Capricorn Mother Moon, Following the Direction of your Heart

This month’s Mother Moon is in Capricorn. In past posts I have mentioned the qualities of a full moon, or as I call it, a Mother Moon. In short, Mother Moons are balancing moons, they bring high emotional energy and are fertile times to feed that which your heart and soul desire. Each moon is influenced by the sign that she is falling under at the time.

A Capricorn Mother Moon is balancing the lunar energy of Capricorn, the matriarch, the elder, ambitions and success with the solar energy of Cancer, the mother, the homemaker, the empath and the psychic. The moon is the ruler of Cancer and Capricorn is Cancer’s opposite, so tonight the energies get turned around as the lunar Cancer is sitting in the sun and her opposite sign is ruling the moon.

This particular Mother Moon has been coming in strong for me. I have been investigating my houses this month and have come to realize that not only is my personal sun and moon in each other’s opposite signs, solar Scorpio and Lunar Taurus, but each house that I have is ruled by the opposite sign. For example, my rising sign is in Libra which means that my first house is ruled by Libra and the first house is lead by Aries, Libra is Aries opposite, this goes on for every other house that I have. How this ties into the moon is that Capricorn rules my fourth house, the house guided by Cancer, Capricorn is also my personal Venus sign which in shamanic astrology rules my feminine essence, my Goddess self. Before I realized that this month’s Mother Moon was a Capricorn one that was around the corner, the Capricorn Goddess energy was calling to me to learn more about her and more about her impact on my life.

This Mother Moon is calling me to balance out my personal ambitions for my family with my ability to love and nurture my family exactly where we are. With Capricorn in my fourth house, the house of home and family, and my feminine essence being ruled by Capricorn, I have been very out of sorts settling into our new area that we have moved to, my ambitious Capricorn energy has bene yearning for the life that we are ultimately building. We are still living with my family and my husband is working, but not at his dream job. I am continuing to fulfill our vision of me as a stay at home mom and working very hard to get into the flow of what is rather than being in the strict, hard edged task master of getting us up and out of the situation that we are in and into the prosperous country lifestyle that we are dreaming.

I have spent the past week doing a made up seven day Abraham Hicks challenge with my best friend out West. Each day we connected to a new truth from Abraham, I have been seeking out specific talks that will inspire me and have been focusing on being in my vortex, being an attractor rather than a taskmaster. The matriarchal energy that rules my feminine self and is ruling the moon tonight can get quite stern and rigid, this is an energy that sets everyone on edge around me, especially my hard working husband. As I’ve been settling into the flow and working at following and allowing and trusting a little bit more my days have been finding more ease, and so has my marriage.

Tonights moon for me is all about feeding my dreams, my inner visions and my hopes with the ambitious, determined successful energy of the Capricorn Moon. The Cancer Sun is inspiring me to let go, to get into the vibrational realm and the Capricorn energy is impelling me to move forward in my tasks, while staying out of other people’s tasks. My task is to create a loving nest at home, to guide and raise my daughter, to encourage and to uplift my husband, to commit to my Priestess work and to share the inspiration that comes my way. How the rest of it unfolds is in the lap of the Great Mother, the true Matriarch.

Tonight, as the strong and wise Capricorn Moon shines down upon you, you can take her lunar beams and direct them towards your own hopes and dreams, allowing the ambitious and determined energy to direct your life in the direction of your heart’s true desire.

Grace Be With You on tonight’s Moon,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly
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