Mother’s Day, the honour of the Great Mother

Ever since I walked into my role as a Priestess I have loved Mother’s Day, it is a day when one of the greatest gifts that the Goddess offers us, Herself as our Mother is honoured on a microcosmic level. Whether they are aware of it or not, each person that honours their mother, honours the Great Mother that shines through her.

From this inspired vantage point I would walk around on this day, feeling Mother Earth’s heart beat drumming under my feet a little louder, I would see Her bounty a little brighter and more abundant as the collective consciousness paused for a day to uphold the importance of the Great Mother. This day is a deeply mystical one for me.

I have to admit, that since becoming a mother to a daughter this day’s meaning has become personal, in typical Priestess fashion I balance my reverence for the spirit of this day with the personal warmth that I have in my heart as I contemplate another year of raising my daughter, another year of really being grounded down into this Earth plane, being simplified and having time slow down for me as I look through the eyes of my child and rediscover life in a human body. Becoming a mother brought me into relation with my body, it slowed me down, my excellent multi-tasking skills have eased up and I have zoomed my focus in on my daughter and my husband. Visions of a jet-set life of writing books, public speaking, holding circle and then tending to my family after long and inspiring days has shifted to days of playing with my girl, cooking for my husband and writing, taking clients and speaking when there is a space that is opened for me by the Universe. I always imagined that family would come second to my purpose in life, never realizing that family would be my purpose and how I expressed that purpose would be determined by how much I put into my family life.

My daughter is only a toddler, this is my second, third if you count pregnancy which I did, Mother’s Day since becoming a mom and beyond the reflection of life with my sweet Maiden I have been given the opportunity to receive honour as the Mother Goddess from my family, not only on this day, but especially on this one. Each act of love and service on this day, each token that is given to me is a tiny way that my family honours the Great Mother living through me, I am not only a conduit for Her in circle, ceremony and private counsel, I am living Her presence as clearly as I can within my family unit.

As I receive honour on this day I am reminded of my awesome role. I see my Beloved husband and darling daughter come to me with beaming smiles and acts of love and I am reminded that for them I am the Mother Goddess. What an awesome role, what an awesome responsibility I have been gifted with.

This Mother’s Day we are with my Mother and soon we will be with my Grandmother, I see in the flesh a lineage of Goddess passed down to me. The women in my family moved from metaphysics to mysticism and then in me to Goddess spirituality, I look towards my daughter and wonder how she will bring forth the expression of the spirit realm into her life, where will she take our blood, our lineage? For now it is a mystery and for now, how I mother, and what I express as the Mother Goddess to her will help to shape the destiny of our blood tribe, how amazingly magical life is when I stop and recognize what is happening. When I was a Maiden the greatest insult I could have had would have been to become just a regular mother with a husband and children working to continue on another day. I honour that Maiden that still lives within me by ensuring her life remains inspiring and is about purpose and expansion and I also teach her the beauty in the simplest gifts of life, she is looking out at the Mothering phase of my life and learning that the common, love and marriage and babies, is sometimes the most profound opportunity that life can offer. There is a reason that us humans continue to gravitate towards merging and procreating, there is an openness to Universal love when a family unit is birthed, a piece of Heaven on Earth is planted and how we tend this Heavenly garden, how we mother, father, extend and receive to and from one another dictates how and where our light will shine during our mission in this lifetime. Mother’s Day reminds me about my priorities and celebrates the extraordinary within the ordinary.

Happy Mother’s Day to the great Goddess, Happy Mother’s Day to me and Happy Mother’s Day to my Mother and her Mother and her Mother and all Mother’s that have knowingly or unknowingly been an extension of the Great Goddess.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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