February : Morganite

In his book the Liquid Crystal Oracle, the author connects Morganite with the sparrow totem.

Morganite, as we know, represents love, equality in love and works with the higher dimensions.

Sparrow represents self worth, perseverance and triumph. Sparrows are associated with the heart and throat chakra’s, this explains the connection to Morganite, which is a stone that brings the energies of the upper realm down and into the heart. Sparrow was also believed to be a pet of Aphrodite, who is a Goddess of love.

The lessons that we are presented with from the sparrow totem teach us much about love and equality in love. In Britain the sparrow was a totem of the peasants, they clung to the hope that the small sparrow represented and believed that they too would triumph and survive the oppressive monarchy that they lived under just as the sparrow survives and overcame it’s larger predators. In nature the sparrow bird has survived predators and all manners of climate change, despite her tiny body. Some people believe that Christ was focused on a sparrow bird, the only bird that was around while He was crucified. Though small in stature sparrow has carried big medicine with her for centuries.

It is easy to overlook the sparrow, just like it is easy to overlook love in today’s world. People believe that they long for love, when in actuality they long for adoration, intoxication, enmeshment. True love, unconditional, equal, giving and loyal, is thrown to the wayside in pursuits of self-serving and egoic comforts.

When we walk a conscious path and follow spiritual teachings it can be hard not to feel overwhelmed by the vast contrast between our code of living and the code of living that exists within the patriarchal society that surrounds us. When we hold stones like Morganite close to our hearts, when we call upon animal totems like the sparrow, we are fortified and renewed with hope.

Love is humble, it does not announce itself in loud and gregarious fashions, it sings a sweet song and flitters from one heart to the next. It doesn’t discriminate, it remains when all others have left.

When I think about last month’s lessonss of humility that Amethyst brought and this month’s lessons from Morganite, I see how a map is beginning to be laid from these crystals, through humility I am opening up to a deeper and truer meaning of love.

Morganite has connected me to the persevering giving aspect of love this month and the sparrow totem is reminding me of the sweetness and strength that love contains. Sweet and strong, tiny and triumphant, lasting and delicate. Love reminds us all to re-evaluate how we define the qualities in our life, we see that strength does not come from aggression, continuity does not come from hardness and the large and garish does not equal the triumphant.

The sweet sparrow and the light pink of Morganite are helping me to redefine what strength is. For years I have held a hard shell over my heart, as a very sensitive Scorpio I have been on the hyper vigilant side of watching out for being taken advantage of, seeming weak or dumb, I am learning as I walk with these crystals how to be strong in my softness, how to respond with love rather than defensiveness.

As we prepare to close this month out and to move into March and a focus on Moonstone, I am committing these last few days to practicing love in action, to allowing my sweetness to express itself and to persevering through life’s ups and downs with love as my guide.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

image taken from: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/59/45/8a/59458af2388d083d94327b47d9ff0613.jpg


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