Aries Mother Moon, Surrendering into the arms of the Mother

This month’s Mother Moon (full moon) is an Aries Mother Moon and she is full of lunar magic and great, transformative waves of energy, to read about the details of her many aspects this month (full, eclipse, blood, final series in the tetrad) visit the post on my Facebook page at:

All of this energy comes bubbling up just days after the Autumn Equinox, the Equinox that came as a surprise for me in that the intensity and friction that I experienced was completely unexpected. I am receiving yet another surprise today, as I prepared for a greater influx of intensity, friction and heat with this moon and have found that I am more placid, serene and quiet than I generally ever am, and on a blood moon eclipse in Aries! I almost feel satiated, as if the energies of this month have amped me up, taken me to the brink and finally busted me open, and now I am just a bunch of floating atoms in the arms of Mama Luna.

The Aries Mother archetype is a fiercely devoted and strong mother energy, she is loyal to her children, she is boundless in her energy and initiates a myriad of activities, adventures and playtime with them. This Aries Mother Moon is cradling me today, she is chuckling softly as she strokes my weary head, allowing me to rest before life’s next adventure comes my way. Aries is confident and a trail blazer, when the Goddess expresses Herself as Aries to me I am reminded that there is a Presence that is bigger than my human conception that knows the ways of my heart and how to actualize them in a much more graceful and smooth manner than I can.

This eclipse is reminding me about my path, the shadow aspects that are being revealed are relieving to me, I am being shown area’s that I have veered out of grace and yet, there is something comforting about this revelation as I am also being shown how the path of grace that I float down keeps me close, and how she drew me in before I had even realized I had swam away.

I do not practice manifestation, I practice grace. Usually. This summer I became so wound up wondering where our family was going that I stopped awakening and allowing the Great Mother to unfold my day for me. I began to practice manifestation, it came easily to me, and while I knew that this is not my path it didn’t seem to be causing any harm. At first I just manifested a better feeling living environment. And then I manifested a new car (thankfully at the last minute I turned that manifestation over to grace and received a much smoother experience) and then I decided I was done waiting on Spirit (even though I hadn’t been waiting at all) and I began working on manifesting our new home. And lo, all that I put in came to be, minus the closets, somehow I ended up with very little closets again. I was elated and felt as though perhaps I had gotten it wrong, perhaps I was meant to manifest.

A week after manifesting our new home, on the lake, in the country with a huge backyard and tons of space inside, I began to get a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. It caught my attention at once, I am used to a head full of worry and doubt and can generally push that aside, but this feeling in my gut, I knew that was something else. After consulting with a few advisors I decided to wait and to see, the long story short is that this dream that I manifested is not what is serving me or my family best. When I admitted this, when I began to open up to the Goddess and ask for Her solution I received a phone call the very same day with an invitation to go and to view what is now going to be our new home in a month. It is a 10 minute walk from my parents in the one city I was adamant I never wanted to live in again. Yet the moment I walked into this home I was at peace, when I feel into where I was led and where we are being led, I am at peace, once again, as the Course in Miracles teaches “I do not know what anything is for,” and I do not know what will bring me the greatest joy and peace.

Grace is the power of the Divine showing up as exactly what I need and what will mot fulfill me and grace knows infinitely more than my imagination does. A few days before this surrender a friend of mine texted me out of the blue with a simple question “how do you define grace?” as I responded to her the first dawning of having wandered off of my path became apparent.

The details of the unfolding of the past few days of my life are in my Equinox post. Tonight, I feel a deep relief, this intense energy that is affecting so many people feels like a confirmation that I am not in control, something that, despite my often controlling behaviour, comes as a great comfort to me.

While the moon is eclipsed and the red of the moon shines bright in the sky, I draw my family close to me, my husband and my beloved, my extended family, my city family, my earth family and my family of ancestors that flow through my blood despite their having left their bodies. The blood symbolism of this moon reminds me that all of us under the moon are sisters and brothers, that the blood that flows through our veins connects us as the human race. I am reminded that the deeper I fall into grace and the deeper I surrender to that grace the higher I am able to rise up in vibrational frequency, this elevation means that I get to contribute to a fraction of the awakening of my earth family as my blood shifts in frequency the bloodline of the human race rises up a little higher.

The deeper we fall into grace, every meditation, every prayer, every action of love and devotion shapes the entire energetic blueprint of our human species. This great and larger than life moon is reminding me that I alone get to participate in shaping the future of the human race, even if the ripples I create are imperceptible to my human sense.

The Aries archetype is the great I AM energy of the Divine incarnated as a full and whole being, the Libra sun that is balancing this moon, carries with it actions of peace, harmony and love for all.

I feel an integration of my independent self that has her own desires and dreams with the part of me that is fully conscious of my affect on every living being on earth. Grace bridges the gap between independence and communal merging, grace brings my truest hearts desires to fruition and grace uses me as an instrument to be that fulfillment for others.

For tonight, I open up fully to the Aries Mother Moon, I receive her full supermoon energy and I allow her to shine her blood red light on the shadow aspects within. How will you open, receive and journey with this lunar wave of energy tonight, and how will all that you receive tonight be given back to the whole?

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

image taken from: earth_goddess_by_coby01-d8xx7q7.jpg


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