March : Moonstone

My flow with Moonstone this month has been magical and thought provoking.

On one hand my regular cycles of habitual patterns and behaviours are still in a slow progress, yet on the other hand the flow of the Goddess is taking me over. Up until now my walk with Goddess has been one of really concentrating on connecting to Her and communing and seeking Her will, since working with Moonstone She feels stronger than my desire to connect, like She is enveloping me.

That is the magical part, things feel similar to when I first began my path, when spiritual truth’s expression in my life was new, when everything felt fresh and inspiring. I have often felt as the years went on like the fish in the fish bowl that can’t identify the water it is in because it is all that it knows. My life has been a dream come true compared to what it was before I first dedicated my life to the Spiral Path, as the water became comfortable I have become accustomed to what it feels like to walk with Spirit and I’ve been longing for a deepening, a stronger sense of Her presence beside me and with me, even if that sense is more of a God sense than a Goddess one or a mystical Creator sense, I don’t care how it appears, only that I feel It with me as I once did. And I am this month as I hold Moonstone close.

A very cool unfoldment for me has been observing how flowing and surrendering to my feminine essence and my emotional life has been creating outward changes. As anyone who knows me or has followed my writings for a while will attest to the fact that I am not a student of manifestation, I don’t practice it and I don’t focus on it. My path is the one of Grace, however, I adore Abraham Hicks and have found that the overall quality of my life does shift if I focus on the vibration that I am emitting.

As I have been overtaken by the watery Goddess essence of the Divine Mother coming through Moonstone, I have been observing how my relationship with my husband is deepening in intimacy, my joy with my daughter has been heightening (which is saying something because she is a constant source of joy in my life), my energy is more abundant (which is in large part to the raw garlic and prenatal I am taking….but that is an outer expression of my inner shift I am sure). My life is improving as I stop the control and sink into surrender and with Moonstone I am eased into surrender without much effort.

The remainder of this month I am doubling down on surrender and all things Goddess, today I pulled the Inner Goddess Card with Financial Flow, imagine that, surrendering more into my feminine essence and magnetizing more flow of finances to me, how amazing would that be?

For now, I am going to jump into the stream of today, aim to stay present in the moment and to follow the tide of the Goddesses stream, where She goes I go.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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