Sagittarius Mother Moon, Living Life as an Adventure

This Sagittarius Full Moon marks one full month since my family and I moved across country.

I am a full moon baby, I was born on the full moon, or as I call her the Mother Moon as was my daughter. Mother Moons are a comfortable energy for me, they are full, loony, bright, emotional, emotive, watery, these intense beams of lunar luminescence suit me well. However, this month my beloved Mother Moon is ruled by the Sagittarius Goddess Archetype and Sag and I don’t get along nearly as well as the magical moon and I do.

Sagittarius is fiery bright rather than icy lunar bright, she is unfiltered and hot headed rather than calculated and cool, Sag is optimistic to the point of laughing at the very real fears and concerns of the more serious and introspective souls like myself

I have been living this past month with my Sagittarius father we have an intensely challenging past that has since been cleared away as much as it can over the ten years that I have lived afar. Us sharing a living space with my daughter as my husband and mother are out to work has been enlightening.

Tonight’s moon is highlighting all that I am facing right now, all that is coming up to be transcended. This does not feel like a healing time, I have had many moons of those, rather do I feel the archer daring me to overcome and to transform the root of patterns that were created due to conditioning from the one person I am now spending most of my time with.

This is not comfortable.

What this Sagittarius Mother Moon is illuminating in me is the need to resonate to my own frequency. Mother Moons are balancers, they are full and beaming and opposing the full and hot sun. The Gemini Sun, is inspiring me to be curious about my life, to seek out a new home, new job opportunities for my husband, new rhythms for my daughter and I and new ways to show up in my family of origin. Gemini is ruled by Mercury which is currently retrograde and kicking my butt a bit, so a lot of this curiosity and dreaming of new beginnings, something that isn’t very comfortable to my Scorpio Sun (death and endings)/Taurus Moon (rooted and stationary) self as it is, feels halted. Balancing this sun’s energy is the Sagittarius Mother Moon that is calling for me to be adventurous in my heart, in matters that, well matter to me. Sagittarius is calling for me to toughen up a bit emotionally, to get excited and to venture out into the unknown. Sigh. These past moon’s I have written on have been so comfortable and easy for me, this energy is not my native energy, this energy is the grain of sand that will turn into a pearl.

My morning began with a firm resolution to be the Mother of my family and to co-exist with my alpha father without bending to his will. I am firm in my resolution to do this without fighting or being harsh, I am committed to being non-resistant and solid. While him and my daughter were out on their morning walk I began the day with a half-moon yoga practice. When my little Maiden returned she wanted to read cards and so we intended to pull for this full moon, I pulled Ostara: New Beginnings, Vesta: Home and the fairy card Dreams Coming True. Such hopeful cards!

I am believing in the blessings that this co-house of grandparents, parents and toddlers is creating. I am believing in the blessings that my daughter is receiving during this time and the relief that we are receiving as we build our nest egg a little more and wait to be led to our perfect home.

I am also hopping onto this Mother Moons lunar beams and riding the waves of optimism, I am choosing to be inspired by what can be and to treat this time as an adventure. When I had first moved out west my employers wife would tell me, “Candise, life is an adventure to be lived, not a problem to be solved.” So this quiet, abundance of time with my daughter, father and I will be the adventure that I live daily. I will learn to be in tune with the Great Mother Tao and to observe with love the patterns and conditioning that he is in without taking them on. And I will revel in the adventure of being pilgrims, setting down new roots in new land and creating a new life for our nuclear family.

I invite you to allow the Sagittarius Mother Moon to take your hand tonight, to light up your heart and to give you the daring boldness to jump into the actualization of your hearts truest desires, letting go of the lower vibrations that would hold you back, allow the archer to shoot you forward into the life of your dreams and live this life as an adventure.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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