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Suddenly, freedom.

The rainbow broke through the clouds of her mind, it was an illuminating ray of effervescent light, all of the lights combined and the rainbow became a beam of white hot light. The light opened up her mind, her heart, her womb, her third eye, her entire world was titled on the axis of all that she had known in that one illuminating moment.

Years of prayers, meditations, savasana’s, asana’s, listening at the feet of gurus, workshops participated in, tears shed, dark nights of the soul, whole food eating, transformative breath work sessions, therapy, counselling, tantra, years of seeking and digging deeply past the cemented conditioning of the third dimensional reality that she had been grounded down into bursted and she was free.


Years and years of seeking and yearning.

A rainbow.

A beam of white light.

And finally she was free.
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