We Rise up for you Paris

In times like these, when the Western world becomes aware of their vulnerability we have a choice, a choice to fall into the deep unending well of fear, a well in which we will find anger, vengeance, judgement, racism, hatred, condemnation and a myriad of other forms of pain externalized, to cling to.

Or we can raise our eyes and our hearts up.

In looking back we find a patriarchal history that has involved mass killing sprees, rapes and battles of the strongest and the sneakiest who have claimed stake to the land that they now reside on, or the religion that they now so proudly worship. A past in which humanity accepted this as the way of life, the strongest survived.

As our eyes and hearts scan how we have evolved as a society we will find that something has been shifting for hundreds of years now. We as a whole no longer accept acts of aggression as an acceptable mode of communication or as a means to claim a place or a belief system.

We have awakened, we are continuing to awaken.

How we view what has transpired over the past 24 hours is a choice. We can see the outrage, the vast numbers of our population rising up in an uproar as a call to battle, or we can view this as a collective “no”, a refusal to digress into old, outdated means of living. We are outraged because this is not our norm anymore. The solution is not to lower our vibration, it is to raise it, to raise it so high that the people who have not yet caught the wave of love that has been transforming our world can no longer resist the call to rise up in consciousness, we can turn the tides of humanity in such a way that one day, perhaps not so far away, there will no longer be the option to massacre.

As we choose to rise up in love, we grieve, our hearts open and we sorrow, we sorrow for the senselessness, for the loss, for the tragedy and the devastation that this outdated way of being has wrought on us all.

We stand with you France, we stand with you in a fierce determination to love and to refuse to lower our vibration and our intention despite any aggressive act of violence, we will not negotiate our vibration with terrorists, we are here and we will be by your side as you face the aftermath of this senselessness.

Grace Be with you , now and always.
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly


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