January: Amethyst

I am finally going to write about the Master Saint Germaine cleansing process that I have been referencing all month. This process was taught to me from the first Priestess I ever trained under.

Of course we are almost done our month of deepening our connection to Amethyst, however, this is a process that you may choose to use always, I used it for years and am going to start using it again.

Before having a child my nighttime routine was much richer and deeper than my morning one. I would spend an hour praying, meditating, reading cards, burning candles and taking my time. In the morning I was often groggy and a bit rushed to get out to work. Since having a child my mornings are long and lazy, we take our time getting out of bed, head over to the meditation room, say prayers, pull cards, I do a reading and meditate and listen to Abraham Hicks as we brush our teeth, it’s lovely. Come nighttime when my daughter is finally in bed I’m scrambling to watch some Netflix with my husband, get some alone time with him and squeeze in general downtime before she cries out for me to go up and nurse her a multitude of times before I finally just join her in bed (nobody told me this would happen well beyond the first year!) and so my prayers are often prayed in the dark as I fight sleep and my meditations are quick and not that deep. I have been feeling the pull to commit to a nighttime routine again, one that will involve performing it right after my daughter falls asleep, this is the prime time for my biggest stretch of uninterrupted time and I will be committing it to my Spirit rather than my comfort. I strongly feel that this month with Amethyst is what has called this commitment forward.

One of the practices I will be implementing is calling upon Master Saint Germaine’s violet flame. This process is quite simple and it is lovely and magical. Here’s what you do.

1) Stand upright with soft knees and feet firmly planted on the floor, tailbone slightly tucked.

2) Raise both of your arms above your head with your palms upright, facing the sky.

3) Call on Master Saint Germaine, “I call on the violet flame of Master Saint Germaine, come and cleanse me now please.”

4) Feel and envision a violet flame of pure consciousness flooding down and cleansing your entire body and auric field. Feel this flame cleanse you and then fill your entire being with radiant, strong, protective, wise, spiritual light.

5) Wait for both of your hands to drop down limp, this will be an indication that you are full and cleansed. Your hands will drop intuitively and be your body’s way of communicating with you. Sometimes one of my hands would fall before the other, I would just wait for the other hand to drop as well.

6) Give thanks and get ready for bed.

This is a lovely practice to clear oneself from any accumulated energy, thought systems, stories, illusions from the outside world and other people that might have been absorbed unconsciously, Master Saint Germaine will burn away the illusions and fill us with pure consciousness.

Master Saint Germaine is an ascended master and is associated with Amethyst, what a perfect way to wind down our month with Amethyst.

Give the sacred violet flame a try and let me know how your experience is.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

image taken from: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/JF7mSv8QbFM/maxresdefault.jpg


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