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~*~* 888 Lion’s Gate Stargate Activation *~*~

Writing feels far away from me today.

Today is the Lion Gate Stargate opening and it is resonating at the energy of 888, a powerful number sequence of infinity and infinite possibilities.

Stargates are energetic portals that high frequency beings travel down to land upon our Earth plane to teach and uplift us. Waves of teaching and energy beam down when this stargate opens and raises our vibration. This years Lion’s Gate is extremely potent due to the 888 configuration. For weeks we have been being prepared for this energy wave which peaks today. This gate is ruled by the Leo sun sign, and by the Lion archetype.

For weeks now the majestic Lion has been plastered with the triumphant news that major airports are ceasing the transportation of trophy hunting. The King of the Jungle reigning supreme. The Leo energy is all solar, it is activating, it is bold, it is hot, it is confidence and it roars loudly.

Some of us have felt fatigued by this portal opening, angered, irritable. I took a great sigh of relief when I read about this after my two hour nap following a night where I had lost my temper yet again with a member of my extended family. I have worked at tempering my temper for years and this past two weeks I have felt that Durga side of me quicken quite easily.

My 23 month old was asking to meditate all week, this is something we do together, yet in the past two weeks she’s been initiating her own meditation on a more consistent basis throughout the day. Two nights ago as she curled up into the nook of my arm I felt her burning up, for the past 24 hours I have been trying to keep her temperature at a healthy place. Today she was diagnosed with a double ear infection. It is not surprising to me that my very sensitive, tuned in daughter is burning up during this activation. Fevers occur when high energy is running through us and her ears symbolize the ability to hear beyond the veil. Her mama has always received her psychic messages primarily through her auditory abilities.

Until the age of 3 children are enmeshed with their mother’s auric field, under what Rudolf Steiner referred to as the Madonna Cloak, my daughter and I are processing this energy wave together. The bursts of temper that she had been expressing last week are making so much more sense to me.

Every year this stargate opens and yet this is the first year that I have been aware of it. The 888 sequence has super charged the stargate and I am reflecting on how the infinity symbol has been coming to me. My lifelong best friend is just recently engaged, when she sent me a picture of her ring it was an infinity ring with a sparkling diamond right in the centre of it. When I gazed upon a picture of Gracious (my daughter) and I, I felt myself falling into my bloodline, feeling into the infinite lineage of women that have brought me into fruition and seeing the infinite number of women that are to come through us.

Blood, the power of the blood, the mystery of the blood, women’s mysteries have also been pulling at me again. This intense magic of the blood is one that I have been sitting with for a while, the only other subject that has taken this much contemplation and patience for it’s full unfoldment in my psyche is Grace. When I first began my conscious path I knew that I was dedicating my life to Grace, Grace was a mystery to me and I spent a year in mediation waiting for a revelation about it’s meaning to me. Now I wait upon the message that blood is going to give me. I am in the process of writing my book and am at the chapter about the power of our blood, I sit and I wait. As I researched dna it was the symbol of infinity within the blood that jumped out at me.

In and out the weaving goes, I am seeing layers upon layers of messages that have been in front of me as this stargate has been opening. Infinity, blood, fire, heat, energy.

I feel myself empty and charging right now, like a battery plugged into the great Wave of Light that is pulsating into our galaxy though the open stargate. I open myself up to receive my mission, ready to be a portal for extension and service. The sleepy little city that we have moved to knows little of a Goddess or Divine Feminine lessons or circles and rituals, and yet that is where this Priestess has been led. Like the bright sun that shines I wait to see who will be led to receive Her through the beams of light that I allow Her to radiate though me. The astrological sign of Leo is all heart, the infinity of love is represented by the 888 number sequence and so today’s energy opening is a heart opener. The heart chakra is where the lower realms and the higher realms meet, the merging of As Above So Below mysteries, the chakra of the Priestesses.

Today I get still, I breath and I allow the energies to move through me. I wrestle with the irritation of the human realm and the rapture of the heavenly one that is merging into one big light of Allness within me.

I allow my heart to open.

I allow my Goddess self to rise up.

I allow the fire of the sun to animate me.

I allow Truth to be true.

I allow Source to guide me.

I allow infinite possibilities to be a tangible reality for me.

I allow full integration.

I allow infinite changes to take place in my world.


Grace Be With You
Priestess of Grace
Candise Soaring Butterfly
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