International Women’s Day

I wonder about a day that is dedicated to celebrate women. A part of me is glad to see the pictures of women gathering together, forming tribes, honouring their feminine self, loving up their accomplishments and the lengths that they have walked.

Another part of me is sad that we need a day.

We do need a day though.

We need a day to call attention to the vast hunger the world has to see women gathering in circles. The hunger to feel the presence of women that radiate and are at home in their juicy feminine selves. We need a day that calls all of us to contemplate what it means to be a woman, a day that declares women be seen, heard and respected. We need this day as we reconcile what the patriarchy has done to us.

It has burned us, shamed us, starved us, fattened us up, taken work away from us, forced work upon us, underpaid us, ridiculed us, beat us, raped us, undervalued us, covered us, trampled us, demeaned us, exploited us, stolen from us, sold us and taken from us every vestige of worth that it deemed desirable in the moment.

This is a day for the patriarchy to apologize, to beg forgiveness, to humble itself.

One day we will need a Woman’s Day as much as men need a Men’s Day, simply stated we won’t need a day.

One day my daughter will find subjects such as wage inequality unheard of, she will wear her skin in whatever shape and shade is authentic to her without a second thought. One day my daughter will pray to the Goddess as readily as the pilgrims prayed to a Father God. She will pick from the plethora of paths available to her, never once asking if she can do something despite the fact that she is a woman, never questioning if she is letting her sisters down by choosing to not do something in an effort to prove that she can. Her sex will not be a challenge or a call to advocate or rise up. One day my daughter and her daughters will be as free to enjoy their life experience as every other female being on this planet is. Like the Lioness she will hunt, like the Bear she will hibernate, like the Butterfly she will soar, like the Cat she will luxuriate, let all beings she will be as her nature determines she will be and the fact that she is a woman will be nothing but an added gift to her life.

Until this day I join together and celebrate Women’s Day. I celebrate the wombs that have birthed us, the red tents that have held us, the huts that have housed us, the communities that have grown us. I celebrate the milk that flows from our breasts, the blood that flows with the Moon, the ability to birth and to die. I celebrate and I remember every woman that didn’t live through the brutality of the patriarchy to see us rise up from the ashes of our sisters to stand strong and steady in our radiant Goddess selves.

Today I celebrate myself and all my female relations and I await the day that is almost here, the day that the patriarchy dies and harmony is reborn.

Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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