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Leo Mother Moon, honouring and validating our emotional world.

This is the first Mother Moon of the new year, how appropriate that fiery, proud Leo would be the sign to usher in this big, bold moon to begin our year.

A Mother Moon is a full moon and she fills us, she fills our emotional world and our dreams and intentions. Many people make their intentions on Mother Moon’s, when the real time to plant those seeds is just after the Crone Moon, the Mother Moon revels in the manifestations that she has birthed in the past month. Manifestations that came from deep desire and emotional longings.

Leo is a strong and noble sign, she is a leader, she is indomitable, she is also needy, she needs to be loved, adored, and acknowledged for her regal and wondrous self. When Leo rules a Mother Moon our emotional life becomes of utmost importance to us. We must have our feelings acknowledged, we must be honoured emotionally and we feel our feelings to the extreme.

In our house our family has been rocked by some devastating news that came out of the blue. A beloved family member is very ill and the future is not known.

My go to response to news like this is spiritual truth. Within myself affirming that disease and sickness has no power, keeping that person’s highest self in my mind’s eye. If they are physically close to me I offer energy work, if they are distant I ask their angels and guides for permission and send energy their way. Upon learning about our family member’s illness I immediately called some other family member’s that live close to him and begged them not to allow him to eat the hospital food, I researched all of the best foods to naturally regain his harmonious and balanced whole self and sent the list to everyone. In short, I went into healer mode.

As I did this my beautiful husband coped with the implications of this news, this family member is his blood, I watched his eyes flood with the horror of the news, I’ve been seeing him struggle to eat, we have been waiting for more news, ever-ready to pack our bags and drive ten hours to be with his family.

Together we have been learning how to connect at this time. His go to place is to shut the world out, but as my husband he doesn’t want to shut me out. My go to place is to discuss none of the ‘details’ and to only stay in the Truth….thankfully over the years I have learnt how to balance my healer mode with my humanity. That is what the Priestess path has given me access to, an ability to live between both realities, this human one and the Divine. For my husband, I listen to the feelings he shares, I empathize, I share some of my feelings, all while remaining anchored to the Truth within.

Tonight I had a shift at work, while I was there, the emotional reality of what is happening began to dawn on me. My heart began to open and I just felt for him, my husband, our family, the fear, the pain, the potential for death. I allowed the Leo Mother Moon to open my heart, to bring my feelings to the surface, so that when my husband and daughter picked me up from work I could let him know that I was feeling sad for him, that I couldn’t imagine what it was like for him right now, and that I am here for him as his wife. Acknowledging his feelings, letting him know that they mattered and that I was sad for him meant the world.

The Leo Mother Lion is a matriarch, she is fiercely devoted to her family, a lion’s tribe is called their pride. Tonight I am tending to my pride. I am feeling with them, I am open to receiving them and I am cuddling them close.

I am reminded that sadness and grief are not negative, they are human and a part of life. Tonight, our family is in grief and shock, tonight we are feeling and the feelings are intense.

I will gather my pride around me and we will hold each other close.

May tonight’s Mother Moon reveal the importance of your emotional life to you, may it remind you that your feelings matter, that they are seen and that you are cared for. May this moon validate your emotional life and may you share with your pride some of the love in your heart and receive some back in return.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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