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This Week on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: Elements, Fire and Air


This Week on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: Elements

The Week on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: Elements, Fire supported by Air

Spring Equinox, welcoming the Maiden back to life.

This Spring Equinox night I am feeling full, blessed and excited, I could pinch myself, who is this person?

For years Spring was a season wrought with anxiety and depression for me, it was a cosmic mystery why this beautiful, bright, budding time of year brought so much misery and despair to light for me. Last Spring Equinox I wrote about the trials and tribulations of my Spring journeys for my Sage Woman blog, you can read it here:

The Spring Equinox Resurrection – PaganSquare …
The Spring Equinox is one of the four major cross quarters of the year. There are two Equinoxes and two Solstices and for people that follow the wheel of the year …
Over the past seven years the pain of Spring was lessening, until the most recent three years when I have joined the majority of others in celebrating, being excited and enjoying the return of the Maiden Goddess. As great as this progress is, at some level in my gut I would still get a twinge of old Spring trauma nagging at me.

Until this year! One of the many aspects that I love about having moved back to the small town that I grew up in, is the weather….to anyone that knows the weather here compared to the weather that I left I sound insane. Where I lived was temperate, rainy and pretty mild year round. Where I now live we have frigid Winters, lovely Spring’s, scorching Summer’s and absolutely stunning Autumn’s. What I love about this weather is, having gone through the Priestess training that I did and having returned to a climate that has such distinct seasons, I am flowing with the wheel of the year in such a tangible way.

From Imbolc until today I have felt the Spring energy slowly waking up within me. I feel rested, the Winter was a cave of family, warmth, rejuvenation and reflection, I am ready to re-enter the world now that Spring is here. I have energy, I have inspiration, I have openness and curiosity, my inner Maiden is alive and excited to take the reigns for this next cycle.

I have done so much intensive healing work around my inner Maiden, and now she is free and wild and living in a world that is so safe for her. Today my Maiden self has a husband, a strong masculine presence that honours all of my untamed and wild ways, she has a beautiful daughter to play with, a fun part time job to chat and goof around in. And she has a community of believers, My Maiden self has everything that she longed for when I was a little girl.

Recently I have been discussing parallel realities, time travel and butterfly effects with a close friend of mine. My entire spirit just breathes a deep breathe being able to share such mind bending topics, topics that the majority of the world think are insane when entertained as possibly occurring now, topics that feel more real to me than the 3D illusion we live in. As my friend Bliss and I shared about our experiences and the possibilities another part of my Maiden was healed, years ago the only people I knew who would talk to me about subjects like these were sly wolves preying on innocent wide eyed Maidens.

My Maiden has the benefit of knowing my Mother side, my magical Enchantress self and the little bit of wisdom that my Crone self has obtained throughout my lifetime. She is safe because of me and the Goddess, because together we have created a safe existence for her to be and this is oh so important because the world needs the Maiden Goddess.

We need the Maiden to bring her innocent believing spirit into actualization, we need her dreams, her desires, her passions and her conviction to make the world a beautiful, loving, exciting place to live. We need to create safety for our own inner Maiden and for all of the girls in the world that are living solely as Maidens right now without much knowledge of the other archetypes they carry within, other archetypes that will evolve as they continue their spin around the sun.

Tonight, I was blessed with a full ceremony, with the community I was calling in on the past Crone Moon, we set intentions and painted eggs to grow our intention into reality. Now that the ceremony has ended and I sit and bask in the afterglow of a wombspace filled with women and intention I feel that another intention is dawning, an intention to spend this next cycle of the wheel in my Maiden, honouring the Maiden expression of Goddess and working to continue to expand my consciousness so that this reality can continue it’s evolution towards a harmonious and nurturing environment for innocent, passionate Maiden spirit’s to exist.

What seeds are you watering into life tonight on this Spring Equinox?

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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Today on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: The Wheel of the Year, the Spring Equinox

Today on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: The Wheel of the Year, Imbolc

Sagittarius Crone Moon, Illuminating, Inspiring, Courageous.

What a moon tonight’s moon is. I adore Astrologer Coach Sonja Francis, her moon video’s speak to me at such a deep level, tonight’s post was particularly illuminating for me, you can find it here :

The Crone Moon is the destroyer, this is the time that women used to all bleed together in red tents, the Crone Moon comes in and destroys all potential for life that has not been fertilized, we are emptied and left barren, wide open for new seeds to be planted. The planting time comes during the Maiden moon however, and tonight is a night to be destroyed and shattered.

Sagittarius is notorious for her lack of filter, what she thinks or feels she says and her blunt opinion lands where it lands on the sensitive and the resilient alike.

The Sagittarius Crone moon makes no distinction as to what she destroys, if it isn’t grounded down and holding on with deep roots it will be washed clean from us. Sagittarius is adventurous and daring, there is nowhere that this Crone moon will not explore within us.

Sagittarius is also bright and optimistic and that means that while this Crone Moon is digging deep, it is uprooting to make room for a brighter future and a more authentic road to actualizing ourselves.

How this is showing up in the microcosm of my life sounds quite ordinary and a bit melodramatic when I sit down to write it, bear with me and I’ll highlight the parallels that I’m finding to these philosophical truths that the philosopher Sag moon is brining in.

The winter plan that my husband and I have had for a while was that when he got laid off I would get a waitressing job for the winter, he would be at home and upholding our daily rhythm during my shifts and come the spring when he was back to work I would quit. That was the original plan, since then I have contemplated perhaps staying during the spring and summer as we are hoping to expand our family and some extra cash until I birth again would be nice. We have seen that our daughter has a blast with her grandparents while we are both at play rehearsal and with the play being completed by the spring my two or three shifts would be a fun time for her to spend with her grandparents.

My husband is officially laid off and today was the day to put out resume’s, I said a prayer and went into meditation, if it was in alignment with the Divine Mother’s will please let it be so and if not please don’t let it flow.

I was hired, at the first place I applied, on the spot. <<<< Now, I went in with a reference from a friend of the manager and I am living in a small town now and connections mean a lot, but still for this time of year to get hired on the spot is quite remarkable, I took this as my answer from the Goddess and left feeling uplifted and excited.

However, within a few minutes my stomach was in knots and I was imagining all of the freedom that I have with my daughter that I wouldn’t have anymore, imagining a Christmas season that I’m not a part of, imagining my husband being called back to work early, imagining play rehearsals and waitressing away from her, and most of all, at the back of my mind a voice kept repeating “you’re not a stay at home Mom anymore.” Woah, that felt heavy.

I sat down and contemplated the moon, the philosophical elements that any Sagittarius placement carries with it and I began to question my decision. Perhaps I was going against my philosophy, we do have enough to get by, was I acting on fear of lack of money rather than staying committed to my path of staying at home that brings me so much joy and fulfillment?

I had a talk with my Mom and my husband and began to feel a bit less panicked, then I listen to Sonja’s recording and I began to feel inspired. She reminded me that this energy of the moon’s placement in Sagittarius is about expanding, about exploring new horizons, paving a way for the future, trying new experiences.

I am such a fixed person, I really like finding my niche and just settling in and getting snuggy. Sagittarius has always been a challenging energy for me, it hurts my feelings and pushes me to go waaaayyy beyond my comfort zone, but tonight, I felt the wisdom of the Crone coming through the Sagittarius moon.

This will be a new adventure for me, and it really isn’t about whether I decide to waitress or stay at home, it’s about how I interpret new opportunities. I had just as much a choice to be excited and think that this would be fantastic, even if I discovered it wasn’t and changed my mind, but I had chosen to jump to dread and worry and fear. Change doesn’t excite me, it scares me.

But, it could excite me.

I have the ability to change, I have the ability to evolve and to transform. I can choose to let go of my fear of change, I can choose to get excited about new experiences, I can choose to be grateful for the opportunity to taste new adventures.

Perhaps if I choose to embrace change and to be excited by it I’ll get even more exciting opportunities, opportunities that expand beyond waitressing two shifts a week in a small town &#X1f609 perhaps I’ll get opportunities that I couldn’t even envision at this point in my life if my resistance to change is lifted.

That is my intention tonight, to let go, to flow not only in the watery and emotive way that I am used to, but to flow in the fiery molten lava rivers of passion and courage that Sagittarius offers us during this time of year. I intend to let go and to blaze forward like an unstoppable inferno of heat and passion, I intend to live this portion of my life to it’s fullest. I am learning from Sagittarius as the Crone that I will not allow age or responsibilities to dull the zest of my youth, this zest will be with me for the entirety of my life and I welcome it with open arms tonight.

I am created anew everyday and everyday I have a choice to resort to who I was yesterday, that is easy and familiar, or I can choose to be new, to know nothing and to start all over. Perhaps I will find that my philosophies about life are not fixed, perhaps they are just beginning to be formed, perhaps this is just the beginning of a new chapter of excitement and discovery.

How are you experiencing tonight’s moon? What are you releasing?

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly
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Leo Crone Moon, Wild, Untamed Sparkle and Shine

It is so soothing to be taking this time to check in for the Leo Crone moon. I missed the Capricorn Mother Moon post as I was away on vacation for my brother’s wedding. Like every other month, the Mother Moon is the moon that I shed my blood on, I had a light release this month, though the week leading up to the Mother Moon felt full and charged with tension for me.

Now that I am settling back into our shared home and getting into a routine with my Maiden I feel as though the tensions are melting away. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts the Crone Moon (New Moon) is the phase of the moon that women used to all bleed with, this phase of the moon empties our wombs and connects us together as women. With the introduction of electrical light, chemical birth control and electronics of many forms our bodies lost the pure link with the moon’s cycle and we now cycle at different times of the month. There is a beautiful magic that still exists when a group of women live together or spend a lot of time together that links each woman’s cycle together, perhaps some of you have a few sisters, mothers or aunties that you share a moon cycle with.

Regardless of our personal cycle, the Crone Moon is still a time when our energetic womb space sheds all of the accumulated energy of the prior month that we are ready or willing to release. This moon phase is one where we as women are energetically depleted and it is the perfect time for us to slow down, to pamper ourselves, to gather in circle with other women, and to receive the wisdom of our elders as we once did within the red tents. Each Crone Moon is influenced by the astrological sign that she falls under, this month’s influence is the Leo Goddess Archetype.

Leo energy and I are like oil and water….or perhaps more aptly put fire and water 😉 I am a water sign through and through and the intensity, the extroversion, the loudness of the Leo roar, the heat! all of it has felt so uncomfortable and irritating to me for such a long time. So much so that I used to find myself avoiding Leo women all together as I found their presence to be too overwhelming and showy. It was not without much good humour that I learnt that the first Priestess that mentored me is a Leo, I adore this woman and am in contact with her today. As her and I worked together I spent a month relating to the elements, one week for each element, the week of fire I resisted. I just did not resonate with the fire element. Since my walk with the fire element during that week of intention my experience of all things fire has shifted.

I began to enjoy the summer season, a season that felt too high energy and blinding to me in the past. I began to meet more and more Leo women that just charmed me right out of my introverted shell. I began to admire the full bellied, untamed laughter that came from these regal women’s bellies. I related to the fierce loyalty that they exude (Scorpio’s are loyal to their death), I remembered their essence of wildness as one that I once knew in my Maiden years, their unapologetic presence in a room as they shone as brightly as they could became a real source of inspiration and elevation for me.

That being said, the past Lion’s Gate Stargate that just opened was intense for me, it brought forth a high temperature in my daughter which turned into a week long health struggle and I have spent the past week playing nurse and doctor.

Today, the day of the Crone Moon, is the first day that I’ve had to truly unwind. My sweet girl is finally on the mend, the level of anxiety that I vibrated at this week was as intense as the Leo sun. I brought her to see a doctor, twice, and accepted the medicine that they prescribed. I am not a fan of medication and don’t easily trust the western medical system. I spent a few days in knots until I found the balance and began to utilize my natural remedies as well. The moment I began to administer coconut oil, probiotics and an ionic mouth spray my soul just fell at ease. It’s of no surprise that my daughter turned a corner within 24 hours of receiving these natural remedies. I was reminded of my energy training days, I was taught that unlike the medical system we were not to believe that it was holistic treatments or nothing, we were looking to bridge the gap between medical practice and holistic practice. I found what I needed to support my daughter as she cycles through her meds.

I reflected today, as I read a few paragraphs from Women Who Run with the Wolves, about the past week. I was so scared when my daughter’s fever wouldn’t break, I was so uncertain of the doctor that I saw, I was so unsure about trusting holistic medicine solely, I was so unsure in general. I became so panicked when other symptoms popped up throughout the week that I just couldn’t get quiet enough to listen to my gut. In all of this anxiety I was distracted from some of my decorum and began to snap a bit at my Mom and Dad, something I have strived to really resist while we are staying at their place. While being snappy is not my intended way of being, it reminded me of my wild self, my untamed inner Lioness. In my Maiden years I was unfiltered, unrestrained, unapologetic. And while being completely untamed led to some irresponsible life choices, it did hold within it fire, passion, freedom and a true wild spirit.

As the Leo Crone Moon pulls on me, she also teaches me. The Crones teach the women who bleed in the red tent, and this Leo Crone is reminding me to keep my fire alit, to speak my mind, to trust my gut and to stop avoiding other people’s reactions. I was so certain when I was younger, I had the gift of arrogant innocence and was fuelled to explain why my way was right whenever I was questioned. I have since become much quieter with age and prefer to flow, to float and to be undisturbed, this desire for a clear stream to flow down has at times watered me down and I am hearing the message of the Leo Crone loud and clear, “flow with passion, be at peace when the stream is easy and clear but also rage with destruction when the river of life bends and there are rocks to crash against.” Water is the strongest of the elements because nothing can stop her, I cannot turn into a puddle whenever an impediment presents itself.

I am here to be my full radiant self. I am here to be bold. I am here to sparkle and to shine.

When I became a mother security and safety became so important to me, I wanted to know that there was a secure home for my baby, a steady inflow of abundance to sustain us. Home and abundance were always subjects that I surrendered to Grace and just trusted, I began to loose this trust when my baby was born, for no reason other than giving birth tied me to this realm a bit stronger than before. I’ve had to work at balancing this greater degree of groundedness with a greater degree of higher awareness. My desire for security has compromised my authentic self. I have held my tongue when letting loose would have served my spirit, smiled when I felt like hissing, quietly walked away when standing my ground would have honoured my integrity.

I am so very grateful for the Leo Crone tonight, so very grateful to remember that my fire is still burning within and that I can choose to unleash my wild self whenever I choose to.

Tonight I release all of the conditioning that I have allowed to temporarily tame me. I release masks, I release civility, I relase inauthenticity. I give it all up and place it into the lap of the Leo Crone in preparation to step under the Maiden phase of the moon in a few days time.
My intention that I will plant when I am finished releasing and have come under the Maiden moon, is to learn how to be a wild mother, a wild wife, a wild homemaker, a wild writer, a wild Priestess, a wild woman in all phases of my life.

Tonight I feel the wild Crone close to my belly, I feel her lighting me up and my inner Maiden is dancing an unabashed dance of jubilation as she is awoken and released.

I hope dear sisters and brothers, that tonights Leo Crone Moon inspires you to get a little wilder too, to drop the masks and to live for the full forced expression of your true, bright, insanely Divine selves.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly ✨
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This Week on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: Elements

This Week on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: Elements