Scorpio Mother Moon

Tonight is another Mother Moon, the Mother Moon is the full moon, and tonight she is under the astrological sign of Scorpio.

A Mother Moon extends, she balances, she is full up and she brings fullness and fertility into our lives. The Mother Moon calls on us to balance out our emotional life, this month the Mother Moon is ruled by Scorpio the planet of death, transformation and rebirth, she is opposing the Taurus Sun that is fuelling us with the energy of birth, renewal and beginnings.

This moon is big for me, to begin with the moon and the sun are in exact opposition of what my personal chart is, I’m a Scorpio Sun Goddess with a Taurus Moon. These past few Crone and Mother Moons have been about finding harmony and balance for me within my chart and continue to be so as the sun and moon dance to the opposite beat of my personal sun and moon.

Tonight it is all being pulled at the seams, the old that has died away for me is literally rising up from the ashes, I just returned to the house of my childhood, toddler, husband and uhaul in tow. The sun is our life force, the energy that fuels our life’s purpose and my scorpio sun had sworn that I would never return to this place to live, ever. It has been so very true for me that whenever I say never in life I am proven wrong.

Somehow in the course of the past 10 months the call to move and then eventually to move right back to where I had run so far from became clear. My Taurus Moon, the part of me that rules my emotions and craves stability, roots and security was pulling me to move to the countryside, to prepare and set the foundation for the vision that I have for our growing family of living off the land and homeschooling. This type of living wasn’t sustainable in the big busy city I had lived in over the past 10 years and there is nowhere quite like where I grew up for affordable living and open countryside.

It took a lot of deep seeking within to confirm that this was the course I was prepared to walk, for the beginning steps have landed us back in the home that was once wrought with conflict for me. It takes a lot for a scorpio to forget.There has been much healing over the years between my extended family and I, my daughter is in love with them and so with the inner nudge and the external desire for closer family and simpler living we began to prepare for our pilgrimage.

The past two weeks were insane, packing up our home, my husband driving across the country and my daughter and I living in a basement for a week and then flying to our new home.

Last night when we arrived we went down to my childhood bedroom and found that my husband had set it up in our magical, Waldorf, butterfly Priestess personal style, the icing on the cake was the wall length family bed that he had created with three mattresses for us. I sighed a sigh of relief and I knew that in the very least this cove will be my sanctuary for now.

The Mother Moon is calling to me in a big way right now. All that was missed in being transformed while I have been away is being called the the surface. Whatever old emotional patterns that I have had with my family are rising from the ashes to be blown away. I am downstairs, writing as I do every night while my husband takes my daughter out, I did not explain this decision to my parents. I am not apologizing for taking time for myself, apologizing for resting, relaxing, explaining why my daughter is vegan or why we pray to the Divine Mother. I am not debating or talking over. I am a Priestess, a Mother, a Wife and I answer to the One Goddess within, that is it. That is the new way that I am showing up in my family system.

The Taurus energy of the sun and my personal moon is balancing this transformative time out for me as I begin anew, I look to fresh starts. I watch as my parents engage my daughter in a new way, a way that only the wisdom of years past could offer. I watch as I rediscover the land of my childhood, appreciating what I once took for granted. And I branch out into the future of what it is that we will grow in this upcoming year, where we will settle, how we will grow together as a family.

This Scorpio Mother Moon is the wesak moon, the moon that the Buddha is reported as having been born under, he is said to have been the first enlightened being ever. What a powerful time to begin and end a phase of my life. What better place to practice stepping into enlightenment then with the system that had conditioned me. From big city living far from my roots to small rural life surrounded by the roots that grew me. I am home.

I call upon the Scorpio Mother energy to hold me tight, to give me strength as I resurrect what I thought was dead and breathe new life into what has been left to live again. To all of my sisters and brothers gathering under the light of the moon tonight, breathe deep, dig deep and enlighten that which was buried as dead, some things never fully die away.

Blessed Be,
Grace Be with You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterflly
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