Holy Thursday: humility and service remembered

I feel the Easter weekend strongly in my soul. I’m not referencing Ostara and her hare here, I’m talking good old fashioned Christian Easter weekend. I’m a bit of a spiritual misfit, I am a Priestess that honours the Feminine and I am a studier of Christian Mysticism. I call my brand of faith Feminine Mysticism because it encompasses both the One Spirit of mysticism with the Feminine honouring of the Earth, emotions and all things incarnate as being holy.

I grieve for the damage that the churches and the patriarchy did to such a beautiful and pure faith Christianity in itself is the message of Jesus the Christ. For some the story of Jesus is a metaphoric tale that teaches sacrifice, unconditional love and the all power of the One Source. For others the story of Jesus is literal and the events took place exactly as the bible states they did. And for others, it is a bit of both, an awareness that the bible was written hundreds of years after Jesus’ life leaves this side open to interpreting the stories in the bible with an ear for fable and fact and hopefully a discerning spirit to go along with them.

Whatever your view the life of Jesus, His message and the legacy that He left is one of love, one of trust, surrender and ultimately one of sacrifice and humility, two words that are often lost in this day and ages approach to fulfilment spirituality, a brand of spiritual practice that is aimed at fulfilling our own personal desires rather than serving and loving others as the Christ message and the earliest Christians practiced.

Holy Thursday is today, it is an important day in the Christian faith. This is the day that Jesus gathered His disciples and had the famous last supper with them. In metaphysics the 12 disciples represent 12 different states of consciousness: love, faith, understanding, wisdom, imagination, zeal, strength, will, life, power, renunciation and order.* When these powers are all perfected within one being they merge into the 13th state of consciousness, the Christ consciousness. Jesus attained this state of enlightenment and at His final meal He performed a ritualized act where He consecrated the bread that they ate and made it into His body and the wine that they drank became His blood. This very act is one that would have ensured a quick arrest and a painful death for any one of us during the inquisitions of the church, it is imperative not to confuse the purity, the depth of power of the Christ message with the damage that those wrought falsely under His name. This ceremonial offering was but a microcosm of what would happen the next day when He would be arrested and crucified (more on the mystical message of the crucifixion tomorrow) when He would give of His earthly form body and blood for all of humanity. During this supper the disciples attempted to honour this living being that was an emanation of the Father God that He loved so well by washing His feet in an act of deference and devotion. Instead Jesus did the unspeakable and stooped to His knees and washed each one of their feet.

This beautiful man who had spent His life perfecting His soul and attempting to transmit what He had attained in consciousness to His disciples did what was unheard of in His time, broke rank and lived His message that we were to serve and love one another. If you could imagine the most holy person you’ve encountered in your life, if you’ve been in the presence of a guru, Ammachi, the Dali Lama, Mother Meera, Mother Teresa or if you’ve ever had an angel, or spirit guide or even the One Divine visit you in a meditation or dream, if you could imagine the awesomeness of this presence, the immensity of the wisdom and love bowing down before you and washing your feet, washing away the debris that your earthly walk has left upon your soul, you may get a glimpse of how the disciples were humbled and for some horrified.

This is the image that continues to go through my mind’s eye today, the image of Jesus the Christ, kneeling, washing, loving and teaching. I weep for that kind of love. I weep for a world that has been so hurt by the church that this message has been sneered at and tossed aside in many circles. A world that encourages us to do what feels good, to put ourselves first. Seeming spiritual practices that encourage personal growth and connection to Source but leave out the humility, the service, the egoic sacrifices offered to our neighbour in the name of true love and devotion to the Creator that serves us all unceasingly.

I give thanks on this Holy Thursday for the message of the Christ. I give thanks for the Christian faith that teaches love, service and humility and I honour the earth walk that my sisters and brothers have taken as Christ honoured those of His disciples. I bow down to you, to where you have been, what you have seen, what you have done and to who you are at the depth of your Spirit despite the influence that this third dimensional realm has had on you. I pray that I may receive that same love and understanding from my sisters and brothers in return.

Yours in Grace,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly
Grace Be With You

*learn more about these soul powers through the Unity Church teachings and writings

image taken from: http://reclaimingaphrodite.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/last-supper.jpg


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