Capricorn Crone Moon, Wisdom to Know the Difference

I was off by one day with this Crone Moon that is in Capricorn.

I have very little to say on the matter, this is the first Crone Moon (new moon) of 2016 and we are just getting fired into a Mercury retrograde. I feel icky, unsettled and off balanced. Life is going way too fast for me and I am seeking a balance between my will and the will of the Divine.

I am contemplating following my bliss and surrendering to a Divine Will that may seem contrary to what I want but ultimately be guiding me towards my highest good. I am trying to reconcile staying out of my will with making my own decisions.

The Crone Moon empties us as the wisdom of the ancestors fill us up, the Capricorn Goddess is the Crone, she is matriarch and she works hard to accomplish her goals.

Tonight I let go of my will, let go of what I think I want and open myself up to receiving some divine guidance.

I hope this moon is feeling gentler to you than it is to me.

Grace Be With You
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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