April : Dioptase

March Moonstone month moved me <<<<< how’s that for a hypnotic sentence.

Moonstone was working with my womb and I was becoming conscious of preparing for conception. If I conceived in March I would be having a Sagittarius, guess what stone I read is associated with Sagittarius? You guessed it, Dioptase!

It seems as though the months have been progressing with synchronistic messages for me, whether I conceived or not, Sagittarius was on my mind as I prepared for the idea of ushering a little archer into the world and this month’s focus on the crystals is associated with Sagittarius.

Today I fell upon Lunar Days, I’ve read about them and I’m sure I’ve seen them quite a bit when I’ve done my Mayan astrology work, however, today I got right into it after I realized that the day I conceived my daughter and the most fertile day for me last month were both the same lunar day. I then found out that that lunar day is the day my husband was born! To top it off my husband’s lunar day is ruled by the Unicorn, before meeting him I had said that I wanted to marry a Virgo Carpenter with a Unicorn spirit….he is all three of those things. Lastly my lunar day of birth is symbolized by the butterfly, like come on!

I take note of these synchronicities because they remind me that my life is so much larger, vaster and more meaningful than my tiny, narrow worries are. In case you’ve been following my writings, I have a worry problem

From Dioptase to lunar days the Divine is reminding me that there is a Divine plan, not just for the planet, and the cosmo’s, but for me, for my life, for my purpose, for my direction.

Dioptase represents Sagittarius to me right now, a sign I had never thought that I would mother as it is one of the signs that challenges me the most. Dioptase is green and works with the heart, both the colour and chakra that don’t  peak my interest all that much, and yet here I am wondering about a Sagittarius baby and reading about the Emerald power of Dioptase and it’s history with Priestesses and Priests of Atlantis and suddenly I can’t wait to get my hands on some Dioptase (mine is on order) and maybe a Sagittarius baby.

Until my Dioptase arrives (and maybe Sag baby?) I shall envision, connect in meditation and hopeful prayer and happily await a new experience, one that is outside of my norm and comfort and expect expansion and joy in it’s place. I also have a green sparkly crystal atop a piece of white stone that I feel calling to me, I will use this in the space of Dioptase (I suspect it might be a piece of Dioptase) until my crystal arrives.

Have you sought out a piece of Dioptase for yourself yet?

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly


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