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This Week on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: Seasonal Mysteries, Easter Messages


This Week on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: Mystical Reflections, Transmutation

January: Amethyst

I was reviewing the Amethyst reading today as this month winds down. I had forgotten that the key word associated with Amethyst in this text was humility, as I contemplated how humility has shown up as a teacher of mine throughout January (mostly me becoming acutely aware of where humility is lacking) I found that this author associates the Goat Totem with the Amethyst.

I adore researching and working with animal totems and was intrigued to find the bleeting, horned, hairy goat associated with the regal purple Amethyst crystal, however, when I attached the goat with humility it made so much sense.

There are many rich symbolisms associated with goat, for the sake of our focus this month I will focus on the humility aspect.

Goat’s are unassuming, they aren’t beautiful to the naked eye, not in the way that peacocks, swans and doves are, they are known to chomp grass, amble independently and are a cousin to the more cuddly lamb. Goat’s however are strong, they are sturdy, they persevere and climb to great heights despite the terrain (just google goats on side of cliff or goats on top of tree). Because goats were one of the first domesticated animals, because they are so readily available to provide dairy and because they are not flashy, the goat is often underestimated and under appreciated.

Unlike the preening peacock, the goat does not demand our attention, nor does it seek to impress. It’s fortitude at climbing great heights is symbolic of the dedication to reach higher vibrational levels and the goat totem will assist one in raising their vibration. Goat is a totem of Capricorn, the studious, quiet, humble, hard worker.

Goat’s have been used as ‘scapegoats’ for centuries, they take on the sins of a community and are sacrificed for the whole. This totem is a healing totem, it is a totem of forgiveness. The lessons that run deep in sacrificial acts and lore, is the belief that because we are all one, there can be one person or being of higher understanding and infinite love can take on the ego of humanity and raise it up through sacrificing their own connection to humanity. When the goat totem walks into our lives, it is teaching us the great blessing and power, the potential that lies within each of us to own our part in any and all discords and become a sacrificial being.

Ho’oponopono and mysticism are two schools of belief that claim that whatever we perceive is a part of our consciousness. In ho’oponopono whenever one encounters a discord they ask for forgiveness, they say ” I’m sorry, I love you, Please forgive me, Thank you,” this practice acknowledges that a part in that person agrees with the discord that they have witnessed and that is why it has been presented to them, they clear their own consciousness through raising their vibration and when practiced from a pure and aligned place, the situation and person is healed along with the practitioner through that acknowledgement and prayer.

When Jesus the Christ healed, He healed by looking through lack and limitation and beholding only the Christ in others. He is referred to as a sacrificial lamb, the mystical understanding of His crucification is that He sacrificed His body and transcended death, therefore enabling all of us to transcend death (because we are all one), He did this through taking all of our wrong thinking and believing onto Himself and raising it up to the level of enlightenment, so that all who follow His path can raise up to that same level of enlightenment and be freed of mortal limitations.

This is the deeper medicine that the goat carries with it, and this is the deep, deep work that comes from true humility, a willingness to not only overlook our own personal ego, but to recognize our part in the universal Ego, to take accountability for actions enacted from others, through recognizing our oneness with all. We do not judge others, we are not aghast at anyone, we are constantly cleaning the grid of humanity by recognizing ourselves in all people and by allowing ourselves to be sacrificial scapegoats for the good of humanity (symbolically speaking).

Once I began to tap into the goat totem, depths and layers just continued to evolve and reveal themselves to me. As I prepare to leave this month and to focus on Morganite in two days time, I am taking this deep goat medicine with me and holding it close to my heart. These messages are the ones that have always inspired and stuck out to me on my path, for in this mass accountability comes true freedom and true power, I am a Goddess, victim to no-one and I have all the power to heal right at the seat of my heart, if I can reach down and connect to humility, my humble heart can heal through living a sacrificial life, I need not sacrifice material goods as was once believed, I need to sacrifice my attachment to being right and to judging others as other than me, when I can do this I can become a light unto the world and live in true Sovereignty.


Grace Be With You
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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Last month my Crone phase came during the Mother Moon (full moon). I am in my Crone when I am having my moon time and shedding, this month my Crone time came a few days after the Mother Moon and as I have been flowing these past few days I have been awaiting the revelation of what it is that my lesson has been over the past cycle.

Every time I enter my Crone and begin to shed I feel the wisdom of the Crone Goddess, my ancestors and my inner Crone speak to me, She shows me patterns or themes from the month’s cycle and I become inspired, I find a new commitment and a renewal as the end of my Crone time comes and I enter my Maiden phase of the month. Each month there are four major phases of the moon Maiden, Mother, Enchantress, Crone and each month my body goes through these four phases as well. Right now I am not synced up with the moon so my body is cycling at a different pace then the moon. I am entering the Maiden in the next day or so, this is the time when I am a clean slate, I am cleared and ready to plant seeds and to watch them begin to sprout, seeds that will be in fruition when I am in my Mother phase and fertile.

This past week I have committed to refraining from exercise as I cycle as well as from extending myself in creative activity, as challenging as it can be for me to sit and release and to receive wisdom or inspiration without extending myself, I endeavour to commit to this in an effort to honour my body and the phase that it is in. I also feel as though this practice connects me to my ancestors as I become still and bleed I can hear the echo’s of sisters and aunties gathered in red tents sharing stories and listening to the Crones teach their wisdom during the new phase of the moon.

This month it’s been a deep call to recommit to the path of Grace. This is the path that I have been called to and have tried to walk as diligently as I can for the past 11.5 years. I don’t write about Grace often, I find that the principles are so simple and the message so deep that I am often at a loss of where to begin. I also feel that I am not in the stage of life where using many personal life experiences is called for yet. This Grace seed is still planted deeply within the depths of my soul and while I watch amazed and inspired as it shapes the road that I walk, I am still too immature in my path to be able to write from a grounded place about myself personally in relation to Grace and her effect on my life yet.

What I can write about is how Grace has called to me, what it is that Grace is and most importantly what it tells me about my Creator.

When I was 18, a few years before I formally committed myself to walking a conscious path, I was on vacation with my parents and my Mother was telling me about finding a theme to commit one’s life to, she was going to commit her life to serenity, I thought about it and chose Grace. To be honest a large part of that choice had to do with Seinfeld, as ridiculous as that seems to me today. I am an avid Seinfeld fan and there is an episode where the topic of Grace is mentioned and how rare it is to find a person who embodies Grace, well I decided I wanted to be that person. At that time I wasn’t thinking about the spiritual qualities of Grace, I was thinking about how I would look and act and the affect I would have on others if I was a graceful person.

A few years later when I committed myself to a conscious path I was instantly attracted to an author named Joel Goldsmith, he is a Christian Mystic who teaches about living life from Grace. This is when I first began to seriously contemplate following Grace as a path. I spent the entire first year of my life on this path in meditation about what Grace actually meant, I read what Goldsmith was teaching, I read the sermons on Grace yet none of it was landing, none of it made any sense to me, it was an inner knowing that I needed. One day after my year of meditation it just clicked, it became very apparent what Grace was and what a path of Grace is, nothing that I can write about my revelation hasn’t already been written by Joel Goldsmith and in the gospels of the bible, however after a year of meditating on the essence of Grace the words now made sense to me.

What a life of Grace is is one where I am called to take no thought for my life. I am called to go within in prayer and meditation for nothing besides an experience of the Creator. I do not bring problems of this realm within, I go within only for an experience of Spirit and as I connect and commune with this Spirit, Grace appears in the outer realm as the fulfillment of whatever it is that I need, without my needing to tell or ask Divinity for it. One of the main reasons for this is that from a mystical perspective this realm is an illusion, nothing that is tangible is real. From a scientific perspective we know that the objects we see are actually atoms that are vibrating at extreme rates and give us the experience of a tangible chair or tree, it’s all energy. Grace demands that we acknowledge that the only thing that is true is the Creator. As the Course in Miracles puts it “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” Those three sentences pretty much sum up everything that I need to know. Except that I live in a very distracting third-dimensional reality and there is much that is unreal that seems real. Grace tells me that the chair that I am sitting on is an illusion, that the beautiful sunset I behold is an illusion and that the death and destruction of this world is an illusion. That concept frustrates a lot of people, it seems to discount the pain and suffering that people encounter in this world. However for the advanced ones, the ones that I follow, the awareness in their consciousness of this illusion is what shatters the illusion. People talk about what a sad state our world is in, in actuality the world has been quite brutal for quite some time, however our tolerance of brutality is lessening, the world isn’t getting worse, we are getting more conscious. And so, to bring it back to simplicity, Grace promises that if I let go and allow Grace to unfold my life for me that I will be guided to exactly what I need when I need it. This sound wonderfully easy, except that there isn’t any room for manifesting wants, it’s a commitment to letting go of the want in order to trust and surrender to the will of Grace. This doesn’t mean that I don’t get what I want, it means that I trust that what I want may be what I need and that if it is then it will appear as long as I follow where I’m led and do the work that is presented to me, and I also trust that if it is not where I am led towards then it is not what was in my highest good, regardless of how much I thought it was. This takes trust as well as a belief in the benevolence and love of the Creator.

This brings me to my last point for today, what Grace tells me about my Creator. There are many people that don’t believe in ‘God’ because of the pain and suffering in the world. From a very earthly place they claim that any being that would allow such suffering either isn’t real or isn’t for them. What Grace tells me is that whenever I am not in alignment with and working the principles of Grace I am living in chaos or karma. Chaos means that I might have a pleasurable experience and that I might have a painful one and there is no rhyme or reason to it. Divinity does not exist in this space of chaos and because chaos is fleeting and ever changing, while very real in how it feels in the moment, it is a part of the illusion. Karma means that I may have chosen pain and suffering before I incarnated to even out the score from mistakes in a past lifetime or that I might have chosen suffering as a means to gain a greater awareness of compassion and kindness, however Grace nullifies karma, it takes all of the debts and erases them. When I live in Grace I don’t live in karma anymore. Karma is a path towards awakening, but it is still in the realm of illusion. There are some that have observed, and rightly so, that there is no reason to why certain people suffer and others don’t, they conclude that it doesn’t make a difference to Divinity and in a way this is correct. It can’t matter, because to Divinity it doesn’t exist, all that exists is perfect Love and Union, it is we who cut ourselves off from that Love and Union. And while we may be born into a country that has gathered a karmic debt or a family of a certain belief system that is engrained into us, the second we stop, the second we come under Grace all other laws are nullified and we are led to harmony and peace and love. We are extensions of the Creator, it is in the nature of the Creator to bless and to love and to care for, Grace tells me that the Creator loves me and cares, not in a human way where S/He is looking down sad for the suffering of this world, but from a supernatural space within that instantly blesses and brings joy to me when I open to receive It and to follow It. In the end there is either consciously connected or unconsciously asleep. I am nowhere near where I would like to be, but I have tools and directions and the simpler I make how I live and the more diligently I follow that direction the less of a hold this world has on me and the greater an inner sense of love and joy I have. I decided when I began my path that any areas of blockages, any area’s of suffering was due to me, my lack of awareness of Grace in that area of my life. I decided that I believed that if I could open up that part of my consciousness to the Light of the World I would instantly be blessed, and so rather than pray “please make this stop, or please guide me to this,” I would pray “please help me to give this to You, I know that I think that I am but if I truly was You would have taken it from me in an instant, so please help me to truly surrender it to You.”

Every day is a choice to fall under Grace, I don’t do it perfectly, far from it. It is in my human nature to want to control, I fret and fear and worry and when it gets to be too much I breathe and go back to the path that I have dedicated my life to, Grace. This path has never, ever let me down. I trust it impeccably and only hope for the maturity to remain on it when life feels happy and blissful as it inevitably does when I follow Grace, rather than hoping off in a vain attempt to control or improve upon my blessings as I often do.

I will leave you with this scripture, it outlines this magically loving path that I cling to with all my might and how to live it.
Matthew 6:25-34King James Version (KJV)

25 Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?
26 Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?
27 Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?
28 And why take ye thought for raiment? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin:
29 And yet I say unto you, That even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.
30 Wherefore, if God so clothe the grass of the field, which to day is, and to morrow is cast into the oven, shall he not much more clothe you, O ye of little faith?
31 Therefore take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or, What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?
32 (For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.
33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.
34 Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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Today on Priestess of Grace: Seasonal Mysteries, Easter

Heathens in the House

In lieu of it being the Easter weekend and the lack of celebration of the Christ story in my Goddess circle I decided with a friend of mine and my husband to go to a Catholic church service today, the day of Christ’s crucifixion. I was a bit reticent but my desire for ceremony and ritual outweighed the reticence and so we went.

Upon entering the church (while my husband and friend were both parking) with my 18 month old Maiden on hip I narrowly missed knocking over the purple sheet covered crucifix that was laying atop a table. I hurriedly entered a surprisingly packed church and found a seat in the very back. The congregation was eerily quiet as they awaited mass. This day is a solemn day in the church so I understood the silence and honoured it as best I could, however the moment we sat down Gracious (my daughter) took a look around and began to belt out her favourite nursing song at the top of her lungs, you might recognize it, it goes like this “We all come from the Goddess and to Her we shall return like a drop of rain, flowing to the Ocean. Hoof and horn, hoof and horn all that dies shall be reborn. Crone and Sage, Crone and Sage wisdom is the gift of age.” There’s another line in there that we don’t sing as I forgot about it when I taught her the song, however these were the lyrics Gracious began to heartily sing the moment we entered the church. I pulled my boob out, reminding myself that any snarky glances I got could reference their very own pro-breastfeeding in church pope and the Goddess chanting ceased from the back of the room. As the service began angelic, archaic hymns were sung in heavy, serious tones, each pause in the hymn was greeted by a “yeeeeee!!!” from my daughter who clapped in excited applause to the performance. As I admired my daughter’s free spirit in church my husband took her for a walk to give the rest of the congregation some space to do their quiet worship. This space gave me some time to contemplate my presence there. I pride myself on my ability to receive a message in any religion or ceremony, I listen for the mystical message behind the words and am able to uplifted, the same was true for this sermon that was given I got a lovely and inspiring message. When the crucifix was carried to the front of the church and the people began to slowly approach the crucifix to pray my mind appreciated what it observed. I like ritual, I like that there is a church that has so much ritual in it. I tried to push aside what I know about the history of this particular church and so that I could just be in the moment, participating, a part of. Yet as I watched the women, men and children march in procession towards the cross I called upon my ancestors, I asked them how they felt about my presence in this church, the message that I felt come through clearly was that the majority of people I saw walking towards that cross came from a lineage that was either threatened into joining the religion that they now worship, or worse killed as the church enforced their will upon the people of the Western world. I can’t forget The Burning Times documentary that I watched nor any of the information that I have researched. This church has never, to my knowledge, apologized for the women, men an children that were burnt as witches during their inquisition. I couldn’t sit there, I couldn’t participate. My Grandmothers deaths mean too much to me. I grabbed my friend and my husband and daughter and we left. Next year we will worship as a family as I lead us through ceremony or we will find a Unity Church and join them.

That was my unexpected message on this Good Friday, a reminder that under no circumstances can I enter a Catholic Church and be okay with myself.

The rest of my time was spent contemplating what this day means to me. This day in particular above all other Christian days of honour simultaneously moves me and irks me. It moves me because of what it represents and it irks me because I believe the majority of people who have learnt about the crucifixion have received a false message. I am irked because the message of Christ is in black and white and with a little bit of spiritual discernment there is quite a powerful message, however the patriarchy and it’s attending henchmen have taken a story of Power and Glory and turned it into one of shame and blame. Most churches will tell you that Jesus died on the cross to save all of us from our sins, that we are lowly sinners and that if we can admit that Jesus is the one and only child of God and that if we choose to worship Him (despite the fact that He admonished everyone that ever worshipped Him and asked them “Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God” imploring them to find their own personal relationships with this presence that He called Father) then we can be forgiven for being born as lowly sinners and go to Heaven because His death on the cross was a sacrifice that He made for us. He endured all of the sins so that they could be forgiven and we could go to Heaven. That is what we are taught. The ‘Good News’ is that God came to Earth and died for us because we sucked so bad that we weren’t going to ever get there without Him coming down and being brutally beaten, murdered and humiliated. Don’t you feel great?

The mystical message of Christ is much different. It is one that has inspired me and was the beginning point of my personal path towards Source. When Jesus was preparing to leave, the disciples weren’t understanding His message even though He had been teaching with them for three years, He told them “if I go not away the Comforter will not come.” He couldn’t be their only link to God, they needed to get a personal relationship with God. Throughout His ministry He disproved all forms of human power, He proved that sickness had no power as he healed the sick, He proved that mistakes had no power by forgiving the unforgivable, He proved that laws and rules had no power by breaking them, He proved that customs that excluded women and children had no power by breaking those. He came along with a radical message, one that He guaranteed not only could you and I do, but He said that we could do greater works then the ones He was doing. Jesus had attained Christ consciousness, conscious union with the Divine and He spent His three year ministry dispelling the illusions of this realm by overcoming every human belief in lack and limitation that He encountered. His final message was that the body has no power, death has no power, hate has no power. He allowed Himself to be torn to pieces, His flesh was brutalized in front of many, He was nailed to a cross, He was ridiculed and humiliated, He died, right in front of their eyes He died. And with this sacrifice, the sacrifice of His human form He showed us that hate has no power as He forgave and loved those that hated Him before He died, that the body had no power as He endured the unthinkable and that death had no power as in three days time He rose up in His human form and ascended this realm into the next. His message was that nothing, absolutely nothing in this realm has any real power to do any harm to anyone, it is all illusion, it all fades away in the face of Divinity. He exemplified this message so that you and I could attain what He had and so that we too could live free from the bondage of this realm of illusions. The ‘One Son’ is because we are all One, there is One child, One Source, One truth and that truth in the Christian faith is to love, to forgive and to trust in the Power of Source.

Today is an important day for me because today represents courage, faith and strength. It reminds me of the barbaric nature of the human who is not connected to their spirit and it reminds me of the safety that lies within me. This day gives me the strength to bare whatever cross of illusion I am baring in the moment and reminds me that in the face of my inner Source it all fades away, it dies away and is reborn as truth, love and eternality. I am forever safe because “thou couldst have no power over me lest it was given you from above.”

Yours in Grace,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly
Grace Be With You

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Holy Thursday: humility and service remembered

I feel the Easter weekend strongly in my soul. I’m not referencing Ostara and her hare here, I’m talking good old fashioned Christian Easter weekend. I’m a bit of a spiritual misfit, I am a Priestess that honours the Feminine and I am a studier of Christian Mysticism. I call my brand of faith Feminine Mysticism because it encompasses both the One Spirit of mysticism with the Feminine honouring of the Earth, emotions and all things incarnate as being holy.

I grieve for the damage that the churches and the patriarchy did to such a beautiful and pure faith Christianity in itself is the message of Jesus the Christ. For some the story of Jesus is a metaphoric tale that teaches sacrifice, unconditional love and the all power of the One Source. For others the story of Jesus is literal and the events took place exactly as the bible states they did. And for others, it is a bit of both, an awareness that the bible was written hundreds of years after Jesus’ life leaves this side open to interpreting the stories in the bible with an ear for fable and fact and hopefully a discerning spirit to go along with them.

Whatever your view the life of Jesus, His message and the legacy that He left is one of love, one of trust, surrender and ultimately one of sacrifice and humility, two words that are often lost in this day and ages approach to fulfilment spirituality, a brand of spiritual practice that is aimed at fulfilling our own personal desires rather than serving and loving others as the Christ message and the earliest Christians practiced.

Holy Thursday is today, it is an important day in the Christian faith. This is the day that Jesus gathered His disciples and had the famous last supper with them. In metaphysics the 12 disciples represent 12 different states of consciousness: love, faith, understanding, wisdom, imagination, zeal, strength, will, life, power, renunciation and order.* When these powers are all perfected within one being they merge into the 13th state of consciousness, the Christ consciousness. Jesus attained this state of enlightenment and at His final meal He performed a ritualized act where He consecrated the bread that they ate and made it into His body and the wine that they drank became His blood. This very act is one that would have ensured a quick arrest and a painful death for any one of us during the inquisitions of the church, it is imperative not to confuse the purity, the depth of power of the Christ message with the damage that those wrought falsely under His name. This ceremonial offering was but a microcosm of what would happen the next day when He would be arrested and crucified (more on the mystical message of the crucifixion tomorrow) when He would give of His earthly form body and blood for all of humanity. During this supper the disciples attempted to honour this living being that was an emanation of the Father God that He loved so well by washing His feet in an act of deference and devotion. Instead Jesus did the unspeakable and stooped to His knees and washed each one of their feet.

This beautiful man who had spent His life perfecting His soul and attempting to transmit what He had attained in consciousness to His disciples did what was unheard of in His time, broke rank and lived His message that we were to serve and love one another. If you could imagine the most holy person you’ve encountered in your life, if you’ve been in the presence of a guru, Ammachi, the Dali Lama, Mother Meera, Mother Teresa or if you’ve ever had an angel, or spirit guide or even the One Divine visit you in a meditation or dream, if you could imagine the awesomeness of this presence, the immensity of the wisdom and love bowing down before you and washing your feet, washing away the debris that your earthly walk has left upon your soul, you may get a glimpse of how the disciples were humbled and for some horrified.

This is the image that continues to go through my mind’s eye today, the image of Jesus the Christ, kneeling, washing, loving and teaching. I weep for that kind of love. I weep for a world that has been so hurt by the church that this message has been sneered at and tossed aside in many circles. A world that encourages us to do what feels good, to put ourselves first. Seeming spiritual practices that encourage personal growth and connection to Source but leave out the humility, the service, the egoic sacrifices offered to our neighbour in the name of true love and devotion to the Creator that serves us all unceasingly.

I give thanks on this Holy Thursday for the message of the Christ. I give thanks for the Christian faith that teaches love, service and humility and I honour the earth walk that my sisters and brothers have taken as Christ honoured those of His disciples. I bow down to you, to where you have been, what you have seen, what you have done and to who you are at the depth of your Spirit despite the influence that this third dimensional realm has had on you. I pray that I may receive that same love and understanding from my sisters and brothers in return.

Yours in Grace,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly
Grace Be With You

*learn more about these soul powers through the Unity Church teachings and writings

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