January: Amethyst

I did something today that I haven’t done in years, something that I fondly recall doing diligently 12.5 years ago when my life took a sudden giant leap onto the path that I now walk. I excused myself after dinner and went upstairs to meditate.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am an avid meditator, I do it diligently every morning and night and often for quick little spurts throughout the day. Once upon a time I used to have a set early evening meditation time as well. Tonight, after exhausting my brain memorizing a script for a play that I am performing in in one month’s time and a menu for the new job that I just started my mind begged for calm.

I know that it is the Amethyst working through me. Amethyst is known for her highly spiritual properties and is a perfect meditation companion as she lifts us up into the spirit realm with relative ease. I held her in my palm and went within and was so happy to find that this was one of those rare meditations where I actually felt something, I felt ease, lightness, soaring beyond my body while still remaining with my body (a recent development, I used to on occasions like these leave my body and then I would feel like I was going to seizure and have to break my meditation). Thankfully I am a firm believer that all meditations are potent, whether we feel anything or not because most of my meditations are like a calming pause within but without any of the fun floaty inspirational vibes that I got this evening.

I gave thanks to my crystal for boosting my mediation and then opened my book to read the next excerpt about Amethyst. Here is the part that really resonated with me tonight: “If Amethyst has come to you today, your spirit is asking for a pathway of creation in your physical life.”

That line spoke to me as I had just spent the past hour memorizing lines for the play that is coming up and our rehearsals are becoming much more involved now that playtime is almost here which is calling forth more from me as an actor. This line reminded me that my artistic leanings, my desire to act, to write, to paint, to dance are all inspired, they are in spirit, spirit moves me and becomes creations through me. The nature of Source is that of a Creator and so the closer I am to the Creator the more I feel moved to create. Conversely, acts of creating can bring me into greater alignment with Source. When I remember being a morose maiden I think about the first time I entered a drama camp, finally something lit me up, I suspect that this was my first real intimate connection to Source, the acting brought me closer to Goddess.

“To really receive the messages that Amethyst has for you, the mind will have to be disciplined into a passive state and you will have to step away from your mortal side that is concerned about money and other physical stuff.” <<< that line really excited me. I had just written my ‘When Love is Enough’ article for Sage Woman blog the other day and in it I mention my huge attachment to security. Right now my husband is laid off for the winter season and I am waitressing to bring in a little extra money, money is tight for the next few months, but everything has been flowing. If I don’t focus too much on the numbers (we remain responsible) and stay in the vibration of love (a new revelation from this crystal, see the Sage Woman article for more on that) then I can stay in a pretty serene state. Well, today when I was visiting with a newer friend and her daughter our first hydro bill arrived, I was prepared for a big one, we have deposits, yet when I opened it and saw the number I was floored. I excused myself and called the company, found out that the number was indeed correct, but would only be that high for this first month. I paused, went within and said “okay Goddess, we need an extra $___ for this month. Goddess’ grace is my sufficiency” when the thought came up for me a few more times I would repeat that prayer/affirmation, within three hours my husband received a large lump sum for back payment from Ei, more than we need. I was so comforted to watch these spiritual laws in action. I didn’t ask for money, I don’t pray for things. But I recognized a need and rather than go into my ego of fear and panic like I normally would , I reverted to my old disciplined ways, the way I practiced spirituality before becoming a Mom, and I brought the need to Spirit and it was fulfilled.

I had just been contemplating the other night how surrender to spiritual principles felt risky now that I am a Mom, I wanted to start letting go and falling back into surrender and witnessing how my family was provided for when I let go of the reigns, today was wonderful practice with fantastic results.

“Your path is within you, meditate, take time and breathe, don’t seek to change the world, change yourself and the world around you will change.” That pretty much sums up the path to grace perfectly.

That is my big chunk of truth to digest for today.

Grace Be With You
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly


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