January: Amethyst

On Saturday my husband, daughter and I travelled an hour west to visit our best friends, we left early in the morning and arrived at my daughter’s bedtime. I forgot my Amethyst at home &#X02639

Because I had set intention with this crystal and have been connecting with her so diligently I found that I was able to call upon her presence throughout the day and sense her essence with me. It was a great comfort. I prefer to have at least one stone on me at all times, I reach for it in my pocket often and am grounded, inspired and comforted by it’s presence. Even though I couldn’t hold her in a tactile sense, she was with me.

That night in meditation I called upon the ultraviolet light of Adhara and was lifted into dimensions of light and stars and spirit, it was an exhilarating experience. I will be sure to do more research on Adhara and to work with Master Saint Germaine’s violet flame more throughout this month.

Today I had a chance to soak in a warm, lush infused bath. I took my Liquid Crystal Oracle book with me and read the next portion of writing about Amethyst. The author wrote about the red ray that Amethyst possesses, as well as purple, which Amethyst is so popular for, there is a red ray which vibrates with this crystal. The red ray gives Amethyst a grounding ability and when balanced with the purple ray Amethyst becomes a stone that brings spiritual wisdom down into the physical realm and into the mortal mind.

I was pleasantly inspired and amazed to read this portion, because, as a Priestess my role is to be the conduit between both realms, the spirit and the physical. The fact that this crystal, this highly spiritual and also grounding crystal chose to be my first crystal to connect with me for this year long’s journey gave me comfort and acknowledgement that I am being guided and cared for by my spirit guardians. Amethyst it seems is the perfect crystal for a Priestess.

Today it is this Priestess quality of Amethyst that I am connecting to, I am asking Amethyst to strengthen my Priestess abilities and to rise me up to higher realms than ever before and to ground me deeper than ever.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly


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  1. I love reading your segments about the crystals and the deck sounds beautiful. I, too have a collection of crystals and I am observing my own amethyst and learning from what you have written. Thank you!


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