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Libra Crone Moon, the power of Lilith to shed and to rise up.

Tonight’s Crone Moon is a rare one, it is the second time this month that the Crone Moon has visited us. This happens once every 32 months and this month is one of those moments in time when the Crone comes back to see us again before a whole new lunar cycle begins.

This Moon is being called the ‘Black Moon’ because it is the second Crone Moon, this struck me as odd as I always associated the Crone Moon with a black Moon, however, tonight’s Moon is hidden in shadow and makes it darker and more hidden than usual.

Black is a powerful colour in Feminine Mysticism, it is the colour of the feminine, the mystery and all that is hidden, our shadow and social taboo’s live within the dark mystery of the Goddess. All that the patriarchy attempted to assassinate went deep into the dark void of the wise Goddess.

Lilith is being associated with this Libra Black Moon, she is a perfect Goddess for this Moon as she has lived in the shadows of our memories for years now. The first wife of Adam, she was thrown out of the Garden of Eden when she refused to submit to him, the church vilified her as evil and she was forgotten as a powerful Goddess, until the Goddess began to rise in our consciousness once again. What makes Lilith such a wonderful archetype to connect to on this evening is not only her connection to the dark, the forbidden, the forgotten, but also to the strength of her Libra message, she would settle for nothing less than ‘conscious equal partnership’ the very medicine that Shamanic Astrologer Daniel Giamario teaches is the life path of the Libra Goddess Archetype.

Libra’s often get a bad rap of being so ethereal that they are perceived as weak or wishy washy, their desire for peace and harmony often overrides their call to speak up and to speak out. However, there are core issues that are embedded in the Libran soul that a Libra Goddess cannot ignore, injustice and inequality are two of those very issues. When Lilith was commanded to be a ‘helpmate’ of Adam’s and to submit herself to him, the injustice of this lack of equality was too much for her. Her Goddess energy rose as she refused to settle for anything less than the Libran ideal of conscious equal partnership, even if this meant being banished from paradise, for after all, as much as a Libra longs for the harmonious promised land, it must be an authentic paradise, one where all women and men are equal.

This leads me to my other focus for tonights’ Moon, the great Martin Luther King Jr once preached his dream that all ‘men’ would be equal. As a Priestess I truly endeavour to practice feminine mystic principles to my life, this includes feeling my feelings fully, allowing them to flow and then turning my attention upward in vibration, away from the illusion of discord and towards the One true Source energy. I feel called to do my most powerful work in mediation and prayer, I have not been called to be an activist in this lifetime, when I dig into the stories of injustice that occurs in this world I get lost in them and loose my vibrational footing. I know that if I can bring them within and raise them up in vibration I can be a contributor to the healing of our planet. That being said, there are issues that grab me harder than others, and as of late it has been the Black Lives Matter movement.

I feel simple in my complete lack of understanding when it comes to racism, it truly baffles me and seems so absurd that any person would be targeted because of the colour of their skin, it’s as absurd to me as hearing that green-eyed people were being targeted in our society, and yet here we are, with an entire race of people being brutally murdered and humiliated at every turn of the page. Each new story that pops up on my newsfeed leaves me more aghast than the last, I do not understand what is happening, nor how it is continuing to happen. The Libra energy of my rising sign boils at the injustice and the inhumanity and as I look at the term Black Moon and read so many powerful articles that take time to assure the reader that a black moon is a good thing, I am reminded about how the patriarchy has harmed not only the Goddess but all of us, and in particular the black community. The word black has been synonymous with evil, scary, cursed and ugly for years. We refer to turning towards the light to dissipate the dark, as if the dark, as if the black were something to be avoided or abandoned.

Those of us in Goddess spirituality know that the dark, the black is where the power lies, and somehow, in this crazy matrix of patriarchal domination that I don’t claim to fully comprehend, all things powerful, feminine, Goddess, black, other than the white male race that tried to overtake an entire world, was thrown into the fire to burn for all of eternity.

No more.

This ends now. The Black Crone is here, she is wise, she is knowing and she has been here forever. She will not stand for the inequality of women or people of any race and the calling that is coming through tonight is for the shedding of all of the wounds that has been inflicted on each one of us personally. Whether we have faced sexism, racism, profiling, agism, whatever category has left us out of the white boys club that has inflicted pain, suffering, shame and rage upon us we give back now. We give back our shame, we give back our doubt and we allow the Black Crone to strip us bare of all injustice that was conditioned upon us. We release it now.

After tonight we rise up in our power and in our Sovereignty and in doing so we DO NOT stay silent for one more second. Not one more black person murdered, not one more woman raped, not one more elder abandoned to the cold streets, not one more slight or round person sneered upon, not one more person from the LGBT community beaten. Not one more person that we ever witness being treated unjustly without us speaking up, this includes jokes, snide remarks, casual slander and any other minimizing behaviour that has been socially accepted up until now.

Lilith has returned and she is ready to create a new Eden, one where “all are welcomed to the table,” as Starhawk so eloquently dreamed up for us once upon a time. It will be our refusal to live within the unjust matrix that has hypnotized us that will usher in the dawn of a new Eden, “not by might nor by power but by My Spirit,” Zechariah 4:6. The presence of the Divine within each one of us, standing up in love, saying no in love and embracing each sister and brother in unity and peace as we walk arm in arm towards a new world is the Spirit that creates new worlds.

That is the vision that tonights’ Crone Moon is asking of me and it is the vision that I am asking of each one of you, please, let us walk towards the promised land of Sovereign peace together and let us ensure that not one of our sisters or brothers is left behind to burn in the ashes of an outdated, cruel system that is ready to fade away. We all are to walk the rainbow bridge back Home now, but we must do it in unity, harmony and peace.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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