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Capricorn Mother Moon, finding the balance between calling and home.

The moon is full tonight, in Feminine Mysticism the full moon is known as the Mother Moon. This knowledge, that the full moon is the Mother, has been with me for some time now. I understand that the emotional energy is at it’s highest during this phase of the moon, that the astrological sign it falls under influences how we feel her energy, and that the Mother phase is full, in need of balance and very busy.

This knowledge seems to have dropped from my head and down into my heart in the last 24 hours. As my husband and I balanced getting our 3.5 year old to a fair, dressed to be a flower girl, to the wedding, pick up clothing orders, plan for meals, get work done, maintain the house and follow sleep cues for our four month old daughter, that corny saying that I’ve read in the mother boards began to echo in my head “the days are long but the years are short,” in the midst of the chaos, it dawned on me that life will not always be like this. One day our children will be grown up and life will not be this demanding and full, we might choose to keep it full or make unconscious choices that make it feel demanding, but it won’t be guaranteed, non stop full on like it is now. That’s where my new appreciation for the Mother Moon energies came from.

I got it, that fullness, that looniness, that need for balance when things are at their peak that the Mother phase of the Moon holds is what I am living right now. As I connected the energies of the Mother Moon and the Mother phase of life together I began to feel the Mother Moon looming in the skies as the moon turned full over the past 24 hours.

The Mother Moon is a Capricorn one this month, she is balancing out the energies of career/calling with home and family, just today I was explaining to my husband that right now and for the next while I am predominantly ‘mom’ and most of my other identities feel lost. Thankfully I know, having already raised a daughter for 3.5 years, that this will ease up as our baby continues to grow. With Gracious, my eldest, by 20 months I was feeling like myself, like a woman who had the role of Mother to play as one of many roles in life, rather than my life having been usurped by becoming a mom and having that role as my sole identity, as I once feared it would be when I first became a mother.

The moon rules our emotions, Capricorn is studious and down to earth, she is also the Matriarch of the zodiac, with Capricorn ruling this Mother Moon, I felt as if she was coming in to offer me perspective. As my eldest daughter ran around the house as if she were in a jungle and I contemplated ways to get her energy out while also napping the baby and wondered how I would ever get a moment to myself again a calm began to descend upon me.

“The days are long but the years are short,” it was as if the Capricorn moon was reminding me not to get caught up in the overwhelm of how much time and energy I was outputting to my tiny little fairies and reminding me that this is a phase, this is the main job for me right now but it is not the only job I have, nor is it the only one I will ever have, it is however the one that needs the most attention and energy right now. A very inspiring Capricorn woman for me, Patti Smith, writes about how when she had children she stopped performing all together, she stayed home to raise her family. Despite criticism from the feminist community at the time, she wanted to make that decision, she did get up at 5am every morning to write, but the rest of her hours were spent taking care of her family as if that were her career. It was only after the tragic death of her partner that she returned to performing and that was to make money to keep the family going.

That portrait of Patti Smith is the personification of the Capricorn/Cancer balance to me, (we are balancing opposite signs Cap and Cancer as Cap is ruling the moon right now and Cancer the sun). It is also the epitome of the strength of self that she had at that time, to be fully immersed in her family life, to be enjoying her creativity for her own artistic self and to be out of the spotlight, to not fear fading into oblivion during her mothering years, what a balance she must have had between her home and her calling, to have faith that she could go back to her calling as a performer when her children were older and to have faith that she could fully fall into her calling as mother as a career and be okay with that.

That is my focus this month, the amount of minutes that I have to put into my personal calling outside of motherhood is much less than it will ever be, and that is okay, there’s a purpose to me giving as much as I’m giving right now. I am the primary vessel for Source to care for these young bodies and old souls right now as they reintegrate back onto Earth, the writing, the circles, the readings, they will all be there whenever I am ready to pick them up, but these years, these years will never come again, this is my highest work right now.

I love feeling the introverted home maker Cancer Mother archetype when she is ruling the Sun, her energy is so strong and inspiring for me as I tend my home, and I love when the stern Capricorn comes into the light of the full moon and my desires to extend out of the home and into the community, another great role of the Capricorn Goddess, is lit up within my heart, the balance that comes feels reassuring and comforting.

As I walk out of the light of this moon, I am taking perspective with me, right sized-ness and a reminder that some of the roles that we play in life have specific timings and requirements to them and that that is okay. Whether I am in the busy Mother phase of my life or not, one thing that remains steady and unchanging is the top priority in my life, which is a conscious and unwavering relationship with the Source within me, as long as that is at the centre of my soul, all else is balanced around that white, hot beam of alignment with Source, and when I am aligned I can be at peace, being right where I am in the moment, regardless of how chaotic and busy it may be.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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Tonight on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: Moon Mysteries, Cancer Mother Moon

Tonight on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: Moon Mysteries, Cancer Crone Moon

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This Week on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: Astrological Goddesses, Cancer Goddess

Cancer Mother Moon, Mother Mary’s Nurturing Love on Christmas Day

What a blessing tonight’s Mother Moon is.

In Feminine Mysticism we acknowledge the full moon as the Mother Moon because a full moon is fertile and full of light, just like the Mother phase of life.

This is a Cancer Mother Moon full and bright on Christmas day.

Cancer is the sign of the Divine Mother, she is a nurturing, psychic, lunar sign that is ruled by the moon, when the Mother Moon is in Cancer all aspects of motherhood, nurturance, the home and family are intensified. Mother Moons are about empowering and growing matters of the heart and the emotions, on the Crone Moon (new moon) we release and on the Mother Moon we fertilize all that we are full of.

Tonight’s moon is a warm blessing that blankets all of us as we gather on Christmas day. Though Christmas is a pagan holiday that was overtaken by the church, for me it has always been a moment of warmth, tenderness and security in the dark of the year.

Still revelling in the magic of the solstice that just passed today was a day of celebration, abundance and family for me. My dear daughter has been so excited for Christmas, this was the first year that she began to understand what was to come enough to anticipate this day…poor bug got sick on the 23rd. As I snuggled her and napped with her and held her fuzzy red Christmas pyjamaed self in my arms I was filled with a tenderness and love that has only been fully realized since becoming a mother myself. I felt the Cancer Mother Moon shining through my heart and offering her essence of universal Mother love to my daughter through me.

A Priestess is a conduit that connects the heavenly realms with the earthly ones, today I was tuned in to both realms, the realm of the moon and the earth as the day flowed by in a comfortable and loving manner. Cancer Moon is all about flow, the mother that goes where she is needed when she is needed and I did just that.

I have been expanding my circle of attachment for my daughter as my husband and I settle into this small town. Since being in our new home I have watched as my daughter formed nurturing attachments to my parents and my husband’s mother. I have been researching about the psychological benefits that children who are attached to at least three primary caregivers receive and have felt inspired at this new phase of life that my daughter is embarking on.

Tonight as I played cards and my husband played scrabble with our extended family, I watched as my daughter bounced from Grandma to Auntie, to Uncle, to Grandpa and I felt the Cancer Mother Moon enchanting our whole family as we all shared in nurturing this perfect soul that I have been blessed to be assigned to in this lifetime.

As I witnessed this I relaxed, the past few weeks have been tight for me as we waited for a few financial situations to flow in the direction we were hoping they would, they all came together in the past few days, and today I was worry free.

When it was time to go back to our home my husband, daughter, bonus mother and I stepped out into the dark and the beautiful full silver moon greeted us, I paused and looked up at her and said a simple prayer “thank you so much for everything.”

When I was a child the Christmas season was a guaranteed time of safety and security, I felt as though the world was all in it together and celebrating and loving, and the presents that many of us are concerned about contributing to over consumerism, to me were an expression of abundance and joy.

Once I became an adult and moved across the country Christmas became a time to retreat from my busy life and to reconnect with family and old friends, it was a break from reality and I knew that once January 2nd came it was back to the hectic bustle of everyday life.

This Christmas I felt so grounded and secure, I felt that presence of the Divine Mother watching over me. Today wasn’t a break from a life that I will return to, it was a blessed day of gathering, celebrating, loving, sharing and receiving. I am at home and I am provided for and I am blessed beyond measure.

The final essence of this day that lifted me up was the Mary energy. For a very long time Mary Magdalene called to me, with the advent of my pregnancy it was Mother Mary that began to inspire me, She is the energy that I connect with still two years into my motherhood. I thought about her today birthing the Divine in the flesh. I reflected upon the strength of faith that it would have taken for her to hold to the truth of the Christhood in the child she had birthed and about the sacrifice that giving her child to the world cost her.

Another mother told me once when my daughter was a few months old that motherhood was one long goodbye, how profoundly true that is. To think that we have a Divine Mother that loves us with Her very being and is continually ready to release us to our own will and ever ready to receive us when we call upon Her. What a comfort, what a joy, what an awesome and unbelievable gift that is.

Tonight, as the Cancer Mother Moon shines her silvery beams down upon us I am fertilizing my faith in the Divine Mother, I am clinging to Her bosom and asking that my roots in Her be strengthened and intensified so that I may feel Her holding me as close as I feel Her holding me tonight.

Merry Christmas to you all.
Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly.

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Cancer Crone Moon, Intuition, Dreams, Water and Flow

The Cancer Crone Moon is moving us deeply in this house of ours, my little Maiden has been in fits of tears, bought of rage, moments of tender clinging fear and finally a peaceful respite of dreams as she fell into an exhausted embrace and drifted off with me.

This month’s crone moon crept up on me, I felt her before I knew she was here. The Goddess Gatherings that I have been calling in, in this new homeland of ours, has consisted solely of my mother and I so far, this month I just didn’t have it in me to put out the invite and to set the space. Yesterday was my lowest day of energy, although the crone moon is fully crone tonight, I felt the depletion yesterday.

The crone moon is the moon that women traditionally all bled on together, although we no longer all bleed on the same cycle, the pulling, draining, emptying energy of this moon is still felt when the moon is new, and the more sensitive we are to the energies of this realm and the next, the stronger we will feel those pulls.

It seemed to me that I was getting a lot of messages about leading and teaching yesterday, I feared it meant that I was being asked to put out the call to gather the women of this area, which as I stated I just didn’t feel I had the energy to do this month. As it was, I saw that the crone moon was today and it was too late to send the calling out. So I let it go and opened up, ready to receive my next instructions in regards to the leadership and teaching messages. Crow was also coming through strongly for me yesterday, the crow totem is all about magic, illusion, and they are the keepers of sacred messages.

I haven’t had a totem call to me in a while, in the midst of my heavy, draining day yesterday I felt inspired and comforted to have crow come to me. It was a slow moving day which I was also grateful for as I was able to honour the space that I was in without needing to push myself. Crow was calling me to go deep within, I was able to balance caring for my toddler in this realm while simultaneously travelling deep within to connect to the magic within.

I woke up today, feeling connected to myself, to my slower moving energy and to my commitment to mindfulness, stillness and honouring my emotions. Perfectly matched for tonight’s moon.

The astrological sign of Cancer rules the moon, this crone moon is happy and comfortable in the Cancer position. The crone archetype of the moon is the wise teacher, the crones used to sit in the red tents with the women who were bleeding and would share their ancient traditions, medicine and lessons, filling the women whose wombs were emptying out.

The Cancer Crone Moon teaches us about the power of emotional release, she is here to tap us into our emotions, our fluid selves and is merged with the water element. This is a very familiar and homey feeling moon to me. Heavy emotions, water element, psychic messages, dream states, the dark, the feminine, the Great Mother, all aspects that the Cancer moon rules and all aspects that fill me up and inspire me.

I began today by listening to my favourite astrologer’s video, Astrologer Coach Sonja Francis, you can find her video here: As I listened I reflected on this past month, When we first moved three months ago, it was an intense start to our settling in. I bucked and raged against the ‘slow’ progress to our beginning. My Taurus moon longed for instant security and success. From the past crone moon until this one I got disciplined with myself. I couldn’t allow myself to live in the level of anxiety that I was in, nor could I inflict the overflow of my anxiety upon my family any longer.

I had a seven day Abraham Hicks commitment with my best friend where we focused only on what made us feel good or appreciative and expected happy occurrences in our day. I finished this seven days feeling refreshed and renewed. I had two area’s that I wanted to focus on 1) expanding my abundance consciousness and 2) finding a way to co-exist with my father (we are still living with my parents for now) that would be easier than it had been. Years of old patterns were coming up and I was at my breaking point. Within one weekend of seeking out aspects that I appreciated about him (I was surprised to find that there were some strong aspects there) and focusing only on what felt better something miraculous has occurred. I can honestly say I don’t know who the man that I am living with is anymore. It is like there is a new man in the house in my father’s body. Life is easy, it is pleasant, it is stress free around him, this has NEVER been the case, him and I were always like gun powder and a match.

As I listened to Sonja’s post and contemplated her question about being in a safe space to experience my emotions I realized that I have found what I was looking for, a strength of connection to Source that supersedes my external realm. I have found the “peace that passes all understanding” within and it is staying, regardless of who is around or where I am. The goal that I have strived for has been to have a vibration that was so strong that it influenced my surroundings, rather than my surroundings influencing my vibration, and while I have days that I feel off the beam I am getting back on at a quicker rate, I am getting quiet and waiting for serious discussions until I am back in my vortex and life is feeling good. This inner shift has manifested in some tangible ways this month, a better paying job for my husband, a new (used) car, a transformed experience with my father and above all a renewed sense of faith in my Creator’s loving presence.

My day continued on after listening to Sonja in a sweet way, my daughter, father and I went to the Farmer’s Market, we took a nap and then as I began making dinner the women on my attachment parenting board tagged me and asked about the energies going on tonight, seems a lot of littles are struggling with sleep right now. As I shared I had a few women reach out for more information about the moon and their relationship with it, women messaged me telling me that they had always felt a connection to the moon but couldn’t understand it, or had been taught to fear it. My call to share my teachings that I was receiving yesterday was answered, this month I was called to share with my group of mothers. As I responded I was reminded of my dreams, the book that I am oh so slowly working on, the women’s workshops that I love to lead, the Goddess Gatherings that I am still holding space for coming together.

The dreamy, intuitive aspect of the Cancer Crone is teaching me today, she is reminding me that she will come to me and speak to me though animal totems, through signs and symbols. She is reawakening my dreams and deepening my connection to my Priestess self. As I held my daughter who was reaching out to hit me, struggling to bite me and was tantruming on the floor I was flooded with my love for her, I felt my Priestess and my Mother self merged into one. I held her and held space for her overwhelm, I was the safe space for her to express her emotions in as volatile as a way as she needed to, without shaming her, or being mad at her, just loving her. As I come closer to my own emotional self I am able to love and honour hers.

The crone moon is a moon to release, I am on an opposite cycle of the moon, so while the moon is a releasing one tonight, I am personally full and fertile. I am feeling the fullness of the Cancer Crone’s teachings stronger than I am feeling a release, but if I get still and go within, I can sense that what I am releasing on this moon is fear, there isn’t a lot of different releases, but there is one big one and that is fear. I release the vibration of fear and give it to the Cancer Crone Goddess and am filled by Her ever loving presence. Just as I held my daughter as she melted down tonight, I feel the arms of the Goddess around me as I give my fear to Her.

The big message that I am getting from this month’s Cancer Crone Moon, is a reminder of the many faces and expressions of the one Source. Last month I felt Her airy, dual expression when She was expressing Herself through the Gemini Moon, there were lessons for me, though they weren’t lessons that felt familiar or comfortable, but they were valuable and they set the stage for this month’s expression, the motherly, wise Cancer that is intuitive, feminine and nurturing. While the moons change and the signs shift, the eternal, unchanging Creator lives within me and I can contact Her for my every need whenever I need to. I can find this Cancer expression at any time of the year and that is the big message to me, to remember how good this energy feels. After a month of committing to feeling better, I am taking the vibrational memory of the moons energy within my heart and keeping it there to access whenever I want or need to.

Tonight I give thanks for intuitive messages, for a calm, peaceful sense of inner depth, for flow, for surrender and for magic in the water realms.

May the Cancer Crone Moon bless you all tonight.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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