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Capricorn Mother Moon, finding the balance between calling and home.

The moon is full tonight, in Feminine Mysticism the full moon is known as the Mother Moon. This knowledge, that the full moon is the Mother, has been with me for some time now. I understand that the emotional energy is at it’s highest during this phase of the moon, that the astrological sign it falls under influences how we feel her energy, and that the Mother phase is full, in need of balance and very busy.

This knowledge seems to have dropped from my head and down into my heart in the last 24 hours. As my husband and I balanced getting our 3.5 year old to a fair, dressed to be a flower girl, to the wedding, pick up clothing orders, plan for meals, get work done, maintain the house and follow sleep cues for our four month old daughter, that corny saying that I’ve read in the mother boards began to echo in my head “the days are long but the years are short,” in the midst of the chaos, it dawned on me that life will not always be like this. One day our children will be grown up and life will not be this demanding and full, we might choose to keep it full or make unconscious choices that make it feel demanding, but it won’t be guaranteed, non stop full on like it is now. That’s where my new appreciation for the Mother Moon energies came from.

I got it, that fullness, that looniness, that need for balance when things are at their peak that the Mother phase of the Moon holds is what I am living right now. As I connected the energies of the Mother Moon and the Mother phase of life together I began to feel the Mother Moon looming in the skies as the moon turned full over the past 24 hours.

The Mother Moon is a Capricorn one this month, she is balancing out the energies of career/calling with home and family, just today I was explaining to my husband that right now and for the next while I am predominantly ‘mom’ and most of my other identities feel lost. Thankfully I know, having already raised a daughter for 3.5 years, that this will ease up as our baby continues to grow. With Gracious, my eldest, by 20 months I was feeling like myself, like a woman who had the role of Mother to play as one of many roles in life, rather than my life having been usurped by becoming a mom and having that role as my sole identity, as I once feared it would be when I first became a mother.

The moon rules our emotions, Capricorn is studious and down to earth, she is also the Matriarch of the zodiac, with Capricorn ruling this Mother Moon, I felt as if she was coming in to offer me perspective. As my eldest daughter ran around the house as if she were in a jungle and I contemplated ways to get her energy out while also napping the baby and wondered how I would ever get a moment to myself again a calm began to descend upon me.

“The days are long but the years are short,” it was as if the Capricorn moon was reminding me not to get caught up in the overwhelm of how much time and energy I was outputting to my tiny little fairies and reminding me that this is a phase, this is the main job for me right now but it is not the only job I have, nor is it the only one I will ever have, it is however the one that needs the most attention and energy right now. A very inspiring Capricorn woman for me, Patti Smith, writes about how when she had children she stopped performing all together, she stayed home to raise her family. Despite criticism from the feminist community at the time, she wanted to make that decision, she did get up at 5am every morning to write, but the rest of her hours were spent taking care of her family as if that were her career. It was only after the tragic death of her partner that she returned to performing and that was to make money to keep the family going.

That portrait of Patti Smith is the personification of the Capricorn/Cancer balance to me, (we are balancing opposite signs Cap and Cancer as Cap is ruling the moon right now and Cancer the sun). It is also the epitome of the strength of self that she had at that time, to be fully immersed in her family life, to be enjoying her creativity for her own artistic self and to be out of the spotlight, to not fear fading into oblivion during her mothering years, what a balance she must have had between her home and her calling, to have faith that she could go back to her calling as a performer when her children were older and to have faith that she could fully fall into her calling as mother as a career and be okay with that.

That is my focus this month, the amount of minutes that I have to put into my personal calling outside of motherhood is much less than it will ever be, and that is okay, there’s a purpose to me giving as much as I’m giving right now. I am the primary vessel for Source to care for these young bodies and old souls right now as they reintegrate back onto Earth, the writing, the circles, the readings, they will all be there whenever I am ready to pick them up, but these years, these years will never come again, this is my highest work right now.

I love feeling the introverted home maker Cancer Mother archetype when she is ruling the Sun, her energy is so strong and inspiring for me as I tend my home, and I love when the stern Capricorn comes into the light of the full moon and my desires to extend out of the home and into the community, another great role of the Capricorn Goddess, is lit up within my heart, the balance that comes feels reassuring and comforting.

As I walk out of the light of this moon, I am taking perspective with me, right sized-ness and a reminder that some of the roles that we play in life have specific timings and requirements to them and that that is okay. Whether I am in the busy Mother phase of my life or not, one thing that remains steady and unchanging is the top priority in my life, which is a conscious and unwavering relationship with the Source within me, as long as that is at the centre of my soul, all else is balanced around that white, hot beam of alignment with Source, and when I am aligned I can be at peace, being right where I am in the moment, regardless of how chaotic and busy it may be.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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Capricorn Mother Moon, the wisdom of our ancestors beaming down.

The Mother Moon is full and ripe and reflects our full and ripe womb. When the moon is full we are filled with lunar energy and our feminine essence is working to balance her lunar energies with her solar ones.

We are called to balance giving and receiving, nurturing others and self. The astrological sign that the moon is under influences how we experience the expression of each Mother Moon. Tonight the Mother Moon is under the sign of Capricorn.

Capricorn is the matriarch, the community elder, she is compelled to teach, to share and to pass down the wisdom of her ancestors and pave the way for the next seven generations to come.

I am feeling Capricorn Mother Moon energy large tonight. I feel stretched to balance caring for my daughter, caring for my writing and preparing an upcoming workshop with enjoying time with my husband and myself. I have been waiting for the inspiration to really dig into my workshop preparation and felt so grateful when it came upon me today, seeing as the workshop is in four days it couldn’t have come at a better time.

I instantly reflected that the moon herself was zapping me with some deep soul womb wisdom, the workshop is on the phases of the moon and the phases of our womb, what better night to get to work than tonight? The challenge was that my daughter needed me, I was scheduled one of the few restaurant shifts that I get today and I am quite exhausted from the past few weeks.

Finally the time has come where my husband and my daughter are out and I can sit down to get to work. I find comfort in having the matriarchal wisdom of the Divine shining down through the moon as I prepare to get this workshop in order. I feel connected to her calling to share the wisdom of the ancestors, I have received the lessons for this workshop from the Priestess who trained me and from the teachings of the ancestors that has come from deep within my womb.

My Venus, which represents my feminine essence is ruled by Capricorn and my south node, which represents my role in this lifetime is in Capricorn, getting into circle to share about how the women before us gathered and had their wombs linked to the phases of the moon fills me with a sense of purposefulness and peace.

Despite my nerves I will be in the moment and open up to the Goddess to help me to be prepared for the lessons from the past to flow me this Saturday at the festival that I am offering at.

How will you honour the Capricorn Mother Moon tonight? What kind of wisdom do you hold within you from your blood lineage and your spirit family lineage? How and where can you share this wisdom?

Imagine the possibilities if we all made space for our ancestors to share through us and invited their wisdom into the present. That is the magic I am focusing on tonight and the magic that I invite all of you to focus on as well.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly
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Tonight on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: Moon Mysteries, Capricorn Mother Moon

Capricorn Mother Moon, Following the Direction of your Heart

This month’s Mother Moon is in Capricorn. In past posts I have mentioned the qualities of a full moon, or as I call it, a Mother Moon. In short, Mother Moons are balancing moons, they bring high emotional energy and are fertile times to feed that which your heart and soul desire. Each moon is influenced by the sign that she is falling under at the time.

A Capricorn Mother Moon is balancing the lunar energy of Capricorn, the matriarch, the elder, ambitions and success with the solar energy of Cancer, the mother, the homemaker, the empath and the psychic. The moon is the ruler of Cancer and Capricorn is Cancer’s opposite, so tonight the energies get turned around as the lunar Cancer is sitting in the sun and her opposite sign is ruling the moon.

This particular Mother Moon has been coming in strong for me. I have been investigating my houses this month and have come to realize that not only is my personal sun and moon in each other’s opposite signs, solar Scorpio and Lunar Taurus, but each house that I have is ruled by the opposite sign. For example, my rising sign is in Libra which means that my first house is ruled by Libra and the first house is lead by Aries, Libra is Aries opposite, this goes on for every other house that I have. How this ties into the moon is that Capricorn rules my fourth house, the house guided by Cancer, Capricorn is also my personal Venus sign which in shamanic astrology rules my feminine essence, my Goddess self. Before I realized that this month’s Mother Moon was a Capricorn one that was around the corner, the Capricorn Goddess energy was calling to me to learn more about her and more about her impact on my life.

This Mother Moon is calling me to balance out my personal ambitions for my family with my ability to love and nurture my family exactly where we are. With Capricorn in my fourth house, the house of home and family, and my feminine essence being ruled by Capricorn, I have been very out of sorts settling into our new area that we have moved to, my ambitious Capricorn energy has bene yearning for the life that we are ultimately building. We are still living with my family and my husband is working, but not at his dream job. I am continuing to fulfill our vision of me as a stay at home mom and working very hard to get into the flow of what is rather than being in the strict, hard edged task master of getting us up and out of the situation that we are in and into the prosperous country lifestyle that we are dreaming.

I have spent the past week doing a made up seven day Abraham Hicks challenge with my best friend out West. Each day we connected to a new truth from Abraham, I have been seeking out specific talks that will inspire me and have been focusing on being in my vortex, being an attractor rather than a taskmaster. The matriarchal energy that rules my feminine self and is ruling the moon tonight can get quite stern and rigid, this is an energy that sets everyone on edge around me, especially my hard working husband. As I’ve been settling into the flow and working at following and allowing and trusting a little bit more my days have been finding more ease, and so has my marriage.

Tonights moon for me is all about feeding my dreams, my inner visions and my hopes with the ambitious, determined successful energy of the Capricorn Moon. The Cancer Sun is inspiring me to let go, to get into the vibrational realm and the Capricorn energy is impelling me to move forward in my tasks, while staying out of other people’s tasks. My task is to create a loving nest at home, to guide and raise my daughter, to encourage and to uplift my husband, to commit to my Priestess work and to share the inspiration that comes my way. How the rest of it unfolds is in the lap of the Great Mother, the true Matriarch.

Tonight, as the strong and wise Capricorn Moon shines down upon you, you can take her lunar beams and direct them towards your own hopes and dreams, allowing the ambitious and determined energy to direct your life in the direction of your heart’s true desire.

Grace Be With You on tonight’s Moon,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly
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