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Gemini Crone Moon, releasing both sides of the coins that no longer serve.

The moon is in her new phase tonight, she is under the astrological sign of Gemini, giving us a Gemini Crone Moon.

Gemini Crone’s are so much fun, they have the unbridled, spirit connection that is freed from a great majority of the earth-bound heaviness that mother aged women have and they have their perpetual maiden energy, their quick mind, hunt for fun and love of mischief all rolled up into one radical and zany package.

Gemini’s need to live in two worlds at once to truly feel calm, they are from the fairy realm and they move quicker than the speed of light.

Crone Moon’s are all about release, with the airy influence of fey Gemini here tonight, our release can be quick and encompass many different subjects.

For myself the idea of parallel realities is what is coming up to be investigated. For years now I have felt myself shift in and out of subtle reality shifts, similar to the movie Vanilla Sky, when Tom Cruise’s character begins to shout out “it’s a nightmare, I’m in a nightmare,” my tough days get shifted when I sense that I am in the wrong reality, the sensation is comparable to lucid dreaming. I then shift into the ‘good’ reality.

Since my move a year ago I have been integrating different energies. The place that I moved from was very light, airy, watery and full of ethereal beings. Where I now live is earthy, grounded and full of solid and practical folks. The spirit work that I do here feels as though it takes a longer to gain momentum, but it also creates lasting rivets in my reality. Shifting from the ‘bad’ reality takes more time for me here than it did there but it also creates strong and lasting change. I’m learning how to navigate more earthy energies and the stronger I get at it the freer I feel.

Last week I returned back West. It was a real moment of grace that resulted in a paid trip for my daughter and I, this trip occurred after walking through a miscarriage and the death of my father-in-law.

The first 48 hours that I walked along the lush streets that I called home for 10 years I felt completely ungrounded and lost in the ethers. As I prayed and did some root chakra kundalini yoga I began to land in my body and in the city.

As I walked I prayed, what did the strong emotions I was encountering mean?

What came to me was a visceral sense that the city had been the Mother Goddess to me, She had held me as I healed and that while I will continue to heal as new wounds are cut, my past is laid to rest, my trauma, my wounds have been healed. I am whole. As I contemplated the healing that the city had offered me I felt myself letting go of a year’s worth of stress since my move and I felt as though I was back to be rejuvenated, the following morning my friend texted me asking “how’s the healing going?” I hadn’t told anybody about my thoughts surrounding the city healing me, I stood frozen as I read the text, it took me a moment to realize he was asking about the miscarriage, I’m sure the universe was writing through him, because as I read the text it became apparent to me that I was also there to heal from my miscarriage.

That night the woman who had flown me announced that she would have to do this more often, suddenly, my decade long dream of being able to live in two worlds, west and east became a possibility and the thought of only having six days to spend in the city was alleviated, I would be back, I could just enjoy my time.

I spent the rest of my trip soaking up all of the energies that I missed, visiting the sacred book store, the crystal shops, the lush rainforest, drinking it all in. I felt a crystal calling to me and I was led to her, I began to fill her with the essence of the west coast to take home with me.

Before we decided to move I made a commitment to focus on what I loved about the west coast and about what I loved about moving away, I didn’t want to diminish the city by picking out its flaws in order to feel better about leaving. During this trip I focused on what I loved about the west, what I loved that I had left and what I loved that my family and the Creator have been creating in our new home.

Returning to the west I felt as though I had never left, it’s as if I am still living there, in another reality, while I’mm living here in this reality that I’m aware of. My crystal symbolizes a merging of both worlds, I have brought back the energies of the west that I love and I have that energy here with me in this energy. I have much work left to do here in our new home, learning how to dig into the earth energies and how to rise up as well.

As tonight’s Crone Gemini Moon looms high above and aids us all in shedding I am shedding the parts of me that aren’t truly me, the accumulated energies that I have allowed into my auric field, a preoccupation with finances, a tighter and more stern energy, these are energies that I have accumulated since my move. I am also releasing a sense of wandering and never truly settling down from my other reality, I am letting go of cool walls that keep other at a distance. I am shedding all that doesn’t serve me in both realities, I am calling on the Gemini Crone to work with the twin energies of contradiction within me and asking that she aid me in shedding both sides of the same coins that I am ready to let go of.

Too much focus on the material/denial of the material
Too much heaviness/ too much flightiness
Too much focus on the practical/ too much focus on the etheral
Too much dependance on others/ too much self-reliance
What a fantastic, quick moving and magical moon we have with us tonight. I invite all of you to work with the twin energies of Gemini tonight and the wisdom of the Crone moon, allowing her to cleanse you and to release you from both sides of the coin that seems to be hindering your walk at this time. As these coins are dropped and we are cleared of the energies that influence us but aren’t truly of us we open up room to plant seeds during the maiden moon, our next phase, seeds of intention to intend that nothing influence us besides the Divine within.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly
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Gemini Mother Moon, finding Freedom to just Be.

Can you feel that wild and playful Mother Moon in the sky tonight?! I can, Gemini Mother Moon is here to play and to get us thinking, thinking, thinking and doing, doing, doing.

As I mentioned in my latest Crone Moon post, my cycle is the opposite of the moon’s, so while the moon is fertile tonight, I began my moontime exactly today. Thus I begin my energetic release on the Crone Moon and finalize my intention on the Mother Moon. My Scorpio Crone Moon intention was to release my anxiety cycle, the conditioned response to life’s happier and lighter moments to seeking out the next unsafe moment and starting up a cycle of anxiety.

As the past two weeks have unfolded I have witnessed how I have simultaneously felt safer and more secure than I ever have before and more aware of this anxiety cycle than ever before.

I have been more settled and content and happy than ever, and as I sat in this comfort and content I witnessed myself jump back into the anxiety cycle. While this cycle is obviously quite familiar, this felt like the final pull, like the illusion and lack of choice about this cycle was ending. I was out of my body witnessing myself wind out of control, pleading with my husband to make it go away, to discuss all of our alternative plans for worst case scenario and yet it was all so distant and foreign to me, like I was watching a play on a stage unfold. At the end of a very long night of ‘discussing’ I looked at my Beloved and said “but what really changed here? All we did was talk until I wore myself out.” In hindsight what had happened was that we had taken time to connect after our daughter was in bed, we had put our marriage before relaxing on the couch and though I had been in my anxiety cycle, once I got through it to the end we both remembered our first blossom of love, how little anything else beyond our love had mattered. We stayed up looking at old pictures and reminisced about how magical falling in love was.

This topic brought me back to a big lesson I am working on, loving in the face of all challenging human experiences. I ask myself, how can I love better in this situation and it automatically highlights choices contrary to those that my ego would take. As my Beloved and I fell into one another’s arms I somehow felt that all would be well and didn’t think about the busy topics in my mind. The next day he was told he wasn’t needed for work, and the three of us just enjoyed the extra day with Daddy free of my worry about finances and the upcoming winter months, the following day we received great news financially and all, as always, was proven to be well.

As my moontime began today I observed how light it is and how light I feel, while I generally have easy moontimes, today, I am feeling the Gemini Moon energy and I feel lighter energetically than I normally would on the first day of my moontime. I am releasing the end of that anxiety cycle and looking at what this energetic and fertile moon is offering me, energetically we are all being fertilized right now.

Gemini is a foreign energy to me, I don’t have Gemini in any of my planets or houses, though two out of the three sisterfriends of mine are Gemini, so I understand from a distance this energy. Despite the foreign personal nature to me, upon reflection I have a lot of Gemini activities occurring right now, four writing projects to complete in the next week and a half, I have been casted as the lead role in a play to be performed in two months and have three rehearsals a week to participate in, as well as maintaining a rhythmic Waldorf home for my family as I make Christmas preparations for the month ahead.. Life is busy right now, but it is fun, just like Gemini.

The Mother Moon teaches us to balance, with a Gemini Mother Moon we are balancing Gemini Lunar energy with Sagittarius Solar energy we are being called to balance the desire to do a lot and to think a lot with the impulse to create adventures and engage in projects that inspire us in philosophical matters. We are being inspired and moved to do a lot and with the moon and the sun calling up so much energy and offering us all of this mental food we are headed straight towards burn out if we don’t stop to give some of this energy to ourselves.

That very subject is what I was contemplating this week as I was feeling so at the end of my patience rope with my daughter at nighttime. She has been extra needy and not wanting me to leave bed and waking frequently and I’ve just felt like I need a moment to myself. I was confused because I’ve had more time apart from her than ever with these rehearsals, and I love acting, it is so much fun and something that I’ve missed dearly, I wasn’t getting why having these three hour breaks to go out and play through my acting wasn’t counteracting my impatience at night. What I realized as I was praying through the impatience in bed, was that, while a lot of fun, acting still requires that I give my all, my creativity, my imagination, my energy, my focus, my heart and soul, this is now a new area that I am giving out my energy. Being introverted becoming drained is a particularly sensitive possibility for me. I began to see how, like the Gemini Maiden that was bursting into full moon light, I too was getting so excited with how good things are feeling in my life that I was forgetting that I need time to reboot, alone time to reboot.

My husband and I have our evenings together (though they do start late depending on when our little love decides she is ready for bed) and it is a necessity, it feeds our bond and our love bank, yet, even that isn’t enough for refilling my tank, I need some solitary time for myself.

That is the big lesson that I am taking out of tonight’s Mother Moon, Gemini Mother is reminding me that having fun is a wonderful experience in life, for myself in particular, somebody who has been heavy and serious for much of my life, having fun and enjoying life is a great merit of success, yet it must be tempered with relaxation, rest and time with myself and my Creator.

I have just re-started the Course in Miracles daily lessons this week, just those few days of beginning have started to make a shift, so has my realization that it is not only okay, but necessary for this Mama, Wife, Homemaker, Priestess, Writer, Actor, ad infinitum to have time to myself, unstructured free time to just be. Owning this truth is invigorating me with a new sense of freedom.

Freedom is a key component in the Gemini Archetype’s life mission, tonight I am finding freedom in claiming that space for myself. I feel as though there is one final lesson that is being sparked within me right now, part of it is inspired by a book that I am being a sounding board for as it is being written, a wonderfully powerful memoir called I Am Bliss, written by Bliss Prema, (you can see a sneak peak about what this powerful memoir is all about here: Without giving away any of her personal wisdom, her words had me reflecting on my inner voice, the tendency that I have to consistently check in with how I think others are feeling towards me. I have learnt how irritating it can be to be constantly asked “is everything okay?” and so I don’t ask others how they are feeling towards me, but I’m often investigating, asking little questions, feeling out how I perceive they are feeling towards me.

I caught myself twice today, once as I was about to call my Grandma. My daughter and I were out having a lovely and unseasonably warm morning at the park and baseball diamond, I was committed to not putting a time restraint on her play and she was in Heaven. I observed my desire to fill the quiet and slow time with tasks on my phone, I resisted, then the thought popped into my head that my Grandma had seemed ‘off’ towards me last night, I was going to give a quick call and just feel things out, maybe say or do something to get her re-connected to me. How utterly co-dependent and self-centred?! She has just returned from a trip out East and it was late last night when I had seen her and she’s old, I’m sure intellectually it had nothing to do with me, and yet this unconscious wounded part of me was about to call her. The other time that I caught myself today was in thinking about a woman in my life that texts me constantly and hasn’t initiated the past few days. Despite knowing how busy she is at work I replayed our previous texts over in my head, attempting to decipher which one had turned her off. Not only is this insane, it takes up so much energy! Tonight when I was about to ask my husband about her, I paused and a thought came rushing up from within my soul, “who cares?” I know I didn’t do anything to either of these two people, it has nothing to do with me. The freedom to stop focusing on what and how others perceive me or feel about me is so hopeful for me and I feel the lunar power of the Gemini Mother Moon sparking this possibility within.

This is my Gemini Mother Moon intention, freedom to claim space for myself to be and freedom from focusing on how I perceive others perceiving me.

I would love feedback, how is the Gemini Mother Moon lighting you up tonight? What is being inspired within you? Is freedom making itself known to you as well? Drop a note and let me know how the rest of our tribe is integrating tonight’s playful and energetic Mother Moon.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly
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Gemini Crone Moon, Lightening up my mind and getting Free

Tonight is the Gemini Crone Moon, the new moon, and this light, airy moon feels far away as if it is shining in the fairy realm with a promise to take me there if I will open up to her.

When the moon is new and in her Crone phase it is time to release, to let go of everything that is no longer serving us. In moons past, before the dawn of electrical light and artificial birth control, women who bled, all bled at the same time of the month, during the Crone moon. As the women bled they gathered in red tents and the Crones of the tribe filled their emptying vessel with wisdom, knowledge, stories and teachings.

During the Crone moon when women gather together, whether they are bleeding or not, they too can release with the moon and receive of her wisdom. This is a time of low energy for women, so gathering in groups is a nurturing and strengthening act.

A Gemini Crone moon is a light and airy one, this watery planet is being influenced by the flirty, fairy like Gemini archetype which is all about fun, play, ideas, exploration, communication and thinking, thinking, thinking. This is a Crone moon, the phase of the moon that is wise and full of wisdom to teach us, the Gemini Crone moon is encouraging us to examine the thoughts that no longer serve us, to become aware of our inner voice and how we speak to ourselves and to pay attention to how we communicate about our emotions and our feelings (the moon guides our emotional self). I have a favourite astrologer to listen to every month about the Crone and Mother moon, Astrologer Coach Sonja Francis, her youtube video today was fantastic:

During the past Sagittarius Mother Moon :, I wrote about beginning to live life as an adventure despite the intense month that I had been having. The very next day I began my moon cycle and released a lot of pent up, fearful, anxious energy, so when the Crone moon rolled around tonight I was happy to feel as though a very large portion of me was already cleared. When I bled I let go of the tight grip that I was having on the outer realm, my hyper focus on how my family’s life was going to unfold after our big move, on the job my husband would get, the house we would find, when we would leave my parents house, how long we could stay if we needed to, when we would try for a second child……the thoughts go on and on and on. Being a Scorpio it isn’t the thoughts that drag me down, it’s the following sensations that are born from such fear based thinking, the dread, anxiety, terror, panic and mania that live within my gut, my womb space, I let it all go when the blood began to flow, Scorpios feel deep and intensely and emotions fuelled by such negative thinking was all too much for me, the release that I had was such a blissful cessation to this crazy loop I had become stuck in.

From my moon time just after the Mother moon until this Crone moon my focus has been on recommitting to a reliance on the Goddess. My mind and my emotions became so busy that I was forgetting to leave space for the Creator to move in my life, I was running on all cylinders and there was no space for Spirit to move. I stopped last week and wrote out a question, I signed the paper and placed it on my altar, I promised myself and the Divine Mother that I would wait at least three days before re-examining the issue. My mind inevitably would wander to the topic, but I would gently nudge it back to the present, the question was in the process of being answered, in less than 24 hours I had my answer, and I had a reconfirmation that when I wait and when I surrender my will a Power greater than my human self answers. I went out the next day and purchased a wooden box, my Goddess box where I am now taking each concern or question one by one and placing them in the Goddess box, to be left unexamined until an answer begins to dawn.

For tonights moon I had prepared the second Goddess Gathering for this small rural town that I have moved back to. I began a Facebook page for women in the area and so far there are 9 members, tonight however it was my Mother and I that gathered together, the other women haven’t come….yet. Mom and I had another lovely gathering, we discussed our connection to the land that we are living on. The topic I had chosen for this month’s gathering was wildly opposite the moon’s energy, it was all about our personal connection to the land that we live on, I pondered my decision making process and realized that a little earth focus could add some grounding to the airy Gemini sun and moon that we have right now. As we began to share, it was my beliefs, my thoughts about this land that I was ready to release, I smudged them away and discussed the spiritual practice that needs to come into my mind, the conscious focus that I need to be aware of daily, I saw as our gathering unfolded how the Gemini influence was guiding me. While the topic had been about the earth it was my minds connection to the earth that was the focus for me. My old beliefs about where I grew up continued to pop up to haunt me as I struggled through the insane mercury retrograde that just passed, I sent those beliefs floating up into the sky on a puff of sage smoke. I called upon Spirit’s help to become simpler, more present and more focused in my mind about what I allow my mind to ruminate on.

This time with my Mother was easy, it was fun and it was so much more comfortable than when I was nervous last month about the intimacy of gathering together. Coming together under the new moon with my Mom is strengthening a bond that her and I once had so tightly, one that space and distance began to loosen as my Mom began to protect her heart from the goodbyes of every visit and as I pulled away in my quest for full autonomy. We are back together now, her safe that goodbyes are done and me grounded and secure in my sense of self as an independent woman outside of her Mother’s nest (minus our nesting in her nest right now 😉

The message that I am taking away from this month’s Crone Moon is to be mindful of the thoughts that I entertain, to be kind in how I think and speak to myself and to watch the words and thoughts that I use towards others and towards life. I don’t believe that our thoughts create our reality, I believe the Creator and Grace is much more magical than our limited thoughts, however I do believe that my thoughts create my perception of reality and I don’t want to miss another magical moment of life being trapped in my limited human mind.

The Crone is wise, she has lived a full life, this wise Crone Moon in Gemini has a lifetimes worth of fun, playful, curious tales to teach my serious soul about. This Gemini Crone moon is inspiring me to lighten up and to have fun and to think brighter, happier thoughts and I hope she does the same for you too.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

Today on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: Moon Mysteries, Gemini Crone (New) Moon

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This Week on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: Astrological Goddesses, Gemini