Gemini Crone Moon, Lightening up my mind and getting Free

Tonight is the Gemini Crone Moon, the new moon, and this light, airy moon feels far away as if it is shining in the fairy realm with a promise to take me there if I will open up to her.

When the moon is new and in her Crone phase it is time to release, to let go of everything that is no longer serving us. In moons past, before the dawn of electrical light and artificial birth control, women who bled, all bled at the same time of the month, during the Crone moon. As the women bled they gathered in red tents and the Crones of the tribe filled their emptying vessel with wisdom, knowledge, stories and teachings.

During the Crone moon when women gather together, whether they are bleeding or not, they too can release with the moon and receive of her wisdom. This is a time of low energy for women, so gathering in groups is a nurturing and strengthening act.

A Gemini Crone moon is a light and airy one, this watery planet is being influenced by the flirty, fairy like Gemini archetype which is all about fun, play, ideas, exploration, communication and thinking, thinking, thinking. This is a Crone moon, the phase of the moon that is wise and full of wisdom to teach us, the Gemini Crone moon is encouraging us to examine the thoughts that no longer serve us, to become aware of our inner voice and how we speak to ourselves and to pay attention to how we communicate about our emotions and our feelings (the moon guides our emotional self). I have a favourite astrologer to listen to every month about the Crone and Mother moon, Astrologer Coach Sonja Francis, her youtube video today was fantastic:

During the past Sagittarius Mother Moon :, I wrote about beginning to live life as an adventure despite the intense month that I had been having. The very next day I began my moon cycle and released a lot of pent up, fearful, anxious energy, so when the Crone moon rolled around tonight I was happy to feel as though a very large portion of me was already cleared. When I bled I let go of the tight grip that I was having on the outer realm, my hyper focus on how my family’s life was going to unfold after our big move, on the job my husband would get, the house we would find, when we would leave my parents house, how long we could stay if we needed to, when we would try for a second child……the thoughts go on and on and on. Being a Scorpio it isn’t the thoughts that drag me down, it’s the following sensations that are born from such fear based thinking, the dread, anxiety, terror, panic and mania that live within my gut, my womb space, I let it all go when the blood began to flow, Scorpios feel deep and intensely and emotions fuelled by such negative thinking was all too much for me, the release that I had was such a blissful cessation to this crazy loop I had become stuck in.

From my moon time just after the Mother moon until this Crone moon my focus has been on recommitting to a reliance on the Goddess. My mind and my emotions became so busy that I was forgetting to leave space for the Creator to move in my life, I was running on all cylinders and there was no space for Spirit to move. I stopped last week and wrote out a question, I signed the paper and placed it on my altar, I promised myself and the Divine Mother that I would wait at least three days before re-examining the issue. My mind inevitably would wander to the topic, but I would gently nudge it back to the present, the question was in the process of being answered, in less than 24 hours I had my answer, and I had a reconfirmation that when I wait and when I surrender my will a Power greater than my human self answers. I went out the next day and purchased a wooden box, my Goddess box where I am now taking each concern or question one by one and placing them in the Goddess box, to be left unexamined until an answer begins to dawn.

For tonights moon I had prepared the second Goddess Gathering for this small rural town that I have moved back to. I began a Facebook page for women in the area and so far there are 9 members, tonight however it was my Mother and I that gathered together, the other women haven’t come….yet. Mom and I had another lovely gathering, we discussed our connection to the land that we are living on. The topic I had chosen for this month’s gathering was wildly opposite the moon’s energy, it was all about our personal connection to the land that we live on, I pondered my decision making process and realized that a little earth focus could add some grounding to the airy Gemini sun and moon that we have right now. As we began to share, it was my beliefs, my thoughts about this land that I was ready to release, I smudged them away and discussed the spiritual practice that needs to come into my mind, the conscious focus that I need to be aware of daily, I saw as our gathering unfolded how the Gemini influence was guiding me. While the topic had been about the earth it was my minds connection to the earth that was the focus for me. My old beliefs about where I grew up continued to pop up to haunt me as I struggled through the insane mercury retrograde that just passed, I sent those beliefs floating up into the sky on a puff of sage smoke. I called upon Spirit’s help to become simpler, more present and more focused in my mind about what I allow my mind to ruminate on.

This time with my Mother was easy, it was fun and it was so much more comfortable than when I was nervous last month about the intimacy of gathering together. Coming together under the new moon with my Mom is strengthening a bond that her and I once had so tightly, one that space and distance began to loosen as my Mom began to protect her heart from the goodbyes of every visit and as I pulled away in my quest for full autonomy. We are back together now, her safe that goodbyes are done and me grounded and secure in my sense of self as an independent woman outside of her Mother’s nest (minus our nesting in her nest right now 😉

The message that I am taking away from this month’s Crone Moon is to be mindful of the thoughts that I entertain, to be kind in how I think and speak to myself and to watch the words and thoughts that I use towards others and towards life. I don’t believe that our thoughts create our reality, I believe the Creator and Grace is much more magical than our limited thoughts, however I do believe that my thoughts create my perception of reality and I don’t want to miss another magical moment of life being trapped in my limited human mind.

The Crone is wise, she has lived a full life, this wise Crone Moon in Gemini has a lifetimes worth of fun, playful, curious tales to teach my serious soul about. This Gemini Crone moon is inspiring me to lighten up and to have fun and to think brighter, happier thoughts and I hope she does the same for you too.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly


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