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Initiation and Destruction, the Aries Crone Moon.

The Aries Crone Moon is a contradictory one, this moon phase is ruled by the Crone archetype, the wise old Grandmother archetype and is under the influence of the baby of the zodiac, Aries, the youngest Maiden sign we have.

Aries is the initiator and the Crone is the destroyer. Tonight’s Crone Moon promises to both destroy and initiate.

I think of this moon as the beginning of a new 13 cycle moon cycle.

The moon rules the emotions and I have been looking to see how this intense and fearless spring energy of Aries is affecting my emotional realm. The Crone is comfortable to me, as a Scorpio the energy of destruction is familiar and the introverted darkness of a Crone moon feels safe and cozy, whereas the blazing bright burst of Aries fire that calls in the Springtime and begins our new moon cycle of the year feels jarring and gets me antsy and my emotions have been reflecting this.

This year I am encountering the Aries Crone Moon right in the midst of an intense 40 day lie in post partum period. I have my newest little Maiden at home, not yet three weeks old and my older 3.5 year old powerful Maiden bouncing all over the house as I rest (thank Goddess the husband is home for the next month) and slowly heal not only my physical wounds from a second c-section, but also my emotional and psychological wounds after a traumatizing first week of my daughter’s life. (An hour after birthing her she was rushed to the NICU and it was a week of darkness and terror as I prayed and hoped for her to be released and to come home with us as I waited to see if her tiny little body would strengthen and thrive.)

My daughter’s challenge was foretold to me through a teacher of mine that offered a Spirit Reading before her birth, the spirits called it a ‘hiccup’ and assured me that it would clear up in a week’s time and sure enough everything that was channeled came true.

Now, it’s happily ever after…..except, this is life and when the intense relief and joy began to level out and life as I know it began to take on what is becoming a new rhythm in the house, the rest of the emotional gamete of life post partum has begun to unfold.

The intensity of the Aries Sun, the brightness of longer days and now the emotional influence of Aries in the Crone moon is making my ‘peaceful’ 40 day lie in quite a bit more difficult than it was the first time. I want to be up and about, yet I want my daughter having the time to adjust to the world and to receive the same long lengths of skin to skin and nursing and quiet that my first did. The wonderful spike of estrogen that I received as my milk came in, paired with the long stretches of gassy burping and soothing in the middle of the night that my newborn requires, has made for a much more emotionally quick responding and harsher toned Mama than I like to be with my 3.5 year old, who has been immensely patient throughout my difficult pregnancy and the intense week of her sister’s first week of life and all in all the 40 day lie in has been more of a challenge to sit and be with what is than it was with my first daughter who I just kinda sunk into baby bliss with.

I observe my reactions and from an observatory perspective marvel that my ideals are falling so short of what is being expressed through me.

I feel this contradictory wise Crone energy and young Aries energy in my intentions. I am working out a late night/early morning spiritual routine to see me through the long stretches of newborn gassiness, a way to tap into something internal and powerful as I loose the amount of sleep I have become accustomed to, (my first and I slept so much!). This is one intention I have, and yet the emotional velocity of intense feelings surrounding the impatience I experience with the long spells at night, the snappiness I have in response to the yelling of my 3.5 year old during the day and the intense fears that come up surrounding my healing and potentially being hospitalized again (a bit of ptsd from the birth and a long medical challenge as a child), has what and how I’m feeling at opposing ends of what and how I am intending spiritually.

As these energies come to a head tonight I am working to honour what I feel, while slowing down the expression and taking time to contain and digest my emotions as they rise to the surface. I am also intending to utilize the fearless and ambitious nature of the Aries archetype to take a great leap into deepening my spiritual practices to see me through this fourth trimester and to raise me to the top of this new challenge victorious and brighter than ever.

I release the charge that the emotional realm has held over me and I turn my attention towards strengthening my spirit. I release my attachment to the old way and embrace the newness that the reborn Aries archetype welcomes in, opening to a new experience as a family, a mother and a woman of the great Allness as I learn how to give the soul of my newborn exactly what she needs, how she needs it while still showing up for my family and myself in the process.

For tonight, I dance between the wisdom of the Crone and the innocence of the Maiden.

How are these energies affecting you? What are your intentions for this Aries Crone Moon?
Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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This Week on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page : Elements, Water

March : Moonstone

“One of the most potent representations of feminine energy in the earth, Moonstone teaches the past of the Goddess through the emotional body. She soothes and heals the emotions by bringing them under the soul’s control.” Justin Moikeha Asar, Liquid Crystal Oracle

This idea of controlling the emotions has been presenting itself to me for the past week, when synchronicity appears in my life I take note.

I was surprised that this concept was coming to me and that it felt gentle, inspiring and, like the author states, soothing.

I grew up with a totalitarian, authoritative, first level masculine presence in my life. As a watery, extremely sensitive Scorpio I emoted very large from the beginning of life, at the first tear shed, the first rage of protestation, the first shriek of horror I was met with a stern and demeaning instruction, “control your emotions!” This was often followed by the menacing, “if you’re gonna cry I will give you something to cry about.”

Scorpio’s are known to be secretive, quiet and mysterious about their deep emotions, this quiet nature surrounding their emotional bodies is due to being wounded in childhood when an unsuspecting person invalidates or shames them over the depth of their sensitive emotions. In my case it was purposeful and often that I was shamed and demeaned for my emotions, I entered into adolescents a closed up and depressed girl wishing I had been born a boy that would grow into a powerful and great man one day.

In my 20’s I began my spiritual path, and in my mid 20’s the Goddess found me, She liberated my emotions and I learnt how to express them as I never had before. I found the power in my womanhood and I balked at any suggestion that any emotion I experienced was wrong or should be changed in any way, until a week ago the suggestion that I control my emotions would have illicit a wounded inner child reaction, one of hurt rage.

Something is shifting, and I attribute it to Moonstone. Since I’ve been carrying her, and gazing into her silvery, shimmering lines I have been feeling soothed, embraced, both held by and a part of the Mother Goddess.

Last month when we focused on Morganite, I continued to type in Moldavite instead and would have to go back and edit it to Morganite. Yesterday while we were visiting with friends the girls wanted to look up Morganite in their mother’s crystal bible. We couldn’t find Morganite, but we did flip to Moldavite, a stone that their mother informed me was her eldest daughter’s favourite crystal. She told me that she had read that Moldavite was to be avoided by children and that only people who had been trained with it were supposed to use it, one of the main reasons being that Moldavite amplifies the emotional field of the wearer.

I began to drift as I pondered this trait, I started to realize the power in being able to control one’s emotions, not to demean them or suppress them, but to actually control their direction and their flow and their expression. I thought about Abraham Hicks and how many suggestions they have to get into the vortex, a vortex that is entered by finding the next good feeling thought or action and it dawned on me, that if one could choose the emotional wave they wanted to surf and create that wave, and then had a stone like Moldavite to amplify the chosen wave, what a potential for creating joy and harmony in one’s life there would be.

That is the direction I am flowing with Moonstone for the next while, shifting my vibration when it goes out of the vortex, finding a way to soothe myself back into a state of joy, contentment, hope, whatever the next emotion on the vibrational rung is, and as I learn to do this I will strive to one day be adept enough with my emotional field to then be able to work with a powerful amplifier like Moldavite…who knows, maybe she will jump out for us to work with one of these months?

Until then, if you will, let’s work with the Divine Mother and focus on allowing the soul to control and steer the watery ocean of our emotions and see just how much joy and love we can experience in this next month.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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Leo Mother Moon, honouring and validating our emotional world.

This is the first Mother Moon of the new year, how appropriate that fiery, proud Leo would be the sign to usher in this big, bold moon to begin our year.

A Mother Moon is a full moon and she fills us, she fills our emotional world and our dreams and intentions. Many people make their intentions on Mother Moon’s, when the real time to plant those seeds is just after the Crone Moon, the Mother Moon revels in the manifestations that she has birthed in the past month. Manifestations that came from deep desire and emotional longings.

Leo is a strong and noble sign, she is a leader, she is indomitable, she is also needy, she needs to be loved, adored, and acknowledged for her regal and wondrous self. When Leo rules a Mother Moon our emotional life becomes of utmost importance to us. We must have our feelings acknowledged, we must be honoured emotionally and we feel our feelings to the extreme.

In our house our family has been rocked by some devastating news that came out of the blue. A beloved family member is very ill and the future is not known.

My go to response to news like this is spiritual truth. Within myself affirming that disease and sickness has no power, keeping that person’s highest self in my mind’s eye. If they are physically close to me I offer energy work, if they are distant I ask their angels and guides for permission and send energy their way. Upon learning about our family member’s illness I immediately called some other family member’s that live close to him and begged them not to allow him to eat the hospital food, I researched all of the best foods to naturally regain his harmonious and balanced whole self and sent the list to everyone. In short, I went into healer mode.

As I did this my beautiful husband coped with the implications of this news, this family member is his blood, I watched his eyes flood with the horror of the news, I’ve been seeing him struggle to eat, we have been waiting for more news, ever-ready to pack our bags and drive ten hours to be with his family.

Together we have been learning how to connect at this time. His go to place is to shut the world out, but as my husband he doesn’t want to shut me out. My go to place is to discuss none of the ‘details’ and to only stay in the Truth….thankfully over the years I have learnt how to balance my healer mode with my humanity. That is what the Priestess path has given me access to, an ability to live between both realities, this human one and the Divine. For my husband, I listen to the feelings he shares, I empathize, I share some of my feelings, all while remaining anchored to the Truth within.

Tonight I had a shift at work, while I was there, the emotional reality of what is happening began to dawn on me. My heart began to open and I just felt for him, my husband, our family, the fear, the pain, the potential for death. I allowed the Leo Mother Moon to open my heart, to bring my feelings to the surface, so that when my husband and daughter picked me up from work I could let him know that I was feeling sad for him, that I couldn’t imagine what it was like for him right now, and that I am here for him as his wife. Acknowledging his feelings, letting him know that they mattered and that I was sad for him meant the world.

The Leo Mother Lion is a matriarch, she is fiercely devoted to her family, a lion’s tribe is called their pride. Tonight I am tending to my pride. I am feeling with them, I am open to receiving them and I am cuddling them close.

I am reminded that sadness and grief are not negative, they are human and a part of life. Tonight, our family is in grief and shock, tonight we are feeling and the feelings are intense.

I will gather my pride around me and we will hold each other close.

May tonight’s Mother Moon reveal the importance of your emotional life to you, may it remind you that your feelings matter, that they are seen and that you are cared for. May this moon validate your emotional life and may you share with your pride some of the love in your heart and receive some back in return.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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Mother Moon Messages

From a microcosmic perspective I am in tune with the Crone Moon, the New Moon today, though on a macrocosmic level we are all cycling in the Mother Moon, the Full Moon. My body is releasing it’s moon flow as the full moon is filling me with her luney beams. If I was cycling with the moon, then the moon would be aiding in pulling my moon flow from me, we would be empty and dark together, however, instead I am in the great balance of being emptied and filled, dark and light all at once. I used to cycle on the full moon, this intensity of balance is comfortable for me, I am a Scorpio Sun/Taurus Moon, my sun and my moon are in polar opposites of each other, death and birth, autumn and spring, together they complete each other and I am balanced out, tonights balance of being both dark and light feels like home, intense home.

When I cycle and release my moon flow I consciously release the old to make way for new intentions. I allow whatever it is that I am meant to release to be revealed to me, through me, rather than choosing what it is that I think I should let go of. This month it has been extreme emotional immaturity that has come to the forefront of my awareness. For the past six years I have revelled in the bliss of having a Beloved that honours and worships my feminine self. I feel free to blossom and bloom as a feminine wild expression of self in his presence. As a child my feminine wasn’t honoured, I was told to be quiet, to stop crying unless I wanted something to cry about, to control my anger, I was called ‘little girl’ as in “I don’t know who you’re talking to Little Girl,” with a threatening glint in the eye as he said it. Living with my Beloved has been cathartic, I began to express my anger when I felt it, at full steam. I would rant, rave, slam doors. I would sob loudly and emphatically, I would glare, huff, roll my eyes, everything that I hadn’t been allowed to do as a child I would do when I was upset and all the while I had my strong grounded masculine Beloved holding space and loving me through it. He seemed charmed by my wild untamed expressions of emotions and I felt liberated. It was very healing and for a while it was a lovely experience.

Tides change, seasons shift, lessons are learnt and wounds are sealed. That time to allow the Maiden in me to be a roaring tidal wave of emotion within our house changed when I became pregnant. I knew that as I was stepping into the Mother roll it was time to begin practicing restraint. Pregnancy hormones kicked my butt, and then breastfeeding hormones kicked my butt and then just plain old bad habits became hard to break. As my 17 month old Maiden grows I see her look to me when I am challenged, she looks to see how I will handle stress and big loud sighs, slamming doors and cursing in anger just don’t cut it anymore. So as I cycle and release my Moon Flow, I release the emotional charges that fire me up, that ignite me quicker than I can catch the flame as it flies out from my mouth. I give the years of unexpressed rages and sorrows back to the Mother, I lay them in Her lap. I thank Her for the time that I was given to reclaim my worthiness and lovability even in my most extreme of moments and I call upon Her steady self to hold me tight and grounded deep when the waves of emotions rush over me.

As my Maiden and I were out for our morning walk we stopped to talk to a tree, I put my hands upon Her and drank Her in. I generally call trees Grandmother, today I felt the strength of her Mother energy, rooted, strong, steady, constantly giving and serene and humble throughout it all. It was the Virgo energy of tonight’s Full Moon that spoke to me through the tree. Virgo is an Earth sign and trees have always been Virgo to me. I was reminded that in this contract that I have written with my daughter’s soul I have agreed to play Mother Goddess to her in this lifetime. It is on me to exemplify all that the Goddess is to me to her until she is able to form her own connection to Her in a conscious way.

The Full Moon is filling me with the lessons of the Virgo Goddess Archetype, refuelling me with the humility of the servant, the reverence of the Priestess and the restraint of the Virgin.

Of all of the archetypal lessons that Virgo holds it is the Priestess archetype that I connect to the deepest. The bridge between worlds, the as above so below conduit. My mars is in Virgo. My Beloved and my daughter have Virgo suns. I love Virgo and was not surprised to be called to the Priestess path in this lifetime. I am reminded in my meditations right now that I only have this moment, this one moment to connect to Source, to be the channel for Her grace to flow into this realm.

Since having my daughter I have been preoccupied with creating a life for us that is conducive to the life that I envision most fulfilling her. I have been working towards creating this life for us all the while anxiously wondering how it’s going to actually unfold, wondering about the logistics, the finances, the timing and then wistfully remembering a time not too long ago when I was single and childless and unto myself and living fully immersed in grace. Those were the days that I allowed life to unfold for me, and in that unfolding I was led to my Beloved, led to the family that has been grown from us, without striving or making anything happen grace, gracefully unfolded a life beyond my wildest dreams for me. The Virgo Full Moon is reminding me to make space for the Divine, to open up the path for that energy to work in my life, right now, in this instance. Grace can only unfold a path for me now, today, here where I am.

And so I am going within, finding my spiritual discipline, removing the human blockages that have made my sense of the magical murky and allowing the Virgo Full Moon to re-ignnite the spark of humble service to the Divine. Rather than work to create the life that I envision for myself and my family I am opening up to allow Grace to guide us to our highest life, I am praying that I be guided not only where is best for the three of us, but also where we can be of greatest service to the whole, and then I am reminded that where we are meant to be is where we not only will be the happiest but also where we can best serve.

Tonight I release with the rhythm of my body and I am filled with the cycle of the Moon.
I wish you all a blessed Virgo Mother Moon and would love to hear the lessons that this Full Moon is imparting to you, please share in the comments section below if you feel called to.
Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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