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March : Moonstone

The Liquid Crystal Oracle identifies Moonstone as a stone that aids in Female Ascension, I like that this is how the writer chose to word his sentence, he didn’t write, Feminine Ascension, but rather Female Ascension.

I have been particular about what is termed “feminine” and what is termed “masculine”, a female path of ascension simply means, the path that a woman takes to ascend. I find that there are too many assumptions made about what is Feminine and what is Masculine, I think each individual identifies how femininity and masculinity shows up for themselves. How important this topic is in our patriarchal world today. A culture that still defines for others the sex that they are, a culture that believes assaulters over victims, a culture that pays men more than women and that listens to confident well spoken men with an air of respect and admiration while simultaneously claiming that a woman who speaks in the same manner is bitchy, a ball buster, upset or pushy.

How in this culture do we own our own female path of ascension?

When I began a path that was dedicated to following spiritual principles it was Christian Mysticism that I studied and practiced. I struggled dearly with surrendering to God, to getting on my knees and asking a Father above me for help. One day as I lamented to my mother, she suggested I pray to God as a Mother for a month, this was years before I would be introduced to the Goddess and this concept opened my eyes up to the pain that had been inflicted upon me by men in my life. I will qualify that last statement by owning the poor decisions I made back in the day, I sought out abusive men, the men I have in my life today are beautiful, strong, gentle, loving warriors. I %100 believe that the patriarchy harms men as much as women. At that time in my life however what I found so freeing was the ability to remove all of my preconceived notions of men and masculinity and connect to a female expression of God.

Later on in my life, after turning onto the Goddess path, I connected to God for a while, when I was single and longing for romance, poets like Mirabi inspired me to make God my Beloved and having a strong masculine love of God to connect to was exhilarating.

Beyond how we define our concept of the Creator, (mine is that the Creator is neither male nor female but expresses itself in both female and male expressions on this earth plane), comes the freedom to worship as we choose, to practice or faith as we choose and to follow our intuition and power.

I have found that as I follow my own path of ascension the mass pain body surrounding the burning times and all of the people, predominately women, burnt at the stake for following nature based religions, comes up within my psyche, something deep within my womb remembers a horror that occurred long before I was born into this body.

It takes courage for me to hold ceremony, to offer psychic readings, to receive tarot readings, to share my spirituality in writing, to attend Goddess Gatherings, there is still an ancient fear of being persecuted that rises up within me when I follow my personal path of female ascension. Moonstone has been helping to ease that fear for me this past month, it has inspired me to restart my blog radio show as well!

When I connect to stones, crystals, cards, essences and other women that are connected to female ascension my fear lessens and I know that each step I take on my own path, a path that I define as my spiritual path, is another step in healing the collective female wound and is another step towards our Sovereignty and the end of the patriarchy.

As this month with Moonstone closes out my focus and intention is on strengthening the path of female ascension for myself and being open to being of service to helping others in their female ascension if I can.

What is Moonstone teaching you this month?

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