Virgo Mother Moon, dedication and flow in the act of service.

Another Mother Moon is upon us. This month it is a Virgo Mother Moon.

For years Virgo has been my favourite sign, I married a Virgo and birthed one! Long before husband and child I was drawn to Virgo’s, I love their demeanour, I love how sincere, how dedicated, how heartfelt and even how hard they are on themselves. As a Scorpio I pride myself in being able to see behind the mask of calm and collected, past the nit picking behaviours to the true heart of the Virgo, the soul that wants to serve, that wants to heal, that wants to please and the sensitive soul that can never live up to the Divine standard that they hold themselves to.

When the moon is full we are called to find balance, we are full emotionally and when we are full we are prepared to shine, to give and to extend. Of course if we give it all away too fast we can burn out, and so balance is called for. Mother Moon’s also nurture our ‘garden’, all of the seeds that we have planted on the new moon, the Crone Moon, have come to fruition and we tend to them and mother them as they bloom strong and full.

There are opposing energies for us to balance during a Mother Moon, not only the energy of give and take, but also the opposing energy of the moon and the sun.

The moon is being influenced by Virgo right now and the sun is being influenced by Pisces. Virgo is the focused, single purposed sign, in Virgo we find one path to dedicate ourselves to and we perfect that path throughout our lifetime. Both Virgo and Pisces are service signs, however, how they serve differs greatly. Virgo serves through their one Divine calling, they are not influenced by their emotions, they are not swayed from their path, they may struggle to maintain their focus and be tempted to step out of line because of other people’s emotional needs, but in the end the Virgo truly believes that perfecting their path is the best way that they can serve others and ultimately to serve the Divine.

Pisces on the other hand is fluid, she swims from one emotional cause to another, she gives up herself in the pursuit of healing others. She is a tough balance of compassion, softness and empathy and unpredictability, unreliability and lack of focus. Pisces is called to give of themselves for others, however they are so sensitive that once a situation begins to feel uncomfortable they swim away, often never to be found again.

This Mother Moon is making matters of service pull at our hearts, we are being called to balance dedicated, practical service with intuitive, compassionate service, with all of this call to give it is of utmost importance that we fill ourselves. Because the two main signs being balanced are serving signs, it is through our connection to the Divine that we will be filled.

Virgo is religiously devoted to their faith and Pisces is intuitively certain of their connection to the mystical realms. Both Virgo and Pisces receive their juice to give from their faith.

That is what I am sitting with today, this balance of service, and being filled.

We have been staying with my in-laws for the past week, tending to my father-in-law who discovered, literally out of nowhere, that he had a brain tumour, which is cancerous only one month ago. I have been called to support him through reassurance, gentleness and encouragement, as well as prayer and energy work. I have been called to support my husband as he grieves and faces deep, deep fears. I have been called to support my mother-in-law as she prepares to be his caretaker as I listen to her memories and continue to firmly suggest that nutrition and homeopathy become a top priority in the home. And I have been supporting my daughter, who in spite of this, has been having a blast visiting with cousins she doesn’t get to see nearly enough, by finding saint like patience with frequent outbursts, screaming and melt downs as her toddler self seeks to process all of the fun and excitement.

I have not had much to give to my craft and so I have been very much influenced by the Piscean energy of the sun, however as the moon has cycled under Virgo the need to connect with my spiritual tribe, to write and to be in my Priestess work has become apparent. Sitting down to write right now is a way that I am filling myself as this is one of the main ways that I connect to the Divine, though creating.

The biggest message that I am receiving today is the reminder that the fluidity of Pisces and her ability to follow cycles and rhythms is well balanced by a Virgo dedication to my personal path. I am glad that I haven’t been pushing myself to complete writing projects this week and I am grateful that when the need began to arise I answered the call and sat down to write.

As we prepare to leave my in-laws my focus is on dedication and cycles and rhythms. In my marriage my husband is going to need more of my love and support for the next while and I will give this, writing less on some days than I normally would otherwise. I have dedicated my life to serve and love him as an expression of the Divine Masculine, God, in the flesh, that dedication means that I flow with the cycles that life presents the both of us as we continue to grow and evolve through life experiences. That dedication means that when he has less to give me I stand by him and give more and that when he has more to give me I receive him with an open heart.

As I give more during this cycle I will remain dedicated to my marriage and to my Priestess path outside of our marriage through continuing my personal growth and offerings when the space arises.

For tonight, I will focus on the balance of commitment and flexibility within the avenue of service and love, how will you spend tonight’s Mother Moon?

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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