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Initiation and Destruction, the Aries Crone Moon.

The Aries Crone Moon is a contradictory one, this moon phase is ruled by the Crone archetype, the wise old Grandmother archetype and is under the influence of the baby of the zodiac, Aries, the youngest Maiden sign we have.

Aries is the initiator and the Crone is the destroyer. Tonight’s Crone Moon promises to both destroy and initiate.

I think of this moon as the beginning of a new 13 cycle moon cycle.

The moon rules the emotions and I have been looking to see how this intense and fearless spring energy of Aries is affecting my emotional realm. The Crone is comfortable to me, as a Scorpio the energy of destruction is familiar and the introverted darkness of a Crone moon feels safe and cozy, whereas the blazing bright burst of Aries fire that calls in the Springtime and begins our new moon cycle of the year feels jarring and gets me antsy and my emotions have been reflecting this.

This year I am encountering the Aries Crone Moon right in the midst of an intense 40 day lie in post partum period. I have my newest little Maiden at home, not yet three weeks old and my older 3.5 year old powerful Maiden bouncing all over the house as I rest (thank Goddess the husband is home for the next month) and slowly heal not only my physical wounds from a second c-section, but also my emotional and psychological wounds after a traumatizing first week of my daughter’s life. (An hour after birthing her she was rushed to the NICU and it was a week of darkness and terror as I prayed and hoped for her to be released and to come home with us as I waited to see if her tiny little body would strengthen and thrive.)

My daughter’s challenge was foretold to me through a teacher of mine that offered a Spirit Reading before her birth, the spirits called it a ‘hiccup’ and assured me that it would clear up in a week’s time and sure enough everything that was channeled came true.

Now, it’s happily ever after…..except, this is life and when the intense relief and joy began to level out and life as I know it began to take on what is becoming a new rhythm in the house, the rest of the emotional gamete of life post partum has begun to unfold.

The intensity of the Aries Sun, the brightness of longer days and now the emotional influence of Aries in the Crone moon is making my ‘peaceful’ 40 day lie in quite a bit more difficult than it was the first time. I want to be up and about, yet I want my daughter having the time to adjust to the world and to receive the same long lengths of skin to skin and nursing and quiet that my first did. The wonderful spike of estrogen that I received as my milk came in, paired with the long stretches of gassy burping and soothing in the middle of the night that my newborn requires, has made for a much more emotionally quick responding and harsher toned Mama than I like to be with my 3.5 year old, who has been immensely patient throughout my difficult pregnancy and the intense week of her sister’s first week of life and all in all the 40 day lie in has been more of a challenge to sit and be with what is than it was with my first daughter who I just kinda sunk into baby bliss with.

I observe my reactions and from an observatory perspective marvel that my ideals are falling so short of what is being expressed through me.

I feel this contradictory wise Crone energy and young Aries energy in my intentions. I am working out a late night/early morning spiritual routine to see me through the long stretches of newborn gassiness, a way to tap into something internal and powerful as I loose the amount of sleep I have become accustomed to, (my first and I slept so much!). This is one intention I have, and yet the emotional velocity of intense feelings surrounding the impatience I experience with the long spells at night, the snappiness I have in response to the yelling of my 3.5 year old during the day and the intense fears that come up surrounding my healing and potentially being hospitalized again (a bit of ptsd from the birth and a long medical challenge as a child), has what and how I’m feeling at opposing ends of what and how I am intending spiritually.

As these energies come to a head tonight I am working to honour what I feel, while slowing down the expression and taking time to contain and digest my emotions as they rise to the surface. I am also intending to utilize the fearless and ambitious nature of the Aries archetype to take a great leap into deepening my spiritual practices to see me through this fourth trimester and to raise me to the top of this new challenge victorious and brighter than ever.

I release the charge that the emotional realm has held over me and I turn my attention towards strengthening my spirit. I release my attachment to the old way and embrace the newness that the reborn Aries archetype welcomes in, opening to a new experience as a family, a mother and a woman of the great Allness as I learn how to give the soul of my newborn exactly what she needs, how she needs it while still showing up for my family and myself in the process.

For tonight, I dance between the wisdom of the Crone and the innocence of the Maiden.

How are these energies affecting you? What are your intentions for this Aries Crone Moon?
Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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Today on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: Moon Mysteries, Aries Crone Moon

Aries Mother Moon, Surrendering into the arms of the Mother

This month’s Mother Moon (full moon) is an Aries Mother Moon and she is full of lunar magic and great, transformative waves of energy, to read about the details of her many aspects this month (full, eclipse, blood, final series in the tetrad) visit the post on my Facebook page at:

All of this energy comes bubbling up just days after the Autumn Equinox, the Equinox that came as a surprise for me in that the intensity and friction that I experienced was completely unexpected. I am receiving yet another surprise today, as I prepared for a greater influx of intensity, friction and heat with this moon and have found that I am more placid, serene and quiet than I generally ever am, and on a blood moon eclipse in Aries! I almost feel satiated, as if the energies of this month have amped me up, taken me to the brink and finally busted me open, and now I am just a bunch of floating atoms in the arms of Mama Luna.

The Aries Mother archetype is a fiercely devoted and strong mother energy, she is loyal to her children, she is boundless in her energy and initiates a myriad of activities, adventures and playtime with them. This Aries Mother Moon is cradling me today, she is chuckling softly as she strokes my weary head, allowing me to rest before life’s next adventure comes my way. Aries is confident and a trail blazer, when the Goddess expresses Herself as Aries to me I am reminded that there is a Presence that is bigger than my human conception that knows the ways of my heart and how to actualize them in a much more graceful and smooth manner than I can.

This eclipse is reminding me about my path, the shadow aspects that are being revealed are relieving to me, I am being shown area’s that I have veered out of grace and yet, there is something comforting about this revelation as I am also being shown how the path of grace that I float down keeps me close, and how she drew me in before I had even realized I had swam away.

I do not practice manifestation, I practice grace. Usually. This summer I became so wound up wondering where our family was going that I stopped awakening and allowing the Great Mother to unfold my day for me. I began to practice manifestation, it came easily to me, and while I knew that this is not my path it didn’t seem to be causing any harm. At first I just manifested a better feeling living environment. And then I manifested a new car (thankfully at the last minute I turned that manifestation over to grace and received a much smoother experience) and then I decided I was done waiting on Spirit (even though I hadn’t been waiting at all) and I began working on manifesting our new home. And lo, all that I put in came to be, minus the closets, somehow I ended up with very little closets again. I was elated and felt as though perhaps I had gotten it wrong, perhaps I was meant to manifest.

A week after manifesting our new home, on the lake, in the country with a huge backyard and tons of space inside, I began to get a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. It caught my attention at once, I am used to a head full of worry and doubt and can generally push that aside, but this feeling in my gut, I knew that was something else. After consulting with a few advisors I decided to wait and to see, the long story short is that this dream that I manifested is not what is serving me or my family best. When I admitted this, when I began to open up to the Goddess and ask for Her solution I received a phone call the very same day with an invitation to go and to view what is now going to be our new home in a month. It is a 10 minute walk from my parents in the one city I was adamant I never wanted to live in again. Yet the moment I walked into this home I was at peace, when I feel into where I was led and where we are being led, I am at peace, once again, as the Course in Miracles teaches “I do not know what anything is for,” and I do not know what will bring me the greatest joy and peace.

Grace is the power of the Divine showing up as exactly what I need and what will mot fulfill me and grace knows infinitely more than my imagination does. A few days before this surrender a friend of mine texted me out of the blue with a simple question “how do you define grace?” as I responded to her the first dawning of having wandered off of my path became apparent.

The details of the unfolding of the past few days of my life are in my Equinox post. Tonight, I feel a deep relief, this intense energy that is affecting so many people feels like a confirmation that I am not in control, something that, despite my often controlling behaviour, comes as a great comfort to me.

While the moon is eclipsed and the red of the moon shines bright in the sky, I draw my family close to me, my husband and my beloved, my extended family, my city family, my earth family and my family of ancestors that flow through my blood despite their having left their bodies. The blood symbolism of this moon reminds me that all of us under the moon are sisters and brothers, that the blood that flows through our veins connects us as the human race. I am reminded that the deeper I fall into grace and the deeper I surrender to that grace the higher I am able to rise up in vibrational frequency, this elevation means that I get to contribute to a fraction of the awakening of my earth family as my blood shifts in frequency the bloodline of the human race rises up a little higher.

The deeper we fall into grace, every meditation, every prayer, every action of love and devotion shapes the entire energetic blueprint of our human species. This great and larger than life moon is reminding me that I alone get to participate in shaping the future of the human race, even if the ripples I create are imperceptible to my human sense.

The Aries archetype is the great I AM energy of the Divine incarnated as a full and whole being, the Libra sun that is balancing this moon, carries with it actions of peace, harmony and love for all.

I feel an integration of my independent self that has her own desires and dreams with the part of me that is fully conscious of my affect on every living being on earth. Grace bridges the gap between independence and communal merging, grace brings my truest hearts desires to fruition and grace uses me as an instrument to be that fulfillment for others.

For tonight, I open up fully to the Aries Mother Moon, I receive her full supermoon energy and I allow her to shine her blood red light on the shadow aspects within. How will you open, receive and journey with this lunar wave of energy tonight, and how will all that you receive tonight be given back to the whole?

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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Aries Crone Moon: Quick, Fiery, Releasing.

This month’s Crone Moon is a fiery one, it’s an Aries Crone Moon and I can feel the difference between this month’s Crone and last month’s easily.

Last month the Pisces Crone Moon was an ending of sorts for me, Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and the dreamy, enlightened sign in the wise grandmother Crone Moon closed out the past years moons. I didn’t realize it at the time but a big layer of myself was being shed last month, and with this month’s Aries Crone I feel quickened, it is a lightening sort of release, one that feels Kali like, fast, sharp, to the point and productive.

The Crone aspect of the Moon empties us out, she pulls on the emotional tides within us and pulls us clean from all that we are willing to release. Aries is the youngest sign of the zodiac, the Maiden sign, this merging of the Maiden fire with Crone water creates a warmth, a boiling within.

I sensed this moon coming before I was aware that another Crone Moon was about to occur. My good friend Bliss Prema is in the process of writing her memoirs, during this time she was interviewed about the soul’s purpose, I watched this interview a few days ago, you can find it here :, and was inspired by the concepts of many soul purposes that Bliss shared about. As I contemplated these different purposes in my life I recalled when I had undergone past life regressions, at the end of each lifetime that I visited the hypnotherapist would ask me if I had completed my soul’s purpose in that lifetime and then she would ask me what it was. When we arrived at my current lifetime she asked my Higher Self what my soul’s purpose was in this lifetime, the response was that I was to learn how to enjoy life, to strive less, I had had plenty of lifetimes of great success, or diligent pursuits of accomplishment, I had even enjoyed being in positions of fame, this was a lifetime to just be in the experience. Rather than write about life I was to live it, the song is written about you not by you was the message that I received.

I contemplated how well I’ve lived this purpose, during some cycles of my life I have done quite well. When I met my husband I was just in the love, just allowing our love to blossom, our twin souls to reacquaint themselves. When I gave birth to my daughter I spent 40 days inside, bonding with her, stationary for the most part on the couch, just nursing her and drinking her in. I have had moments where I refuse to create unless the act to create is so strong that it moves through me. I have been so committed to the path of grace that I simply participate in what I am led to without thinking about what it means, where the particular activity will take me or get me. These are the moments when I have felt most at peace, most at-one with the Universe.

I have also had great, painful, soul wrenching moments in my life where I diligently discipline myself to sit down and create, to produce something, everyday. Where I force myself to work out, where I take any moments of quiet to study, to meditate, to do yoga, to pray…all worthwhile and beneficial acts, yet when I am in a state of forcing it is counterproductive because the foundation of my actions is coming from a place of compulsive ambition. If I am not productive, if I am not actively contributing to my body, emotions, mind or spirit I feel as though I cannot justify my existence. If there isn’t a chance that I can create something that will be ‘known’, if I don’t become somebody that is famous, or wildly successful, or deeply enlightened, then I am failing at life. I become mediocre. I become the same. I become unremarkable. All of the inspiration, the greatness and the splendour of the Universe that I feel welling up within me is wasted. I become a waste. A waste of skin, of space, a waste of life. What a heavy and awful burden to carry around.

I messaged Bliss and we discussed my past life regression, as we spoke and Bliss’ perpetual optimism and enthusiasm inspired me to re-examine my soul’s purpose I made a renewal of commitment to myself. If it isn’t coming from a place of joy, I’m not doing it. If it is something that needs to be done, one of life’s chores I will endeavour to perform the task with as much mindfulness and joy as I can. But what I choose to do, the life choices that I make will be based upon that which brings me joy, that which inspires me, uplifts me and that which is fun! I have such a serious Scorpio nature that life gets very heavy, very deep very easily for me. My soul’s purpose is to learn how to enjoy this life experience. What brings me joy is so much simpler than what I envision somebody with my soul’s purpose looking like. I’m not a sky diver, or a world traveller, or a deep sea diver. I enjoy being at home, I enjoy writing, I enjoy meditation, I enjoy time with my girlfriends, thought inspiring, silly shows, I enjoy nature, quiet, calm, music, art and inspiring people. I enjoy sweetness and lightness.

The initiative fire of the Aries Crone Moon has come to release me from the self-imposed prison that I create with my rules, regulations and discipline. I release my self-will and open up to the Universe, I surrender to joy and to flow, to receiving the will of the Goddess and to enjoying every inch of my journey, as Bliss reflected back to me ” it will obviously evolve, once you really surrender into it. It will always expand because that is the very nature of Spirit!!!”

Blessed Aries Crone Moon to you, release and let go and allow the inspired Aries energy to quicken your path.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly
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This Week on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: Astrological Goddesses

This Week on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: Astrological Goddesses

This Week on Priestess of Grace’s Facebook Page: Astrological Goddesses