The Wisdom of Letting Go, Capricorn Crone Moon

Tonight is the final Crone Moon, New Moon, of 2016.

The Crone Moon is our releasing Moon, she is our wise Moon and with her comes the opportunity to shed all that we no longer need emotionally.

I don’t need to tell you that this year has been intense, cosmically a lot has happened, from the departure of a huge number of our great souls to a great amount of shockingly upsetting and surprising decisions made politically throughout the world.

Thankfully, for me, I don’t get caught up in the stories of the world, it’s easy for me to identify them as a part of the matrix, the cosmic illusion, and I do believe we are in the era of the Kali Yuga. I see these upsets as a sign that we are going through swift and powerful transformations. Though I was deeply affected by the loss of some of our great artists I grieve not being able to hear their beauty in this realm created new and fresh again.

On a personal level, anyone that might be following this blog will remember that we lost my father-in-law to a surprise brain cancer diagnosis at the beginning of the year, he was diagnosed at the end of January and gone by the end of May, in between this devastating process we walked through a miscarriage. Right after his passing I became pregnant again, a huge blessing to be sure, but it was a lot to process as my marriage faced it’s first real struggle while my husband navigated the deep waters of grief like he never had before.

September felt things lightening for me, I wonder if that is so for others as well, certainly we continued to loose some greats and to have some shocking choices made after September *ahem Trump*, however, life began to lighten for me. A lot of people are looking forward to 2017 as being the lifting of this tough year, and I truly feel that it will be a lighter year for sure, I personally began to feel that lightening closer to the Autumn Equinox.

It is so fitting that we close this year with a Capricorn Crone Moon. Capricorn is the wise elder, the matriarch of the zodiac, her presence guiding the emotionally releasing energy of the Crone Moon promises all of us the opportunity to fully process and shed whatever remnants might remain of this past year.

As I mentioned above, I’m feeling pretty light and cleared, I walked through a lot during the past year. A big chunk of this year was about finding my own joy and claiming it. I hadn’t realized how dependent I was on my husband to create the joy, the playfulness, fun and positivity in our life until he no longer could.

I acted out at first, trying to get more and more dark, broody, disapproving, anything to awaken that perpetual bright light of optimism in him to come and lift me up, it had the opposite affect however and he drew further away from me. Eventually I had to fake the joy so that our daughter wasn’t living in a heavy home, as I began to fake it I began to crave it and I had to stop going to him to make it so for me.

As I let him be, and for a while came to terms with the fact that we may end up in a pretend marriage (I can be quite fatalistic) and focused on finding my joy for myself to enjoy, life became happier. I made new friendships, began to celebrate a new pregnancy, revelled in the sweetness that is my daughter, and attracted a spiritual community that is just springing up in our small town that had a place for me to serve from.

While I did this work on myself my husband processed his grief, did his own work and as the year is coming to an end him and I have found our way back to each other. Him with a lot less pressure on his shoulders to make me brighter than I am and me with a stronger sense of self and a deeply mature feeling of reverence and respect for the sanctity of marriage as the path we have chosen to walk.

Our anniversary was this past Winter Solstice, it was a time of deep reflection for me, I felt as though we had passed through an archway of new, puppy love into one of deep committed love. I have been wild about my husband since I first met him, we have both been immature in our love, and this year has matured us. What I feel coming up to be finalized in it’s release tonight is all that the Maiden in me clung to in the illusion of romantic love as a saviour.

With the right man, the right group of girlfriends, and the right look all would be well in my life. My girlfriends would be my ever-steady, never wavering source of feminine emotional touchstones, and the man in my life would fill me with such a sense of love and passion that life would never be the same, I’d be on fire for life because of the people in it. I’ve known for a long time that people are fallible and that the eternal nature of themselves that brought me joy were merely extensions of the same Source within me, however, that truth has sunk down from the cerebral portion of my brain into the deeper regions of soul consciousness.

I release the people in my life from the responsibility of adding anything to me, joy, security, faith, worth, all of it. As I release the people in my life from the bondage of tending to my needy ego I am able to appreciate and love them in a new way, for who they are, not for what they do for me. In this way every day is like falling in love with the people in my life all over again, I see my husband, my friends, my parents, my daughter as unique individuals, with amazing paths and beautiful expressions of Divinity shining in my life, they no longer become cut out models of aspects of self that I desperately seek through them. What a freedom!

I feel as though this is an opportunity for all of us on a collective level. So much has happened, we said goodbye to beautiful souls, we had terrifying egos come into power, we had despicable acts against humanity and the environment occur, and yet, in the midst of all of this we were challenged to stay in our joy, to continue to raise our vibration for the good of the whole. There were some situations that our ego couldn’t surmount on it’s own and all that we were left with was the stark reality that some things outside of ourselves would never be under our sole control, but that, despite what happened in the world we were Sovereign beings that got to choose what happened within our consciousness.

Of course, the great paradox here, is that the more I stop trying to control the 3D illusion around me and the more I focus on my internal world, the more things start to seem to straighten out in the matrix, if all of us bring our focus towards our joy and raising our vibration what kind of change and shift might we see on a cosmic level in this next year? The possibilities are endless.

2016 was a year when the Goddess woke us up to the fact that it was time to grow up spiritually, and this meant to stop relying on outside sources to be our Source. The Capricorn Crone is here to take all of our old dependencies from us, to clear us and to leave us as open containers, ready to receive the full lunar and solar light of the Mother/Father Divine within our souls and spirits, readying us to be shining lights upon a new era as a new year dawns.

To all of you, thank you for walking with me this past year and a great many blessings for you into the next year and beyond.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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