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~ Goddess ~

~ Goddess ~

There is an energy
A totality
That I have never known before
When I knew you as Father you were a stranger to me
When I knew you as Beloved, you blew my heart and womb wide open
When I knew you as Source, my mind was obliterated
But, knowing you as Goddess
As me, at my most radiant and awakened self
Knowing you as Female Divinity
This, this is bliss
This is sovereignty at it’s highest
I will raise You up, Sweet, Powerful, Devastating, Wild and Untamed She God,
I will raise You up and together, with the sisterhood, the brotherhood, the priestesses and priests of the Goddess,
We will re~member that you are She as well as He when we are down here,
Embodied, emboldened and free
Jai Ma

Written by:
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

visual art work by: Catrin Welz-Stein


This Gracious Love

As I lay in bed at 1 am, feeling crushed by the weight of how vulnerable I am in the face of the love that I am overcome with for my child, a poem seeped into my consciousness.

This is what meeting my Creator’s love in a dream, falling in love with my husband and becoming a Mother has taught me about love.

For my daughter:

This Gracious Love

Unless it breaks you,
It is not love.
Until it shatters all illusory systems of control within your grasp,
It is not love.
If you can still breathe,
It is not love.
It is not light, it is not carefree,
It is a stifling blanket of bliss that threatens to leave you immobilized and paralyzed.
It is fragile as gossamer and the threat of it tearing away is enough to bring you to your knees.
Unless it incites a silent scream of surrender,
Of utter self-defeat,
It is not love.
Love will destroy you,
With Her sacrosanct intoxication.
Love will claim you and never ever promise to stay put.
Love demands everything and for Her you must bleed to your last drop.
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A Prayer for the World

And when the night is raw and red,
and all that you have held close is washed away on the tides of tomorrow,
I am here.
Holding you,
remembering you,
loving you always.
The world will wear you down.
As the waves crash upon the rock and slowly wash it away,
so too will the world wash away every ounce of goodness that you came here with.
One wave at a time.
If you let it.
if you choose to be the wave,
you can wear the world down,
with your love,
your grace,
your faith,
your kindness,
your vulnerability,
the softness of your spirit,
the delicate essence of your soul.
Each another wave that crashes upon the hardness of the world,
each another promise of a new world.
A world that flows as the ocean,
a world that is supported by soft, malleable Earth,
Earth that supports and holds and enfolds.
A world that is soft, open, safe and tender.
This is the world that is created when we choose to become the wave and allow our splendid selves to wash away the world that we have known.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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I dreamt about this sadness….

I dreamt about this sadness,

before it even arrived,

thick as dew drops on the newly sprouted blade,

heavy as a down comforter,

enveloping me,

surrounding me,

comforting me with it’s morose familiarity.

I dreamt about this sadness,

before it even arrived,

sickeningly sweet and maddeningly suffocating.

The beauty of this world doesn’t disperse it,

laughter cannot pierce it,

making love does not dull it,

nothing touches it’s cloying possessiveness over my soul,

nothing but the untapped well within,

a well that feels infinitely far away when the sadness descends.

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