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January: Amethyst

I was reviewing the Amethyst reading today as this month winds down. I had forgotten that the key word associated with Amethyst in this text was humility, as I contemplated how humility has shown up as a teacher of mine throughout January (mostly me becoming acutely aware of where humility is lacking) I found that this author associates the Goat Totem with the Amethyst.

I adore researching and working with animal totems and was intrigued to find the bleeting, horned, hairy goat associated with the regal purple Amethyst crystal, however, when I attached the goat with humility it made so much sense.

There are many rich symbolisms associated with goat, for the sake of our focus this month I will focus on the humility aspect.

Goat’s are unassuming, they aren’t beautiful to the naked eye, not in the way that peacocks, swans and doves are, they are known to chomp grass, amble independently and are a cousin to the more cuddly lamb. Goat’s however are strong, they are sturdy, they persevere and climb to great heights despite the terrain (just google goats on side of cliff or goats on top of tree). Because goats were one of the first domesticated animals, because they are so readily available to provide dairy and because they are not flashy, the goat is often underestimated and under appreciated.

Unlike the preening peacock, the goat does not demand our attention, nor does it seek to impress. It’s fortitude at climbing great heights is symbolic of the dedication to reach higher vibrational levels and the goat totem will assist one in raising their vibration. Goat is a totem of Capricorn, the studious, quiet, humble, hard worker.

Goat’s have been used as ‘scapegoats’ for centuries, they take on the sins of a community and are sacrificed for the whole. This totem is a healing totem, it is a totem of forgiveness. The lessons that run deep in sacrificial acts and lore, is the belief that because we are all one, there can be one person or being of higher understanding and infinite love can take on the ego of humanity and raise it up through sacrificing their own connection to humanity. When the goat totem walks into our lives, it is teaching us the great blessing and power, the potential that lies within each of us to own our part in any and all discords and become a sacrificial being.

Ho’oponopono and mysticism are two schools of belief that claim that whatever we perceive is a part of our consciousness. In ho’oponopono whenever one encounters a discord they ask for forgiveness, they say ” I’m sorry, I love you, Please forgive me, Thank you,” this practice acknowledges that a part in that person agrees with the discord that they have witnessed and that is why it has been presented to them, they clear their own consciousness through raising their vibration and when practiced from a pure and aligned place, the situation and person is healed along with the practitioner through that acknowledgement and prayer.

When Jesus the Christ healed, He healed by looking through lack and limitation and beholding only the Christ in others. He is referred to as a sacrificial lamb, the mystical understanding of His crucification is that He sacrificed His body and transcended death, therefore enabling all of us to transcend death (because we are all one), He did this through taking all of our wrong thinking and believing onto Himself and raising it up to the level of enlightenment, so that all who follow His path can raise up to that same level of enlightenment and be freed of mortal limitations.

This is the deeper medicine that the goat carries with it, and this is the deep, deep work that comes from true humility, a willingness to not only overlook our own personal ego, but to recognize our part in the universal Ego, to take accountability for actions enacted from others, through recognizing our oneness with all. We do not judge others, we are not aghast at anyone, we are constantly cleaning the grid of humanity by recognizing ourselves in all people and by allowing ourselves to be sacrificial scapegoats for the good of humanity (symbolically speaking).

Once I began to tap into the goat totem, depths and layers just continued to evolve and reveal themselves to me. As I prepare to leave this month and to focus on Morganite in two days time, I am taking this deep goat medicine with me and holding it close to my heart. These messages are the ones that have always inspired and stuck out to me on my path, for in this mass accountability comes true freedom and true power, I am a Goddess, victim to no-one and I have all the power to heal right at the seat of my heart, if I can reach down and connect to humility, my humble heart can heal through living a sacrificial life, I need not sacrifice material goods as was once believed, I need to sacrifice my attachment to being right and to judging others as other than me, when I can do this I can become a light unto the world and live in true Sovereignty.


Grace Be With You
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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January: Amethyst

My husband gifted me with a beautiful new oracle deck, I have been using the same two decks for years and was overjoyed to receive the Liquid Crystal Oracle deck from him for Christmas. There really hasn’t been room in my card family for a new deck, as I became quite comfortable with the two decks and I. However, I knew when I saw this deck that more light and inspiration was about to wash over me.

As I began to read through the accompanying book the first thing that became apparent to me was how much depth and weight each of the readings held. I didn’t feel like I could fully digest any of the cards I was pulling and really wanted to capitalize on this deck reigniting my relationship with my own crystals.

After sitting with these desires I decided that for the next calendar year I would pull one card a month to focus on, I will carry the crystal of the card that I have pulled with me. I will wear a string around my wrist that is the colour of the ray of light that the crystal resonates with and I will burn a candle that is the same colour as that ray with it’s matching scented oil.

The added gift in this commitment is that it gives me an excuse to buy new crystals, if I don’t already own the one that I pull, and to treat myself to some new candles and oils. I will pull my card for the following month a week or so early simply to prepare the needed crystals and candles and what not, my focus will remain on the crystal for the month however.

January’s crystal is Amethyst. I already owned some amethyst so I am carrying her around with me for the next month. I have the card out and by a rock salt candle (I’m going to have to order my candle for this month online, I can’t find the exact one I want in town).

I have begun today by meditating with her and focusing on the first paragraph in the book about Amethyst. With this deck Amethyst is associated with humility, a quality I will seek to cultivate this month. In the reading, the author writes that humility can only be attained by those of us with a Peaceful Heart and a Truthful Mind.

Very inspiring, what is a peaceful heart? How can I tell that my heart is at peace? I will be asking my crystal to strengthen peace in my heart. Right off the bat I know that being with my family brings peace to my heart, and being in nature and stillness and listening to good music. A truthful mind is a bit easier to understand, though not necessarily easier to possess for me. I do nightly inventories and seek to be aware of the ways that I fall out of alignment with what I envision the Goddess wills me to be, the more authentic I can strive to be the more truthful I imagine my mind is.

My final focus for today is on the “light of Adhara” that the author relates to this crystal. At first I thought that he was writing about the anahata chakra, which didn’t make sense because Amethyst is traditionally related to the sixth chakra and not the fourth, then I realized that Adhara is a word I have not ever come across. I looked it up and Adhara is the brightest star in ultraviolet light! Woah, tonight, and I expect many times throughout this month I will be calling upon the ultraviolet light of Adhara to surround me, I suspect I will work with the violet flame of Master Saint Germaine as well…more shall be revealed.

I will post as often as I can throughout the month to share about my journey with Amethyst and the crystal oracle deck.

Grace Be With You
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly
ps the deck is called the Liquid Crystal Oracle by Justin Moikeha Asar

Happy 80th Anniversary Alcoholics Anonymous

Today is a significant day for most of us, though a lot of us are not even aware of it.

Today is the 80th anniversary of the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous.

This is important to all of us because, each one of us knows at least one person impacted by the disease of alcoholism, each one of us most likely knows at least one person that is or has been a member of this revolutionary program of recovery, therefore each one of us knows at least one person that would have been dead, in jail or in an asylum if not for the Divine intervention that overtook Bill Wilson and Dr. Robert Smith.

Alcoholics Anonymous is significant for me for many reasons, on a personal level it has saved the lives of family and friends, it’s principles have transformed my life.

As a Priestess and a follower of Feminine Mysticism I marvel at what A.A. did for women. 80 years ago it was still legal to institutionalize and sterilize women who had alcoholism, alcoholic women were denied the right to marry in some states, A.A. came along with a program of recovery that transformed the spiritual nature of it’s sufferer and prevented further atrocities to women who were afflicted from this disease.

As a feminist I am in awe of the inclusive nature that A.A. had from the very start, both sexes, all races, religions and creeds were welcomed into their fellowship, a fellowship that was started by two white Christian men made sure that all were welcomed to their table and that all expressions of faith were honoured.

How this program came about strikes the mystical side of me, the part of me that holds onto the magic that conscious connection to the Goddess can bring. Unlike the bible, which some claim to have been written literally by the hand of God, others claim by mystics and still others by misogynistic sexist men, we know for a fact that the text that was written which outlines a program of recovery that has saved literally millions of lives, came through one man and about one hundred fellows that were in the midst of recovering at the time that the text Alcoholics Anonymous was written.

The man that wrote the majority of the text was an atheist, he had a profound spiritual experience when a recovered alcoholic visited him and shared his story of Divine Intervention and suggested, that he, Bill W. find a concept of God that was all his own. From that moment on Bill W.’s life was rocketed into a new dimension of existence. When spirit moved him to turn away from a bar stool and towards another fellow sufferer Bill W. was led to Dr. Bob and a formula that ensured that he and all that followed in his footsteps would stay in the presence of the Creator and therefore recovered from their malady. This formula consists of personal spiritual house cleaning (12 steps) trusting in the Infinite Creator and lastly helping others which was the final key to the trinity of recovery that kept Bill W. sober and was discovered upon his first trip to visit another alcoholic, a trip that saved him from relapsing. Dr. Bob was a highly spiritual man that could not cease drinking, the evening that Bill W. met with him and shared his experience, strength and hope the two became the first members of Alcoholics Anonymous. From there the creation of the program and the traditions that has held this secret society together has been entirely inspired by Spirit. The program, the 12 steps, are energetic imprints of the principles that miraculously saved and transformed Bill W and all that have come afterwards.

In his book Power vs Force Dr. David Hawkins explains that the power that Bill W. channeled was of such a high vibration and such a powerful force that it gave life to a set of principles that held within them the same energetic matrix that miraculously transformed Bill W. from a hopeless garden variety drunk into a member of society with a happy, joyous and free life, and most importantly a working and conscious relationship with a Power greater than himself. These principles have been translated into many, many 12 step programs, programs that continue to duplicate these energetic principles of complete transformation, the closer to the letter they are practiced the higher a degree of spiritual connection one attains.

I look to the founders of A.A. and I see the potential that tapping into Source Energy brings to life, the potential to not only change one individual life, but that of millions.

Today is a day that I am reminded that hopelessness is an illusion, a spiritual malady that can and has been overcome. I am reminded that there are energetic vortexes of high vibrational medicine that I can tap into at any time that I choose if I am willing to surrender, to be humble and to practice the formulas that created the lasting changes that I seek.

Like a witch concocting a magic potion to create love, harmony, beauty, freedom, joy and a direct line of communication with the Creator, the principles that were laid down 80 years ago today are a potion that each one of us has access to if we so desire. This is a recipe that can be offered to those that are dying and want a way out, it is a spell that quells the dark spiritual malady that stops at nothing less than complete ruin on every level, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. What began 80 years ago is no less magical or miraculous today, it is just accepted and once something becomes accepted on Earth us humans have a way to loose sight of the magic, the mystery and the miracle right in front of our eyes.

Today I remember that magic exists and that the Divine does come down to our realm to lift us up to great heights if only we can open wide enough and rise high enough to meet Her. Today I give thanks for the life altering and world changing events that were set into motion that resulted in the program and fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly
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