Mother Moon Messages

From a microcosmic perspective I am in tune with the Crone Moon, the New Moon today, though on a macrocosmic level we are all cycling in the Mother Moon, the Full Moon. My body is releasing it’s moon flow as the full moon is filling me with her luney beams. If I was cycling with the moon, then the moon would be aiding in pulling my moon flow from me, we would be empty and dark together, however, instead I am in the great balance of being emptied and filled, dark and light all at once. I used to cycle on the full moon, this intensity of balance is comfortable for me, I am a Scorpio Sun/Taurus Moon, my sun and my moon are in polar opposites of each other, death and birth, autumn and spring, together they complete each other and I am balanced out, tonights balance of being both dark and light feels like home, intense home.

When I cycle and release my moon flow I consciously release the old to make way for new intentions. I allow whatever it is that I am meant to release to be revealed to me, through me, rather than choosing what it is that I think I should let go of. This month it has been extreme emotional immaturity that has come to the forefront of my awareness. For the past six years I have revelled in the bliss of having a Beloved that honours and worships my feminine self. I feel free to blossom and bloom as a feminine wild expression of self in his presence. As a child my feminine wasn’t honoured, I was told to be quiet, to stop crying unless I wanted something to cry about, to control my anger, I was called ‘little girl’ as in “I don’t know who you’re talking to Little Girl,” with a threatening glint in the eye as he said it. Living with my Beloved has been cathartic, I began to express my anger when I felt it, at full steam. I would rant, rave, slam doors. I would sob loudly and emphatically, I would glare, huff, roll my eyes, everything that I hadn’t been allowed to do as a child I would do when I was upset and all the while I had my strong grounded masculine Beloved holding space and loving me through it. He seemed charmed by my wild untamed expressions of emotions and I felt liberated. It was very healing and for a while it was a lovely experience.

Tides change, seasons shift, lessons are learnt and wounds are sealed. That time to allow the Maiden in me to be a roaring tidal wave of emotion within our house changed when I became pregnant. I knew that as I was stepping into the Mother roll it was time to begin practicing restraint. Pregnancy hormones kicked my butt, and then breastfeeding hormones kicked my butt and then just plain old bad habits became hard to break. As my 17 month old Maiden grows I see her look to me when I am challenged, she looks to see how I will handle stress and big loud sighs, slamming doors and cursing in anger just don’t cut it anymore. So as I cycle and release my Moon Flow, I release the emotional charges that fire me up, that ignite me quicker than I can catch the flame as it flies out from my mouth. I give the years of unexpressed rages and sorrows back to the Mother, I lay them in Her lap. I thank Her for the time that I was given to reclaim my worthiness and lovability even in my most extreme of moments and I call upon Her steady self to hold me tight and grounded deep when the waves of emotions rush over me.

As my Maiden and I were out for our morning walk we stopped to talk to a tree, I put my hands upon Her and drank Her in. I generally call trees Grandmother, today I felt the strength of her Mother energy, rooted, strong, steady, constantly giving and serene and humble throughout it all. It was the Virgo energy of tonight’s Full Moon that spoke to me through the tree. Virgo is an Earth sign and trees have always been Virgo to me. I was reminded that in this contract that I have written with my daughter’s soul I have agreed to play Mother Goddess to her in this lifetime. It is on me to exemplify all that the Goddess is to me to her until she is able to form her own connection to Her in a conscious way.

The Full Moon is filling me with the lessons of the Virgo Goddess Archetype, refuelling me with the humility of the servant, the reverence of the Priestess and the restraint of the Virgin.

Of all of the archetypal lessons that Virgo holds it is the Priestess archetype that I connect to the deepest. The bridge between worlds, the as above so below conduit. My mars is in Virgo. My Beloved and my daughter have Virgo suns. I love Virgo and was not surprised to be called to the Priestess path in this lifetime. I am reminded in my meditations right now that I only have this moment, this one moment to connect to Source, to be the channel for Her grace to flow into this realm.

Since having my daughter I have been preoccupied with creating a life for us that is conducive to the life that I envision most fulfilling her. I have been working towards creating this life for us all the while anxiously wondering how it’s going to actually unfold, wondering about the logistics, the finances, the timing and then wistfully remembering a time not too long ago when I was single and childless and unto myself and living fully immersed in grace. Those were the days that I allowed life to unfold for me, and in that unfolding I was led to my Beloved, led to the family that has been grown from us, without striving or making anything happen grace, gracefully unfolded a life beyond my wildest dreams for me. The Virgo Full Moon is reminding me to make space for the Divine, to open up the path for that energy to work in my life, right now, in this instance. Grace can only unfold a path for me now, today, here where I am.

And so I am going within, finding my spiritual discipline, removing the human blockages that have made my sense of the magical murky and allowing the Virgo Full Moon to re-ignnite the spark of humble service to the Divine. Rather than work to create the life that I envision for myself and my family I am opening up to allow Grace to guide us to our highest life, I am praying that I be guided not only where is best for the three of us, but also where we can be of greatest service to the whole, and then I am reminded that where we are meant to be is where we not only will be the happiest but also where we can best serve.

Tonight I release with the rhythm of my body and I am filled with the cycle of the Moon.
I wish you all a blessed Virgo Mother Moon and would love to hear the lessons that this Full Moon is imparting to you, please share in the comments section below if you feel called to.
Grace Be With You,
Priestess of Grace,
Candise Soaring Butterfly

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