Pisces Crone Moon

Tonight I welcome the New Moon. The New Moon is the Crone Moon, the wise grandmother moon. This month the Crone Moon is in Pisces. Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and when it is in it’s highest alignment it is the sign of enlightenment, Pisces is feminine and watery, a perfect companion to the watery feminine Moon. An added boost to tonights New Moon is that it is a supermoon which means that it is as close to Mother Earth as it can be, and finally we have a super Pisces Crone Moon eclipsing the Sun. The Sun is the active, fiery, masculine energy that is being shadowed by the great big, watery, wise, enlightened Crone Pisces Moon.

Whew! That’s some juice, ohhhhhh and let’s not forget that it also happens to be the Spring Equinox! This Equinox is a time for a balancing of the inner dark and light, and a rebirth into the Maiden aspect of ourselves. If you read my previous post : https://priestessofgrace.wordpress.com/2015/03/20/the-spring-equinox-resurrection/ you will find that this cycle of the wheel of the year has particular importance to me.

Many moons ago women bled with the cycles of the moon, all women bled together during the Crone Moon and were fertile during the Mother Moon (the full moon). The Crone Moon is a time of energetic release when women gathered in red tents and were taught by the Crones who had ceased their flow. The mooning women bled into the Earth and the Crones filled their emptying wombs with the wisdom that they had gathered throughout their lifetime, at night the women slept together in the red tent and received messages from the ancestors.

I am currently on the opposite cycle of the moon, during the fertile Mother phase of the moon I shed and during the releasing Crone phase of the moon I am ripe and fertile. This creates a grand balance for me as my microcosmic self flows on opposite my macrocosmic self. I have cycled this way on and off for years. Astrologically my sun sign and my moon sign oppose each other and so I like to think that this balancing act of complementing energies is just one of the lessons in life that I am called to master.

I didn’t know how my night would unfold. I wasn’t called to gather community around me to lead a ceremony this year. On this Spring Equinox I have an hour and a half to myself as my Beloved and my Maiden go out to play. I began my time with some yoga and then read one of the books I am currently studying, in the book it posed the question, “who would you like to be spiritually in one year? who would you like to be spiritually in 10 years?”

As I pondered the answer to these questions I sought out a journal, I was sure there must be one laying around somewhere, though in truth it has been ages since I journaled. I found a beautiful journal with the picture of a Maiden like female adorned in sparkling gold, I pulled the journal out and wondered if I would have any blank pages at all in this lovely journal. Flipping through I found an old inventory that I had taken of myself, my human self, my ego. Pages and pages of the tendencies and habits that I have turned to that have blocked me from the radiant presence of the Creator. I didn’t bother reading it, I just knew that I didn’t need to go down that road. Instead I pulled out the pages, happy to find many blank pages behind it, grabbed a metal bowl and a lighter. I lit those pages on fire and gave thanks to Grace for guiding me in an unplanned ritual. Fire is the element that guides the Spring season for the wheel of the year that I honour. Fire is the element that I have had the longest and most estranged relationship with. I watched as my pages slowly burnt beneath the awning of my doorway, I stood beside the burning pages and listened to the rain falling, the air light and grey. After the wafts of smoke had drifted and the final flame had dwindled I put the bowl under the drops of rain and allowed Mother Nature to finalize the end of my release. While I may not be shedding my eggs tonight, I am releasing with the Crone Moon.

I came inside, gave thanks and pulled out my journal. The wisdom of the Pisces Crone Moon spoke to my soul, the call for balance that the Equinox brings with her rose up within me. For a while I have been feeling spiritually dry, I have been deepening my reconnection with Source ever since becoming a mother 18 months ago and seeking to strengthen my relationship to Source. As I wrote out my goal, I realized, that beyond the adjustment of motherhood I have become so accustomed to my Priestessing, my writing, my sessions with others, that I had been neglecting to put just as much time into receiving from the Creator, I have been overextending, not with my time but with my role of offering spiritual tools and principles through my practice.

Tonight I call upon humility and a renewed sense of dependence upon the Creator. The necessity to give and to serve that the Pisces archetype carries with it pulls deeply on my heart. There are so many ‘spiritual’ teachings and teachers that teach about getting, manifesting, surrounding ourselves with love, creating the life we want and that just honestly has never been my path. The path of Grace that I walk is a path that cares for all of my needs and has blessed me with so much more than those alone, however it is a path of service, one of receiving love from my Creator that I may shine it on others. I don’t worry about creating a life that suits me it is not about creating the life that I desire so much as it is about allowing the life that the Creator intends for me to unfold and serving the whole of humanity in whatever way I am called to serve. I sit with the Creator, I open up space for Grace to provide my needs and my heart’s desires in whatever way is in highest alignment with the Creator and I go out into the world prepared to serve.

Tonight as I released, as I looked within to see what was out of balance I contemplated who I want to be in a year spiritually as a woman and then I envisioned who I hope to be ten years for now. I invite you to contemplate this as well when the Moon is wise and Piscean and the great balance is upon you. Who do you want to be as a spiritual woman or man in a year from now, in ten years from now? And how can we all best serve that One Divine Source of All?

Tonight I will end the evening curled up with my Beloved watching the powerful documentary The Burning Times, as we honour the wheel of the year we take a moment to acknowledge those who were persecuted for doing what we so freely practice tonight. If you would like to view this documentary you can watch here : https://youtu.be/YizdSL2_pMo

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly
image taken from: https://gypsymoonsblog.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/nmpc315_zpsdb9d6645.jpg


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