April : Dioptase

Dioptase is a rare and expensive gem. Upon researching this stone I realized that the piece I have at home is indeed dioptase. It is a white rock with tiny flecks of shimmering, deep emerald, sea green. I am so grateful to work with this stone this month, as my dioptase was gifted to me and I haven’t yet spent much time with her.

Justin Moikeha Asar writes this about dioptase, ” No mineral on Earth can go as deeply into the heart energies physically and create healing.”

How inspiring. The green ray of this crystal has been calling to me. Not normally a fan of the colour green, I am drawn to the shade of dioptase strongly. It feels fresh, alive, new and resonant with the spring season that we have just recently entered.

I am interested to see what this journey deep into my heart will look like this month. Last month we journeyed into the womb and this month into the heart. The heart and the womb are intimately connected for me, the womb is my portal to my personal intuition, my gut knowledge and my creativity. My heart is the portal to universal intuition, my cosmic knowledge and my dreams.

The heart chakra is the changing station, the space that connects the as below so above frequencies in our bodies and our psyches.

My heart doesn’t feel wounded, that is a statement I didn’t think I would ever be able to write. Yet, I know that there are always deeper layers to be revealed. There are kinder ways that my heart could lead my actions, there are softer responses that an open heart could offer the world through me. There is more presence to be given when I am in my heart and out of my head.

Tonight as I walk around at work with dioptase tucked away into my apron I will rub her frequently and ask to be reminded and shown how I can lead from my heart.

How is dioptase connecting you to your heart right now?

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

image taken from: http://cdn.playbuzz.com/cdn/9d268e22-8bf1-4305-835c-a95e1a4331d4/bf8d92b3-642b-4c70-8fa8-bb43c647668e.jpg


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