March : Moonstone

I am so excited about March’s gemstone focus.

As we were driving through New Jersey under the full moon I began to ache for Moonstone, I wished that I was wearing her around my neck rather than my Morganite, I wondered if I would pull Moonstone and gave it to the Goddess.

I have just returned from our visit to New Jersey. After driving for two days I showered and entered my meditation room ready for next month’s crystal card to be pulled. I put the thoughts of Moonstone aside for fear of being disappointed if I didn’t pull her. As I was shuffling, a card was literally pushing itself out and into my hand, you guessed it, Moonstone!

I am very excited to get a piece of Moonstone, despite her connection to the Moon and the Goddess and the Ocean and emotions I have yet to feel called to work with her, until now and I her calling me strongly.

If, like me, you will be purchasing a piece of Moonstone for next month but don’t know if it will arrive on time, fear not, I will address how to connect to Moonstone as we wait for the gem to come to us

For now, let’s continue deepening our connection to Morganite and focusing on her lessons of equality in love and go and find the Moonstone that we will work with in a weeks time.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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