February : Morganite

February 1st has arrived and with it a new crystal focus has begun.

I am keenly aware of the fact that my Amethyst is sitting in my coat pocket right now, floating aimlessly amongst the black down. One of the aspects that I learn so much from in my Prietessing is the importance of creating space, holding a sacred container for the work that I do, this entails conscious beginnings and endings. I was ready to jump into February and explore Morganite, however, I will make some time today to thank the Amethyst for all that she has channeled for me in this past month and to complete my month with her, next month I plan on doing my completion on the last day of the month. My year-long plan is to collect each crystal that I work with over this year and create an altar with them, Amethyst will be the first on the altar.

I didn’t own a piece of Morganite and no longer live in a city where crystals are as easily accessible as they once were. I turned to online shopping, I was very leery, I have always shopped for crystals in a tactile manner. I would wait until one called to me and I was in love. I used to visit crystal shops weekly, often longing for a new crystal but leaving empty handed because none had called to me, I hadn’t had that ‘click’ that I was looking for.

Online shopping for my Morganite was an act of faith. To begin, I was amazed at how expensive Morganite is, I had seen the picture of Morganite and figured it was similar to Rose Quartz, which is so reasonably priced, I was mistaken, I am curious to discover the other ways that Morganite differs from Rose Quartz this month. I found that a lot of engagement rings are made with Morganite, not surprising considering it’s connection to universal love. I went from web page to web page, looked through Etsy and finally turned to Instagram. I searched the term Morganite and found a lovely piece, reasonably priced and it was on a chain. Normally I prefer crystals that I hold, but this one just felt right, I knew my heart chakra wanted this piece on top of it, I followed the page to it’s Etsy home, read the description and was sold, I found, to my pleasant surprise that I had fallen in love online. I felt my Morganite immediately and I continued to feel her as she was in transit and on her way to me.

When she arrived I put her to the side, and anxiously awaited today. This morning I took her out of her packaging and sat with her in our meditation room, I merged my vibration with hers and set my intention. I cleared away any excess energy she may of had, though she felt quite clear, and then I put her on. She is beautiful, so beautiful that my two year old has been trying to get me to give it to her.

I read the first portion of the writing on Morganite today and marvelled at how the Universe teaches me. Morganite is such a February stone, it is all about love, the giving and the receiving of it and this month is made popular by our western celebration of Valentine’s Day, what a perfect card to have pulled for this month’s focus.

What stuck out to me right away was that Morganite is associated with Equality in Love, which is so much different than our human sense of love, during this month when couples celebrate their love and people long for romance in their life, Morganite is coming up to the surface to remind us about the true energy of love. It is Universal, it may express itself romantically at times, yet it is so much more than romance.

We often confuse second chakra emotional experiences with fourth chakra Universal love, Universal love is not personal, it is an energy that pervades everything and shines upon everyone, no questions asked. Universal love just is.

Although love has felt like such a soft and flowery intention to me for years, just recently it has become a true and deep intention of mine. Love no longer seems like a soft and easy intention, the mystery of love, the beauty of it and the depths of it have begun to tug at my consciousness over the past six months, in fact my intention for 2016 was to respond with love. I am inspired and open to deepening my experience of and understanding of true love as we journey this month with the Universal Love of Morganite. I look forward to the support and wisdom that Morganite will offer and to our journey with this crystals for February.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly


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