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January: Amethyst

I was reviewing the Amethyst reading today as this month winds down. I had forgotten that the key word associated with Amethyst in this text was humility, as I contemplated how humility has shown up as a teacher of mine throughout January (mostly me becoming acutely aware of where humility is lacking) I found that this author associates the Goat Totem with the Amethyst.

I adore researching and working with animal totems and was intrigued to find the bleeting, horned, hairy goat associated with the regal purple Amethyst crystal, however, when I attached the goat with humility it made so much sense.

There are many rich symbolisms associated with goat, for the sake of our focus this month I will focus on the humility aspect.

Goat’s are unassuming, they aren’t beautiful to the naked eye, not in the way that peacocks, swans and doves are, they are known to chomp grass, amble independently and are a cousin to the more cuddly lamb. Goat’s however are strong, they are sturdy, they persevere and climb to great heights despite the terrain (just google goats on side of cliff or goats on top of tree). Because goats were one of the first domesticated animals, because they are so readily available to provide dairy and because they are not flashy, the goat is often underestimated and under appreciated.

Unlike the preening peacock, the goat does not demand our attention, nor does it seek to impress. It’s fortitude at climbing great heights is symbolic of the dedication to reach higher vibrational levels and the goat totem will assist one in raising their vibration. Goat is a totem of Capricorn, the studious, quiet, humble, hard worker.

Goat’s have been used as ‘scapegoats’ for centuries, they take on the sins of a community and are sacrificed for the whole. This totem is a healing totem, it is a totem of forgiveness. The lessons that run deep in sacrificial acts and lore, is the belief that because we are all one, there can be one person or being of higher understanding and infinite love can take on the ego of humanity and raise it up through sacrificing their own connection to humanity. When the goat totem walks into our lives, it is teaching us the great blessing and power, the potential that lies within each of us to own our part in any and all discords and become a sacrificial being.

Ho’oponopono and mysticism are two schools of belief that claim that whatever we perceive is a part of our consciousness. In ho’oponopono whenever one encounters a discord they ask for forgiveness, they say ” I’m sorry, I love you, Please forgive me, Thank you,” this practice acknowledges that a part in that person agrees with the discord that they have witnessed and that is why it has been presented to them, they clear their own consciousness through raising their vibration and when practiced from a pure and aligned place, the situation and person is healed along with the practitioner through that acknowledgement and prayer.

When Jesus the Christ healed, He healed by looking through lack and limitation and beholding only the Christ in others. He is referred to as a sacrificial lamb, the mystical understanding of His crucification is that He sacrificed His body and transcended death, therefore enabling all of us to transcend death (because we are all one), He did this through taking all of our wrong thinking and believing onto Himself and raising it up to the level of enlightenment, so that all who follow His path can raise up to that same level of enlightenment and be freed of mortal limitations.

This is the deeper medicine that the goat carries with it, and this is the deep, deep work that comes from true humility, a willingness to not only overlook our own personal ego, but to recognize our part in the universal Ego, to take accountability for actions enacted from others, through recognizing our oneness with all. We do not judge others, we are not aghast at anyone, we are constantly cleaning the grid of humanity by recognizing ourselves in all people and by allowing ourselves to be sacrificial scapegoats for the good of humanity (symbolically speaking).

Once I began to tap into the goat totem, depths and layers just continued to evolve and reveal themselves to me. As I prepare to leave this month and to focus on Morganite in two days time, I am taking this deep goat medicine with me and holding it close to my heart. These messages are the ones that have always inspired and stuck out to me on my path, for in this mass accountability comes true freedom and true power, I am a Goddess, victim to no-one and I have all the power to heal right at the seat of my heart, if I can reach down and connect to humility, my humble heart can heal through living a sacrificial life, I need not sacrifice material goods as was once believed, I need to sacrifice my attachment to being right and to judging others as other than me, when I can do this I can become a light unto the world and live in true Sovereignty.


Grace Be With You
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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