Mabon Sifting

The Autumn Equinox is a great day for me, it is a welcoming into the dark season, the season of mystery, spirits, introversion, dreaming, renewal and quiet.

The Autumn is my favourite season, the summer my least. By the end of summer I feel frazzled, burnt out, like I need to pull the shades on the sun and just sink into some crisp air and lay down on some falling leaves.

Energetically the Autumn Equinox, also referred to as Mabon, calls to me to pause and to reflect upon the bounty in my life, a practice that still does not come easily to me. The pause and reflection is my spiritual harvest, my time to weave a web of blessings and abundance actualized that will house and sustain me throughout the colder, more barren months.

While my least favourite season, the summer has it’s blessings that I appreciate. The light gets me out, it is a time that calls for me to be and to give my all, water calls to me in a visceral way and long nights offer me space to feel the openess and vastness of life. I am reminded of my Maiden self and called to step into my Mother as the summer progresses.

Practically we have been called to live a life where my husband is very active in his work during the summer months and not so much at all in the winter months, this has placed us in a position where we are actively living with the wheel of the year. As the frost begins to dissipate he prepares to be back to work, when the sun is beaming hot and long he works long and hot days, and as the Autumn season of magic and mystery begins to envelope us we prepare to welcome him back home for the winter months.

Equinoxes are days of balance, on Mabon we balance the light and the dark, we prepare to transition from the season of light into the season of darkness, Autumn will slowly blow us into the dark, getting darker and colder as it progresses. The dark and the cold have been biased against thanks to the patriarchy that has hailed all that is white, bright and masculine to be of superior elk.

Those of us that remember the Goddess, and many, many more of us do today than ever, remember the beauty of the unknown, we revel in the black stillness of the void and we embody the cool crusts of earth that cause life to freeze and be still.

Summer is an extreme as is Winter. The Equinoxes and the seasons that follow them, Autumn and Spring, are our transitions. Coming from fire into ice is a shock to the system, however, slowly cooling down and slowing down helps my spirit and my soul to settle into the depths of soul searching and spirit expansion that this next half of the year is bringing.

Typically my Autumn Equinox is exactly what most ceremonies call for, a time where I weigh out the balance of light and dark, lunar and solar aspects in my life. This year feels different, perhaps it’s the two eclipses that have just passed, perhaps it is being pregnant that has intensified everything, but, this year I feel as though the Universe did the balancing for me when I wasn’t aware, and it seems that instead a sifting is occurring.

I took a two week hiatus between eclipses from all of my writing, something I haven’t done in years. I still feel as though I am tentatively dipping a toe back in, because while my ego is screaming that I must create, a deeper part within me is calling me to be still and to fully receive what is in my life. My family and the role I play within it feels more sacred and important than ever.

As my daughter awoke to a magically transformed living room, Autumn gifts from Grandfather Autumn, toy and book rotation achieved I lit up at her joy. Later as we took our morning nature walk, this one all the more potent as it was the much anticipated first day of Autumn, I reflected on all that I wasn’t doing this Mabon, no ceremony, no video blog, barely time to write this, I felt momentarily as though my role as a Priestess was vanishing. When Gracious began to ask me about the changing leaves and what season came next and the words “and that’s the wheel of the year,” came out of my mouth a peace descended, this was where my teaching was meant to go this year.

I don’t know what the rest of the season will hold for me, what I do know is that the Goddess is bringing the fruit of my family to my cellar door, the love for my husband, the adoration towards my daughter, the anticipation for our new baby, these are all aspects that are sacred blessings that only I can tend to as a mother and a wife. I am the Goddess to my family and that role is as serious of one as any that I could ever undertake.

I wonder how the eclipses have been blessing or challenging you, is this Mabon different? Do you feel the energy at a heightened rate? What seeds are you cultivating? I would love to share in this magical evening of harvest with you if you feel called to comment.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly


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