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We Rise up for you Paris

In times like these, when the Western world becomes aware of their vulnerability we have a choice, a choice to fall into the deep unending well of fear, a well in which we will find anger, vengeance, judgement, racism, hatred, condemnation and a myriad of other forms of pain externalized, to cling to.

Or we can raise our eyes and our hearts up.

In looking back we find a patriarchal history that has involved mass killing sprees, rapes and battles of the strongest and the sneakiest who have claimed stake to the land that they now reside on, or the religion that they now so proudly worship. A past in which humanity accepted this as the way of life, the strongest survived.

As our eyes and hearts scan how we have evolved as a society we will find that something has been shifting for hundreds of years now. We as a whole no longer accept acts of aggression as an acceptable mode of communication or as a means to claim a place or a belief system.

We have awakened, we are continuing to awaken.

How we view what has transpired over the past 24 hours is a choice. We can see the outrage, the vast numbers of our population rising up in an uproar as a call to battle, or we can view this as a collective “no”, a refusal to digress into old, outdated means of living. We are outraged because this is not our norm anymore. The solution is not to lower our vibration, it is to raise it, to raise it so high that the people who have not yet caught the wave of love that has been transforming our world can no longer resist the call to rise up in consciousness, we can turn the tides of humanity in such a way that one day, perhaps not so far away, there will no longer be the option to massacre.

As we choose to rise up in love, we grieve, our hearts open and we sorrow, we sorrow for the senselessness, for the loss, for the tragedy and the devastation that this outdated way of being has wrought on us all.

We stand with you France, we stand with you in a fierce determination to love and to refuse to lower our vibration and our intention despite any aggressive act of violence, we will not negotiate our vibration with terrorists, we are here and we will be by your side as you face the aftermath of this senselessness.

Grace Be with you , now and always.
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly


~*~* 888 Lion’s Gate Stargate Activation *~*~

Writing feels far away from me today.

Today is the Lion Gate Stargate opening and it is resonating at the energy of 888, a powerful number sequence of infinity and infinite possibilities.

Stargates are energetic portals that high frequency beings travel down to land upon our Earth plane to teach and uplift us. Waves of teaching and energy beam down when this stargate opens and raises our vibration. This years Lion’s Gate is extremely potent due to the 888 configuration. For weeks we have been being prepared for this energy wave which peaks today. This gate is ruled by the Leo sun sign, and by the Lion archetype.

For weeks now the majestic Lion has been plastered with the triumphant news that major airports are ceasing the transportation of trophy hunting. The King of the Jungle reigning supreme. The Leo energy is all solar, it is activating, it is bold, it is hot, it is confidence and it roars loudly.

Some of us have felt fatigued by this portal opening, angered, irritable. I took a great sigh of relief when I read about this after my two hour nap following a night where I had lost my temper yet again with a member of my extended family. I have worked at tempering my temper for years and this past two weeks I have felt that Durga side of me quicken quite easily.

My 23 month old was asking to meditate all week, this is something we do together, yet in the past two weeks she’s been initiating her own meditation on a more consistent basis throughout the day. Two nights ago as she curled up into the nook of my arm I felt her burning up, for the past 24 hours I have been trying to keep her temperature at a healthy place. Today she was diagnosed with a double ear infection. It is not surprising to me that my very sensitive, tuned in daughter is burning up during this activation. Fevers occur when high energy is running through us and her ears symbolize the ability to hear beyond the veil. Her mama has always received her psychic messages primarily through her auditory abilities.

Until the age of 3 children are enmeshed with their mother’s auric field, under what Rudolf Steiner referred to as the Madonna Cloak, my daughter and I are processing this energy wave together. The bursts of temper that she had been expressing last week are making so much more sense to me.

Every year this stargate opens and yet this is the first year that I have been aware of it. The 888 sequence has super charged the stargate and I am reflecting on how the infinity symbol has been coming to me. My lifelong best friend is just recently engaged, when she sent me a picture of her ring it was an infinity ring with a sparkling diamond right in the centre of it. When I gazed upon a picture of Gracious (my daughter) and I, I felt myself falling into my bloodline, feeling into the infinite lineage of women that have brought me into fruition and seeing the infinite number of women that are to come through us.

Blood, the power of the blood, the mystery of the blood, women’s mysteries have also been pulling at me again. This intense magic of the blood is one that I have been sitting with for a while, the only other subject that has taken this much contemplation and patience for it’s full unfoldment in my psyche is Grace. When I first began my conscious path I knew that I was dedicating my life to Grace, Grace was a mystery to me and I spent a year in mediation waiting for a revelation about it’s meaning to me. Now I wait upon the message that blood is going to give me. I am in the process of writing my book and am at the chapter about the power of our blood, I sit and I wait. As I researched dna it was the symbol of infinity within the blood that jumped out at me.

In and out the weaving goes, I am seeing layers upon layers of messages that have been in front of me as this stargate has been opening. Infinity, blood, fire, heat, energy.

I feel myself empty and charging right now, like a battery plugged into the great Wave of Light that is pulsating into our galaxy though the open stargate. I open myself up to receive my mission, ready to be a portal for extension and service. The sleepy little city that we have moved to knows little of a Goddess or Divine Feminine lessons or circles and rituals, and yet that is where this Priestess has been led. Like the bright sun that shines I wait to see who will be led to receive Her through the beams of light that I allow Her to radiate though me. The astrological sign of Leo is all heart, the infinity of love is represented by the 888 number sequence and so today’s energy opening is a heart opener. The heart chakra is where the lower realms and the higher realms meet, the merging of As Above So Below mysteries, the chakra of the Priestesses.

Today I get still, I breath and I allow the energies to move through me. I wrestle with the irritation of the human realm and the rapture of the heavenly one that is merging into one big light of Allness within me.

I allow my heart to open.

I allow my Goddess self to rise up.

I allow the fire of the sun to animate me.

I allow Truth to be true.

I allow Source to guide me.

I allow infinite possibilities to be a tangible reality for me.

I allow full integration.

I allow infinite changes to take place in my world.


Grace Be With You
Priestess of Grace
Candise Soaring Butterfly
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Mother’s Day, the honour of the Great Mother

Ever since I walked into my role as a Priestess I have loved Mother’s Day, it is a day when one of the greatest gifts that the Goddess offers us, Herself as our Mother is honoured on a microcosmic level. Whether they are aware of it or not, each person that honours their mother, honours the Great Mother that shines through her.

From this inspired vantage point I would walk around on this day, feeling Mother Earth’s heart beat drumming under my feet a little louder, I would see Her bounty a little brighter and more abundant as the collective consciousness paused for a day to uphold the importance of the Great Mother. This day is a deeply mystical one for me.

I have to admit, that since becoming a mother to a daughter this day’s meaning has become personal, in typical Priestess fashion I balance my reverence for the spirit of this day with the personal warmth that I have in my heart as I contemplate another year of raising my daughter, another year of really being grounded down into this Earth plane, being simplified and having time slow down for me as I look through the eyes of my child and rediscover life in a human body. Becoming a mother brought me into relation with my body, it slowed me down, my excellent multi-tasking skills have eased up and I have zoomed my focus in on my daughter and my husband. Visions of a jet-set life of writing books, public speaking, holding circle and then tending to my family after long and inspiring days has shifted to days of playing with my girl, cooking for my husband and writing, taking clients and speaking when there is a space that is opened for me by the Universe. I always imagined that family would come second to my purpose in life, never realizing that family would be my purpose and how I expressed that purpose would be determined by how much I put into my family life.

My daughter is only a toddler, this is my second, third if you count pregnancy which I did, Mother’s Day since becoming a mom and beyond the reflection of life with my sweet Maiden I have been given the opportunity to receive honour as the Mother Goddess from my family, not only on this day, but especially on this one. Each act of love and service on this day, each token that is given to me is a tiny way that my family honours the Great Mother living through me, I am not only a conduit for Her in circle, ceremony and private counsel, I am living Her presence as clearly as I can within my family unit.

As I receive honour on this day I am reminded of my awesome role. I see my Beloved husband and darling daughter come to me with beaming smiles and acts of love and I am reminded that for them I am the Mother Goddess. What an awesome role, what an awesome responsibility I have been gifted with.

This Mother’s Day we are with my Mother and soon we will be with my Grandmother, I see in the flesh a lineage of Goddess passed down to me. The women in my family moved from metaphysics to mysticism and then in me to Goddess spirituality, I look towards my daughter and wonder how she will bring forth the expression of the spirit realm into her life, where will she take our blood, our lineage? For now it is a mystery and for now, how I mother, and what I express as the Mother Goddess to her will help to shape the destiny of our blood tribe, how amazingly magical life is when I stop and recognize what is happening. When I was a Maiden the greatest insult I could have had would have been to become just a regular mother with a husband and children working to continue on another day. I honour that Maiden that still lives within me by ensuring her life remains inspiring and is about purpose and expansion and I also teach her the beauty in the simplest gifts of life, she is looking out at the Mothering phase of my life and learning that the common, love and marriage and babies, is sometimes the most profound opportunity that life can offer. There is a reason that us humans continue to gravitate towards merging and procreating, there is an openness to Universal love when a family unit is birthed, a piece of Heaven on Earth is planted and how we tend this Heavenly garden, how we mother, father, extend and receive to and from one another dictates how and where our light will shine during our mission in this lifetime. Mother’s Day reminds me about my priorities and celebrates the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Happy Mother’s Day to the great Goddess, Happy Mother’s Day to me and Happy Mother’s Day to my Mother and her Mother and her Mother and all Mother’s that have knowingly or unknowingly been an extension of the Great Goddess.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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Heathens in the House

In lieu of it being the Easter weekend and the lack of celebration of the Christ story in my Goddess circle I decided with a friend of mine and my husband to go to a Catholic church service today, the day of Christ’s crucifixion. I was a bit reticent but my desire for ceremony and ritual outweighed the reticence and so we went.

Upon entering the church (while my husband and friend were both parking) with my 18 month old Maiden on hip I narrowly missed knocking over the purple sheet covered crucifix that was laying atop a table. I hurriedly entered a surprisingly packed church and found a seat in the very back. The congregation was eerily quiet as they awaited mass. This day is a solemn day in the church so I understood the silence and honoured it as best I could, however the moment we sat down Gracious (my daughter) took a look around and began to belt out her favourite nursing song at the top of her lungs, you might recognize it, it goes like this “We all come from the Goddess and to Her we shall return like a drop of rain, flowing to the Ocean. Hoof and horn, hoof and horn all that dies shall be reborn. Crone and Sage, Crone and Sage wisdom is the gift of age.” There’s another line in there that we don’t sing as I forgot about it when I taught her the song, however these were the lyrics Gracious began to heartily sing the moment we entered the church. I pulled my boob out, reminding myself that any snarky glances I got could reference their very own pro-breastfeeding in church pope and the Goddess chanting ceased from the back of the room. As the service began angelic, archaic hymns were sung in heavy, serious tones, each pause in the hymn was greeted by a “yeeeeee!!!” from my daughter who clapped in excited applause to the performance. As I admired my daughter’s free spirit in church my husband took her for a walk to give the rest of the congregation some space to do their quiet worship. This space gave me some time to contemplate my presence there. I pride myself on my ability to receive a message in any religion or ceremony, I listen for the mystical message behind the words and am able to uplifted, the same was true for this sermon that was given I got a lovely and inspiring message. When the crucifix was carried to the front of the church and the people began to slowly approach the crucifix to pray my mind appreciated what it observed. I like ritual, I like that there is a church that has so much ritual in it. I tried to push aside what I know about the history of this particular church and so that I could just be in the moment, participating, a part of. Yet as I watched the women, men and children march in procession towards the cross I called upon my ancestors, I asked them how they felt about my presence in this church, the message that I felt come through clearly was that the majority of people I saw walking towards that cross came from a lineage that was either threatened into joining the religion that they now worship, or worse killed as the church enforced their will upon the people of the Western world. I can’t forget The Burning Times documentary that I watched nor any of the information that I have researched. This church has never, to my knowledge, apologized for the women, men an children that were burnt as witches during their inquisition. I couldn’t sit there, I couldn’t participate. My Grandmothers deaths mean too much to me. I grabbed my friend and my husband and daughter and we left. Next year we will worship as a family as I lead us through ceremony or we will find a Unity Church and join them.

That was my unexpected message on this Good Friday, a reminder that under no circumstances can I enter a Catholic Church and be okay with myself.

The rest of my time was spent contemplating what this day means to me. This day in particular above all other Christian days of honour simultaneously moves me and irks me. It moves me because of what it represents and it irks me because I believe the majority of people who have learnt about the crucifixion have received a false message. I am irked because the message of Christ is in black and white and with a little bit of spiritual discernment there is quite a powerful message, however the patriarchy and it’s attending henchmen have taken a story of Power and Glory and turned it into one of shame and blame. Most churches will tell you that Jesus died on the cross to save all of us from our sins, that we are lowly sinners and that if we can admit that Jesus is the one and only child of God and that if we choose to worship Him (despite the fact that He admonished everyone that ever worshipped Him and asked them “Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God” imploring them to find their own personal relationships with this presence that He called Father) then we can be forgiven for being born as lowly sinners and go to Heaven because His death on the cross was a sacrifice that He made for us. He endured all of the sins so that they could be forgiven and we could go to Heaven. That is what we are taught. The ‘Good News’ is that God came to Earth and died for us because we sucked so bad that we weren’t going to ever get there without Him coming down and being brutally beaten, murdered and humiliated. Don’t you feel great?

The mystical message of Christ is much different. It is one that has inspired me and was the beginning point of my personal path towards Source. When Jesus was preparing to leave, the disciples weren’t understanding His message even though He had been teaching with them for three years, He told them “if I go not away the Comforter will not come.” He couldn’t be their only link to God, they needed to get a personal relationship with God. Throughout His ministry He disproved all forms of human power, He proved that sickness had no power as he healed the sick, He proved that mistakes had no power by forgiving the unforgivable, He proved that laws and rules had no power by breaking them, He proved that customs that excluded women and children had no power by breaking those. He came along with a radical message, one that He guaranteed not only could you and I do, but He said that we could do greater works then the ones He was doing. Jesus had attained Christ consciousness, conscious union with the Divine and He spent His three year ministry dispelling the illusions of this realm by overcoming every human belief in lack and limitation that He encountered. His final message was that the body has no power, death has no power, hate has no power. He allowed Himself to be torn to pieces, His flesh was brutalized in front of many, He was nailed to a cross, He was ridiculed and humiliated, He died, right in front of their eyes He died. And with this sacrifice, the sacrifice of His human form He showed us that hate has no power as He forgave and loved those that hated Him before He died, that the body had no power as He endured the unthinkable and that death had no power as in three days time He rose up in His human form and ascended this realm into the next. His message was that nothing, absolutely nothing in this realm has any real power to do any harm to anyone, it is all illusion, it all fades away in the face of Divinity. He exemplified this message so that you and I could attain what He had and so that we too could live free from the bondage of this realm of illusions. The ‘One Son’ is because we are all One, there is One child, One Source, One truth and that truth in the Christian faith is to love, to forgive and to trust in the Power of Source.

Today is an important day for me because today represents courage, faith and strength. It reminds me of the barbaric nature of the human who is not connected to their spirit and it reminds me of the safety that lies within me. This day gives me the strength to bare whatever cross of illusion I am baring in the moment and reminds me that in the face of my inner Source it all fades away, it dies away and is reborn as truth, love and eternality. I am forever safe because “thou couldst have no power over me lest it was given you from above.”

Yours in Grace,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly
Grace Be With You

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Holy Thursday: humility and service remembered

I feel the Easter weekend strongly in my soul. I’m not referencing Ostara and her hare here, I’m talking good old fashioned Christian Easter weekend. I’m a bit of a spiritual misfit, I am a Priestess that honours the Feminine and I am a studier of Christian Mysticism. I call my brand of faith Feminine Mysticism because it encompasses both the One Spirit of mysticism with the Feminine honouring of the Earth, emotions and all things incarnate as being holy.

I grieve for the damage that the churches and the patriarchy did to such a beautiful and pure faith Christianity in itself is the message of Jesus the Christ. For some the story of Jesus is a metaphoric tale that teaches sacrifice, unconditional love and the all power of the One Source. For others the story of Jesus is literal and the events took place exactly as the bible states they did. And for others, it is a bit of both, an awareness that the bible was written hundreds of years after Jesus’ life leaves this side open to interpreting the stories in the bible with an ear for fable and fact and hopefully a discerning spirit to go along with them.

Whatever your view the life of Jesus, His message and the legacy that He left is one of love, one of trust, surrender and ultimately one of sacrifice and humility, two words that are often lost in this day and ages approach to fulfilment spirituality, a brand of spiritual practice that is aimed at fulfilling our own personal desires rather than serving and loving others as the Christ message and the earliest Christians practiced.

Holy Thursday is today, it is an important day in the Christian faith. This is the day that Jesus gathered His disciples and had the famous last supper with them. In metaphysics the 12 disciples represent 12 different states of consciousness: love, faith, understanding, wisdom, imagination, zeal, strength, will, life, power, renunciation and order.* When these powers are all perfected within one being they merge into the 13th state of consciousness, the Christ consciousness. Jesus attained this state of enlightenment and at His final meal He performed a ritualized act where He consecrated the bread that they ate and made it into His body and the wine that they drank became His blood. This very act is one that would have ensured a quick arrest and a painful death for any one of us during the inquisitions of the church, it is imperative not to confuse the purity, the depth of power of the Christ message with the damage that those wrought falsely under His name. This ceremonial offering was but a microcosm of what would happen the next day when He would be arrested and crucified (more on the mystical message of the crucifixion tomorrow) when He would give of His earthly form body and blood for all of humanity. During this supper the disciples attempted to honour this living being that was an emanation of the Father God that He loved so well by washing His feet in an act of deference and devotion. Instead Jesus did the unspeakable and stooped to His knees and washed each one of their feet.

This beautiful man who had spent His life perfecting His soul and attempting to transmit what He had attained in consciousness to His disciples did what was unheard of in His time, broke rank and lived His message that we were to serve and love one another. If you could imagine the most holy person you’ve encountered in your life, if you’ve been in the presence of a guru, Ammachi, the Dali Lama, Mother Meera, Mother Teresa or if you’ve ever had an angel, or spirit guide or even the One Divine visit you in a meditation or dream, if you could imagine the awesomeness of this presence, the immensity of the wisdom and love bowing down before you and washing your feet, washing away the debris that your earthly walk has left upon your soul, you may get a glimpse of how the disciples were humbled and for some horrified.

This is the image that continues to go through my mind’s eye today, the image of Jesus the Christ, kneeling, washing, loving and teaching. I weep for that kind of love. I weep for a world that has been so hurt by the church that this message has been sneered at and tossed aside in many circles. A world that encourages us to do what feels good, to put ourselves first. Seeming spiritual practices that encourage personal growth and connection to Source but leave out the humility, the service, the egoic sacrifices offered to our neighbour in the name of true love and devotion to the Creator that serves us all unceasingly.

I give thanks on this Holy Thursday for the message of the Christ. I give thanks for the Christian faith that teaches love, service and humility and I honour the earth walk that my sisters and brothers have taken as Christ honoured those of His disciples. I bow down to you, to where you have been, what you have seen, what you have done and to who you are at the depth of your Spirit despite the influence that this third dimensional realm has had on you. I pray that I may receive that same love and understanding from my sisters and brothers in return.

Yours in Grace,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly
Grace Be With You

*learn more about these soul powers through the Unity Church teachings and writings

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