Cancer Mother Moon, Mother Mary’s Nurturing Love on Christmas Day

What a blessing tonight’s Mother Moon is.

In Feminine Mysticism we acknowledge the full moon as the Mother Moon because a full moon is fertile and full of light, just like the Mother phase of life.

This is a Cancer Mother Moon full and bright on Christmas day.

Cancer is the sign of the Divine Mother, she is a nurturing, psychic, lunar sign that is ruled by the moon, when the Mother Moon is in Cancer all aspects of motherhood, nurturance, the home and family are intensified. Mother Moons are about empowering and growing matters of the heart and the emotions, on the Crone Moon (new moon) we release and on the Mother Moon we fertilize all that we are full of.

Tonight’s moon is a warm blessing that blankets all of us as we gather on Christmas day. Though Christmas is a pagan holiday that was overtaken by the church, for me it has always been a moment of warmth, tenderness and security in the dark of the year.

Still revelling in the magic of the solstice that just passed today was a day of celebration, abundance and family for me. My dear daughter has been so excited for Christmas, this was the first year that she began to understand what was to come enough to anticipate this day…poor bug got sick on the 23rd. As I snuggled her and napped with her and held her fuzzy red Christmas pyjamaed self in my arms I was filled with a tenderness and love that has only been fully realized since becoming a mother myself. I felt the Cancer Mother Moon shining through my heart and offering her essence of universal Mother love to my daughter through me.

A Priestess is a conduit that connects the heavenly realms with the earthly ones, today I was tuned in to both realms, the realm of the moon and the earth as the day flowed by in a comfortable and loving manner. Cancer Moon is all about flow, the mother that goes where she is needed when she is needed and I did just that.

I have been expanding my circle of attachment for my daughter as my husband and I settle into this small town. Since being in our new home I have watched as my daughter formed nurturing attachments to my parents and my husband’s mother. I have been researching about the psychological benefits that children who are attached to at least three primary caregivers receive and have felt inspired at this new phase of life that my daughter is embarking on.

Tonight as I played cards and my husband played scrabble with our extended family, I watched as my daughter bounced from Grandma to Auntie, to Uncle, to Grandpa and I felt the Cancer Mother Moon enchanting our whole family as we all shared in nurturing this perfect soul that I have been blessed to be assigned to in this lifetime.

As I witnessed this I relaxed, the past few weeks have been tight for me as we waited for a few financial situations to flow in the direction we were hoping they would, they all came together in the past few days, and today I was worry free.

When it was time to go back to our home my husband, daughter, bonus mother and I stepped out into the dark and the beautiful full silver moon greeted us, I paused and looked up at her and said a simple prayer “thank you so much for everything.”

When I was a child the Christmas season was a guaranteed time of safety and security, I felt as though the world was all in it together and celebrating and loving, and the presents that many of us are concerned about contributing to over consumerism, to me were an expression of abundance and joy.

Once I became an adult and moved across the country Christmas became a time to retreat from my busy life and to reconnect with family and old friends, it was a break from reality and I knew that once January 2nd came it was back to the hectic bustle of everyday life.

This Christmas I felt so grounded and secure, I felt that presence of the Divine Mother watching over me. Today wasn’t a break from a life that I will return to, it was a blessed day of gathering, celebrating, loving, sharing and receiving. I am at home and I am provided for and I am blessed beyond measure.

The final essence of this day that lifted me up was the Mary energy. For a very long time Mary Magdalene called to me, with the advent of my pregnancy it was Mother Mary that began to inspire me, She is the energy that I connect with still two years into my motherhood. I thought about her today birthing the Divine in the flesh. I reflected upon the strength of faith that it would have taken for her to hold to the truth of the Christhood in the child she had birthed and about the sacrifice that giving her child to the world cost her.

Another mother told me once when my daughter was a few months old that motherhood was one long goodbye, how profoundly true that is. To think that we have a Divine Mother that loves us with Her very being and is continually ready to release us to our own will and ever ready to receive us when we call upon Her. What a comfort, what a joy, what an awesome and unbelievable gift that is.

Tonight, as the Cancer Mother Moon shines her silvery beams down upon us I am fertilizing my faith in the Divine Mother, I am clinging to Her bosom and asking that my roots in Her be strengthened and intensified so that I may feel Her holding me as close as I feel Her holding me tonight.

Merry Christmas to you all.
Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly.

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