella and I was with Gracious I was torn with a need to be with my newborn, it was hellish for me those first weeks, I had heard everybody tell me that when a second child comes your love just doubles, and while I loved both of my daughters, I felt completely torn in half. Once my husband was back at work and it was the three of us getting into our groove the love bubble came. Watching Gracious and Estrella form a sisterly bond, and having long hours of just the three of us gave me that sense of fulfillment once again, both of my girls were getting my all, and as an intense Scorpio that’s a lot of all. Now that I have become comfortable in our groove I have some truths coming to the surface to be examined.

The first is that I have been having a lot of readings, articles and discussions coming my way about being in one’s passion and making room for one’s calling to be actualized in their life experience. I was getting quite comfortable in the knowledge that I got to slow down on pursuing outside interests and focus on my family as I had only had a second baby almost five months ago now, and while that is true, for whatever reason I am ready to be giving more to my calling outside of motherhood without letting up on my mothering. There’s been some resistance to that, I have had a tendency to get quite ambitious and I don’t like the feeling of pushing against the flow with an intended goal in mind. So, I have been breathing into that resistance, coming back to the moment and getting honest with myself. When pockets of time open up how am I spending them? I don’t always need a good book or show to recharge my battery when the girls go out with my husband, a lot of days I am good to write, plan out a gathering or offer up a reading or two.

Beyond my resistance that truth has highlighted what the Aquarian aspect of this Mother Moon is revealing to me, and that is that I am not to give only to my children in a mothering way I am to continue being a mother to the world at large. From the moment I was a tiny Maiden I have been drawn to those younger than me, those struggling, in need or seeking, if there was a way that I could nurture or serve I was there. When I became pregnant with Gracious learning to give less and fill myself was a very hard and sad transition for me, after I had her I regretted when I had to say no, yet I felt in my bones how very much my family needed me to put them first. That was the Leo half of the lesson that I had to learn, and I have learnt it, now for the Aquarian. While my energy goes first to my family, what is left over goes to my community and to humanity, if I need to refuel, yes of course I stop and tend to that need, but I must be honest with myself and when I am capable of giving, of adding to the upliftment of our species, in whatever way I am called I must answer that call. That’s what the Aquarian Mother Moon is reminding me of tonight.

My personal moon is in Taurus and I can get into comfort ruts, ruts where I just want cozy blankets, yummy food and fantastic stories to escape into, and there is time for that when I need to refuel, but as my human vessel continues to strengthen and my spirit continues to awaken, the time that I need to refuel is becoming less and less. I must be honest with myself and when I can give from a genuinely full place, give, and I must find the balance between giving my girls my all because I was assigned the role of mother in their lives and not favouring them as my egotistical preference for service, it is easy to serve them because I love them so damn much, but sometimes I will be called to send them out with Daddy and give elsewhere.

I am also being reminded that I will not be able to accomplish any of this : discerning when to focus solely on family, when to fill myself and when to branch out in an active service role to humanity, without being present to the will of my Creator, I must go within and follow Her inner guidance as to how I am to serve and how I am to show up on a moment to moment basis. For today that looked like skipping a family outing with my beloved Aquarian mother-in-law who is visiting and told me in a very Aquarian altruistic manner to take advantage of her being down to get done what I need to, husband and Gracious to stay home to nap with Estrella and then to sneak out of that nap once I was rested to write this. In two weeks it looks like gathering the women of our community for the Crone Moon Solar Eclipse.

Estrella has just awoken so I will begin to sum up after touching on the energies that are on their way. The Lion’s Gate Portal that I would love to write on tomorrow but most likely won’t be able to, is a powerful 888 gateway that ushers in the potency of the number 8 which represents infinity. Higher Beings that serve this realm enter via that gateway and teach those of us that are open to receive their teachings, this gateway is guided by the Leo Lion energy and strengthens our solar plexus and inner will. This is a fiery gateway that I will be entering with tonight’s intentions fresh on my soul. In two weeks this energy will be followed by a Leo Crone Moon, the moon of releasing which is paired with a Solar Eclipse, a moment in time to face the ego’s shadow, Leo rules the ego and this will be a powerfully dark and strong moment in time to get very clear about an aspect of ego self that has held us back.

The lunar eclipse that is accompanying tonight’s moon is a time to pause when the Lunar light is her strongest and to look into the shadow realm of our emotional world. Aquarius’ shadow is being too detached from their emotions, tonight we will receive an opportunity to look at an aspect of our emotional world that we have used denial or aloofness or detachment in it’s lower vibration, to avoid. To be honest I don’t know what it is that I will find, right now it feels as though it will be linked to favouritism, to needing to become willing to commit to loving my daughters and husband as deeply as I do while committing to loving all of humanity that deeply and not reserving my heart for a few but giving it to the all.

That’s the bridge that I am walking right now, the middle road of love for self (Leo), love for humanity (Aquarius) and love for those that are in my personal circle, tribe (Leo), and love for the beings beyond this 3D Matrix (Aquarius) as I find the middle ground here I am sure that I will find my brightest space to shine my personal light of joy into the world and beyond, into the grand ethers.

How will you work with tonight’s Mother Moon and the lunar eclipse, how will the Aquarian aspects of tonight’s moon help you to tear down the social constructs that have helped you to define yourself into a box? I have been mired in identifying as a mother to Gracious and Estrella and lost focus of my role as a mother to the world, I’m ready to tear that construct down with the light of the Full Moon and I’m ready to peer behind the veil of the shadow cast upon my naked heart to see what it is that I am ready to face and step into, perhaps I will meet your brave souls behind the veil tonight in meditation and journeying, until then…..

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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~*~* 888 Lion’s Gate Stargate Activation *~*~

Writing feels far away from me today.

Today is the Lion Gate Stargate opening and it is resonating at the energy of 888, a powerful number sequence of infinity and infinite possibilities.

Stargates are energetic portals that high frequency beings travel down to land upon our Earth plane to teach and uplift us. Waves of teaching and energy beam down when this stargate opens and raises our vibration. This years Lion’s Gate is extremely potent due to the 888 configuration. For weeks we have been being prepared for this energy wave which peaks today. This gate is ruled by the Leo sun sign, and by the Lion archetype.

For weeks now the majestic Lion has been plastered with the triumphant news that major airports are ceasing the transportation of trophy hunting. The King of the Jungle reigning supreme. The Leo energy is all solar, it is activating, it is bold, it is hot, it is confidence and it roars loudly.

Some of us have felt fatigued by this portal opening, angered, irritable. I took a great sigh of relief when I read about this after my two hour nap following a night where I had lost my temper yet again with a member of my extended family. I have worked at tempering my temper for years and this past two weeks I have felt that Durga side of me quicken quite easily.

My 23 month old was asking to meditate all week, this is something we do together, yet in the past two weeks she’s been initiating her own meditation on a more consistent basis throughout the day. Two nights ago as she curled up into the nook of my arm I felt her burning up, for the past 24 hours I have been trying to keep her temperature at a healthy place. Today she was diagnosed with a double ear infection. It is not surprising to me that my very sensitive, tuned in daughter is burning up during this activation. Fevers occur when high energy is running through us and her ears symbolize the ability to hear beyond the veil. Her mama has always received her psychic messages primarily through her auditory abilities.

Until the age of 3 children are enmeshed with their mother’s auric field, under what Rudolf Steiner referred to as the Madonna Cloak, my daughter and I are processing this energy wave together. The bursts of temper that she had been expressing last week are making so much more sense to me.

Every year this stargate opens and yet this is the first year that I have been aware of it. The 888 sequence has super charged the stargate and I am reflecting on how the infinity symbol has been coming to me. My lifelong best friend is just recently engaged, when she sent me a picture of her ring it was an infinity ring with a sparkling diamond right in the centre of it. When I gazed upon a picture of Gracious (my daughter) and I, I felt myself falling into my bloodline, feeling into the infinite lineage of women that have brought me into fruition and seeing the infinite number of women that are to come through us.

Blood, the power of the blood, the mystery of the blood, women’s mysteries have also been pulling at me again. This intense magic of the blood is one that I have been sitting with for a while, the only other subject that has taken this much contemplation and patience for it’s full unfoldment in my psyche is Grace. When I first began my conscious path I knew that I was dedicating my life to Grace, Grace was a mystery to me and I spent a year in mediation waiting for a revelation about it’s meaning to me. Now I wait upon the message that blood is going to give me. I am in the process of writing my book and am at the chapter about the power of our blood, I sit and I wait. As I researched dna it was the symbol of infinity within the blood that jumped out at me.

In and out the weaving goes, I am seeing layers upon layers of messages that have been in front of me as this stargate has been opening. Infinity, blood, fire, heat, energy.

I feel myself empty and charging right now, like a battery plugged into the great Wave of Light that is pulsating into our galaxy though the open stargate. I open myself up to receive my mission, ready to be a portal for extension and service. The sleepy little city that we have moved to knows little of a Goddess or Divine Feminine lessons or circles and rituals, and yet that is where this Priestess has been led. Like the bright sun that shines I wait to see who will be led to receive Her through the beams of light that I allow Her to radiate though me. The astrological sign of Leo is all heart, the infinity of love is represented by the 888 number sequence and so today’s energy opening is a heart opener. The heart chakra is where the lower realms and the higher realms meet, the merging of As Above So Below mysteries, the chakra of the Priestesses.

Today I get still, I breath and I allow the energies to move through me. I wrestle with the irritation of the human realm and the rapture of the heavenly one that is merging into one big light of Allness within me.

I allow my heart to open.

I allow my Goddess self to rise up.

I allow the fire of the sun to animate me.

I allow Truth to be true.

I allow Source to guide me.

I allow infinite possibilities to be a tangible reality for me.

I allow full integration.

I allow infinite changes to take place in my world.


Grace Be With You
Priestess of Grace
Candise Soaring Butterfly
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